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Beauty Faves - Always a Repurchase

From nails to hair, these are a few of my favorite beauty products that are always on repeat.

Favorite Beauty Products

Happy Friday!

Can you believe we're only a week away from the start of February? Selfishly, I'm almost happy January is coming to an end because it seems like I was sick for the whole month with one thing or another.

Friday Fashion Files - Rogue & Vogue

My fashion posts are few and far between these days but I wanted to mix in some cute outfit ideas with L'Oréal's new Signature lip colors I received from Influenster.

CoverGirl's TruBlend Matte Foundation & Skim Primer

I love receiving beauty products that actually work for my skin so I can do a rave review after testing for a few weeks and then have the products to use until they run out and I repurchase.

Weekending + March TBB Asks Beauty Edition

Hello're not my favorite day but I embrace a new week with lots on the agenda. Most of the weekend was spent relaxing at home with a little adventure out and about on Sunday.

Sephora Black Friday Sale

Believe it or not, I've never braved the crowds of Black Friday shopping. I usually shop on Cyber Monday if there's anything I really need that's on major sale. This year my mom and sister want to see what Black Friday shopping is all about. While we're not going out in the middle of the night for big ticket items, we have some smaller stores on our list to checkout during the day.

Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic Palettes

I'm a huge fan of Marc Jacobs fashion and have used several of their perfumes over the years - Daisy Kiss, Oh, Lola!, Dot, and I'm currently using Decadence.

Summer Beauty Lusts


The summer heat in Florida is no joke! During the day we're at boiling temps and then the rain comes crashing down in the late afternoon leaving us with the worst humidity. Definitely not ideal for good hair days or keeping your makeup intact.

I went to ULTA yesterday to pick up some basic beauty essentials - Yes To facial towelettes, a makeup blending sponge, and my go-to Maybelline Falsies mascara for everyday wear.

January Beauty Haul

I was finally in need of a good beauty haul from ULTA last month to repurchase some of my favorite basics and try a couple new items recommended by friends and my esthetician.

1  / 2  /  3  /  4  /  5  /  6  /  7  /  8


I received a sample size of the Better Than Sex Mascara almost a year ago and it's just about to be done so I decided to get the full size since it's one of my favorite mascaras. I do still love the less expensive Maybelline Falsies Mascara for everyday wear so I mainly use the Better Than Sex Mascara for nighttime wear or special events such as weddings.

This is my third tube of Tarte Amazonian Foundation because I love the full coverage it provides and the variety of skin tones it caters for. I reviewed this foundation in greater detail here but if you're looking for full coverage, this foundation is on point.

I bought this same EcoTools Bamboo Brush Set about 5 years ago and although I cleaned my brushes often, I decided it was definitely time for a new set. I use the bronzer brush on a daily basis and the price tag is very affordable for such amazing quality brushes.

The Clarisonic Radiance Brush Heads are a self explanatory purchase but I did decide to go with the 'radiance' brush heads instead of the 'normal' this time around to see how they differ. I don't notice a huge difference but they are both soft and gentle on the skin which is ideal.

I used to buy expensive toners until I found the SO Totally Clean Facial Toner. The smell isn't harsh and it works just as effectively as the expensive toners except with a $5.99 price tag at Ulta.

NYX Butter Lip Glosses are a repeat purchase times a million. When you find the perfect texture lip gloss (not sticky) that comes in a variety of pretty colors and is 1/4 the price of expensive cosmetics it warrants a repeat purchase for life.


The Murad Facial Moisturizer was recommended to me by my esthetician recently when I went for a facial. I expressed to her that my combination skin often results in a slightly shiny forehead later in the day yet the lower half of my face seems to be on the dry side. She recommended the Murad moisturizer because of it's matte finish for oily skin and I've noticed a remarkable difference.  

Essie Gel-Setter Nail Polish - The set includes a colored nail polish + a gel-setter top coat and no lamp is needed to set the polish. I chose the color Watermelon which is very pretty in person and I thought it would be perfect for Spring and Summer. Admittedly I haven't used this set yet because my nails are currently the shortest they've ever been so I'm working on growing them out before prettying them up.

Well, that was a mouth full of a post. If you made it this far, thanks for reading my reviews and feel free to share any of your favorite beauty products that are a must try!

Beauty Products Worth Trying

I'm always trying new products especially as a blogger who reads lots of reviews and gets tempted to try that new face wash or mascara. Some products are a staple that I've been using for over ten years while others come and go depending if it works for me or not. Here are some products that are in my current rotation.
1.  L'Oreal's Go 360 Clean, Deep Exfoliating Scrub: I love this face scrub and have been using it for about two years. The gentle beads work really well to fully clean your face without damaging your skin. Although I really like how it works, I was open to trying something new so I purchased Garnier's Clean + Balancing Daily Exfoliator which I think works equally well to gently wash and exfoliate your face at the end of the day to remove makeup and oil/dirt.

2. Cetaphil's Gentle Cleansing Bar has been in my rotation for over 10 years and I like to use it in the morning to wash my face before applying moisturizer and makeup to start the day. I know some people might be apprehensive because it is a bar of soap but it actually works really great to moisturize and balance out my combination skin. It doesn't dry out your skin like regular soap would do.

