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The Weekend When I lost 24 Hours of My Life

The 3-day weekend was a nice break, albeit I was in bed sick for a good portion of it. We had our friend from Boston visiting Thursday through Saturday so the guys golfed while I was at work on Friday and then we had a fun pool day on Saturday.

Summer Wishlist

Since it's basically Summer temps here in Florida, I have my heart set on a few things for enjoying the sunny days spent at the pool or beach. That doesn't mean we get perfect weather, it's actually a 50% chance of a beautiful weekend or a rainy and stormy one. Thankfully this weekend looks like a sunny one.

4th of July + Weekend Vibes

With the 4th of July falling on a Wednesday this year, going back to work on Thursday felt like Monday 2.0 but the saving grace was that Friday was just a day away.

World Cup Weekend

Who knew I would enjoy watching football (soccer) so much? I don't have a favorite team nor did I watch every game this weekend but the ones I did watch were intense, enthralling, and full of surprises.

So about the weekend...

Weekend Recap

If getting lots of rest and sleeping in on the weekend is your idea of fun then I had a blast! It was relaxing all around with some ventures out to a new restaurant/bar in our area on Saturday and then lounging by the pool of Sunday.

May Days

 I love seeing all the new flowers blooming around town. We don't have blue bonnets like Texas but I love these purple flowers, whatever they're called. My garden needs some work in the flower department which I should have done this weekend.

Weekend Adventures

It was an outdoorsy kind of weekend. Perfect for getting some color on my skin and wind in my hair.

A Weekend of Content

Happy long weekend for those who get Presidents' Day off of work today. I don't have to go into the office today but instead we have a full day of offsite team-building with the work gang. Since I'm one of the "event planners", I spent a lot of time over the weekend organizing fun games and prizes.

Weekend Whereabouts

~ I went for a relaxing and long overdue mani and pedi on my lunch break. My intention was to go with Fall colors but I walked out of there with pink sparkles.
~ After work I met up with K for a quick happy hour.

Weekend Flow

The weekend was a relaxing one. I was either sleeping, lounging at the pool, or working on some projects on my computer. I did venture out on Sunday for a few hours which was much needed!

Long Weekend Celebrations

What an action-packed weekend! Thankfully we have a short work week ahead. A friend from Boston was in town visiting over the long weekend so we definitely kept busy showing him a good time around Orlando. It's always fun playing tourist in your own city as he did the same for us when we went to visit him in Boston back in June.

Puppy Party & Pool Days

Another relaxing weekend for the books. Friday was pretty uneventful other than getting my nails done with the new gel dipping powder. On Saturday I got a bunch of errands done before going to a little puppy party at the dog park in my neighborhood.

Scenes From The Weekend

Another relaxing weekend for the books before some exciting travel plans for the upcoming long weekend. K was gone most of last week for work so he was in need of some downtime and I was all for sticking around home to be productive and get some R&R.

Weekend Relax and Recharge

It was a weekend filled with much needed R&R and some fun with friends.

Weekend Whereabouts

The weekend was one of pure relaxation. I slept in until 10:30 on both Saturday and Sunday mornings so you could say I feel fully rested and ready to get this week rolling.

Poolside Pineapples

Pineapples make me think of warm sunny days by the pool and I keep stumbling on new things to add to my wish list. In anticipation of all the sunny days ahead lounging by the pool, I'm sharing my poolside pineapple favorites plus some refreshing drinks/cocktails to sweeten the deal.


It was a weekend of sweet relaxation and not much on the agenda except a ladies night. Most of Saturday was spent relaxing and doing stuff around the house and then lounging at the pool even though it was a little overcast.

Sweet Weekend Sunshine

I hope everyone had a great weekend! The weather was beautiful here with lots of sunshine so I'm hoping it sticks around for as long as possible.

On Saturday we made our way over to Florida's west coast to visit friends and family for a well overdue trip and to celebrate a few different occasions. The first stop was to visit baby Cam and catch up with some good friends.

The weather was perfect for a pool party and getting some sunshine.

Catching up with some of my favorite girls and getting to hold baby Cam was so good for the soul.

After the pool we headed over to Siesta Key Village, one of my favorite beach towns on earth. Siesta Key beach has to be one of the prettiest in Florida, although we didn't get to enjoy it on this trip.

We met up with some friends to celebrate a birthday and enjoy some delicious seafood for dinner. Whenever we're in the Village, Daiquiri Deck is always a must stop for some refreshing frozen cocktails especially after a day in the sun.

We spent the rest of Saturday evening at my in-laws house catching up with them and finally getting a good night of sleep.

We had a relaxing Sunday morning drinking coffee and lounging around at my in-laws house. We then all went out for lunch along with my SIL and her husband to celebrate my precious MIL's birthday at one of our favorite restaurants in Sarasota.

After lunch we made the drive back home to get all the usual Sunday things done before the start of the work week. As I mentioned before, it was a well overdue trip to K's hometown and I'm glad we got to see and spend some time with family and friends.

Joining the lovely Biana for her Weekending linkup.

Spring Weekend

It was a relaxing one with great weather. We had all these plans to go out to dinner and a concert on Saturday night but made a last minute decision to stick around home and relax instead, which meant lots of cuddles with Lola.

On Saturday morning, I spotted a baby rabbit in our yard. I was able to snap a photo before it took off faster than a cheetah. I find it funny an "Easter bunny" has made it's way into our neighborhood just in time for Spring. Good thing it camouflages well with the landscaping so Lola hasn't spotted it yet.

We ventured out on Saturday afternoon to do some shopping and groceries followed by a late lunch.

Sunday was spent doing Sunday things. Our neighborhood pool FINALLY opened (it was supposed to be completed by December last year) so we went to check it out and took Lola for a walk.

Some things from last week:
- I did my first wheelchair distribution to a local resident in need who couldn't be discharged from the hospital without a wheelchair. It was heartwarming to see how happy the gentleman was to receive his very own wheelchair.

The company I work for is heavily involved with The Wheelchair Foundation which distributes wheelchairs to people in need all around the world. In fact we have a wheelchair distribution trip planned for Nicaragua later this year to bring a shipment of almost 300 wheelchairs to different villages.

If this is something that interests you, feel free to visit our local chapter called Chair The Love to see photos and videos of past distribution trips and charitable events we host to raise money.

That's my weekend in a wrap!

Joining the lovely Biana today for my weekend whereabouts.