3. d.j.v. MIARAY Fiberwig Mascara: I just purchased this mascara a few weeks ago based on Sarah's recommendation and I think it works really well as a daytime mascara although I think it's equivalent to some more affordable drugstore brands such as Maybelline's Falsies. It doesn't cake up and gives a nice natural look which is great but it's not ideal for creating dramatic eyelashes for going out at night or to weddings etc.

4. The Body Shop's Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover: I've posted about this eye makeup remover before and it's been in my rotation for probably 15 years. I hate oil-based makeup removers that create a mess and leave your face feeling greasy. This one is the opposite to that. It's gentle as the name states and removes makeup quickly and leaves no residue. I've never found anything better so there's no need to try anything new.

5. Nyx Butter Gloss: I love this lip gloss and have it in 4 different colors. I'm not a fan of sticky glosses and this one is the perfect texture which provides shine while also moisturizing your lips. I've also repurchased the Eclair color a few times. It also helps that the price point is very affordable at only $5.

6.  Joico Color Endure Shampoo and Conditioner: This shampoo and conditioner was recommended to me by Kerri and I really like the smell and how it works for color treated hair (the red bottles are specifically for blondes to prevent brassiness). It's still fairly new to me but so far I'm really liking how it works and leaves my hair feeling silky, smelling good and is helping my brassiness go away.

7. Yes To Grapefruit Rejuvenating Facial Wipes: I've probably tried every brand of facial wipes and never found a favorite.  They've all been mediocre but I love the smell of the Grapefruit Yes To wipes and how it works to clean your face without leaving any residue. So far these wipes are probably my favorite.

8. Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Sun Damage Daily Moisturizer: I purchased this moisturizer a few months ago based on Kay's recommendation. I had been using an Oil of Olay face moisturizer for almost 10 years and was ready to try something new. Immediately I preferred the smell and consistency of the Garnier moisturizer compared to Oil of Olay. The lotion is thicker so I feel it provides better coverage while also being very moisturizing and providing daily SPF.

What are some of your favorite hair/skin/beauty products that have been in your rotation?

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Giveaway

Happy Sunday everyone!

Just a final reminder that there's only 11 hours left to enter our Naked Smoky palette giveaway for one lucky winner!

This palette contains: 
- 12 Naked Smoky Eye shadows in High (champagne shimmer micro-glitter), Dirtysweet (medium bronze), Radar (metallic taupe iridescent micro-glitter), Armor (metallic silver-taupe tonal sparkle), Slanted (light metallic gray), Dagger (medium charcoal micro-shimmer), Black Market (jet-black satin), Smolder (deep plum-taupe), Password (cool taupe matte), Whiskey (rich brown matte), Combust (soft pink-taupe), Thirteen (light beige satin) - Double-ended brush - Lookbook 

Things I'm Loving Lately

Michael Kors Cicely Cork Wedges - I just purchased these shoes because I needed tan wedges for another wedding that I'm in next month and I think they'll also be comfy shoes for work and other occasions.

Buddha Bookends - If you walk into my house, my love for Buddha becomes very apparent. I think these bookends are super cute to add to my collection although it would help if I had a bookshelf.

Clinique 'True Bronze' Pressed Powder Bronzer - I've been using this bronzer for over 4 years on a daily basis to add some color to my fair complexion. After losing my compact somehow on my recent trip, I realized just how much this bronzer is a staple to my makeup routine and immediately ordered one from Amazon to be shipped soon. The color I use is "Sunblushed".

Tropical Print Strapless Dress - Because I need some floral in my life. The picture really doesn't do the dress justice because it's way prettier in person.

Tan Towels - Kerri introduced me to these tan towels and I think they work excellent to get a subtle tan especially during the colder months. 

L'Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Color Correcting Primer -  I just started using this anti-redness primer to control my pink undertones before applying light foundation to my face. I like how it works compared to others I've tried.

NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow - I love shimmery eye shadows and, after the girls at The Sequin Notebook did a review recently, I fell in love with the colors offered in this NARS eyeshadow collection. The $29 price tag is a bit steep but the palette looks like it'll last a long time. 

Portofino Blouse - Express has come out with a new line of Portofino shirts in every color and pattern imaginable. These are perfect for work and I'm planning to purchase a few when I run into a few extra dollars.

Kate Spade Crystal Heart Dial Watch - I really don't need this in my life but it's definitely is a looker. I'm going to keep it on my radar because I like the dainty look for special occasions but wouldn't wear it as an everyday watch.

Urban Decay Goodies

I was so excited to find out I won Kate's Urban Decay giveaway, and the grand prize winner to boot! This never happens and the bulldog card was a sweet surprise.

With two Caribbean weddings coming up early this year and me being pasty white, I was super stoked to find the prize came with two bottles of UD's Santa Tanita self tanner. It's already been put to use twice and works well as a gradual tanner.

The only product I've used in the bunch is UD's Eyeshadow Primer Potion so I'm can't wait to try the rest of these goodies:

~ Midnight Cowboy eye shadow
~ Urban Defense tinted moisturizer
~ De-slick mattifying gel
~ After Glow cheek tint
~ Urban Glow cream highlighter 
~ Glide on eye pencil
~ Honey-infused lip therapy lip gloss

Other than the eyeshadow primers, which are known to be some of the best in the market, I'm most excited to try out the Midnight Cowboy eyeshadow and the Honey-infused lip gloss.

What's your favorite Urban Decay makeup products?

Skin Solutions: Pore Minimizing & Full Coverage Makeup

The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimizer - I'm not 100% sold on this product being an effective pore minimizer but I love the tingly and refreshing feeling of tea tree on my face so I use this more of a night cream as opposed to a pore primer.

Smashbox High Definition Liquid Concealer - This is the best full coverage concealer in my opinion and that small, skinny tube surprisingly goes a long way! I'm not prone to acne but I do get an irritable bastard here and there, which is when this concealer comes to the rescue. I also use it to even out my skin tone since I tend to get redness in certain areas of my face so I place a tiny amount on a sponge and blend it well into my skin.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation -  If you're looking for full coverage on your face, Tarte Amazonian foundation has you covered, literally! I use it sparingly and it still provides full coverage that will last all day. Once again, I use foundation to even out my skin color and mask any redness.

Benefit the POREfessional Pore Minimizing Makeup Primer - This is the pore minimizer that I recommend over Body Shop's tea tree one mentioned above. It applies smoothly and creates a very light layer on your skin to cover up yout pores. I apply after using moisturizer and before applying concealer and/or foundation.  I mainly use on my cheeks and T-zone and haven't found anything that does the trick better.

Benefit the POREfessional Zero Agent Shine - Other than Clean & Clear blotting paper, this sheer powder works great to control shiny skin. I don't use it daily but when I do, I apply it after moisturizer and before foundation. The powder is very light so won't leave any residue on your face. You can also apply later in the day as your facial oils build up to reduce shine.

Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palettes

I used to be a big MAC eyeshadow girl until I bought the original Urban Decay Naked palette. I love shimmery colors and the quality of the brush. I've never seen a brush that's so easy to clean (by wiping with a tissue) which makes it easy to apply multiple colors with the same brush.

I recently bought the Naked 3 palette so here's a comparison of the colors side by side.

Urban Decay's Naked Eyeshadow Palette
As I mentioned the brush is awesome and I love pretty much all of the 12 colors, except the 11th color is a bit too dark for me. I chose this palette over Naked 2 as I think the colors were a good blend to create a neutral daytime look to a more bold nighttime look. I especially love the 12th color, Gunmetal, the more I experiment with it to get a slightly dark blue smokey yet sparkly look for evening or nighttime.

Favorite colors:
1. Sin
2. Sidecar
3. Half baked
4. Toasted
5. Gunmetal

Urban Decay's Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette
I love the double-sided brush and the neutral yet shimmery colors that come with the Naked 3 palette. The right side of the palette also has a few colors to create a smokey eye look so you can get the best of both worlds.

Favorite colors:
1. Dust
2. Buzz
3. Trick
4. Mugshot

Do you own any of the Naked eyeshadow palettes or something better/comparable?

What colors or color-combinations are your favorite?

Birthday & Christmas Wish List

My birthday is right around the corner in December and soon after will be Christmas so I've finally finished putting together my wish list for the year. 

The big ticket item on my wish list is this Nikon D3200 Digital SLR camera which we actually just purchased a few weeks ago to have in time for the holidays so you may have noticed some better quality photos are these parts (big upgrade from my iPhone). I love taking pictures and I'm considering it a huge investment for my blog. Now, I just need some photography lessons!!

My Wish List

What's on your wish list?

Younique 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara

This mascara works wonders on your eyes. A friend of mine was selling the Younique line of products and I decided to purchase the mascara after I saw her before and after photos on Facebook. After testing it out and seeing it for myself, I decided to share my experience because it seriously works miracles on your eyelashes. You can check out the website for yourself here.

It's applied exactly the same way mascara is done so takes only about a minute or so to apply.

I wasn't blessed with thick eyelashes. In fact, they are slightly blonde and almost invisible. This is the results of my first try. I only applied a small amount because I generally only wear a light amount of mascara unless I'm going out somewhere fancy. I could have applied a lot more for a more dramatic look.

Here's a video that shows how it works.

My eyes again this morning leaving for work with light amount of fiber mascara:

I seriously haven't found any other products that can thicken your eyelashes like this one. Other than actually applying false eyelashes. I'm just a beginner and no expert so you can check out Younique's website to find out exactly how the fiber mascara works to thicken your lashes. 

I can't wait to use my 3D mascara to the full potential for some upcoming weddings and charity events when I actually get to dress up and wear bolder eye makeup. 

Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes


The two cleaning tools I use for makeup brushes are a professional liquid cleaner and a scrubbing glove specifically made for makeup brushes.

I've been using this ULTA professional brush and sponge cleaner. It's not the most high-tech cleaner on the market but I like it and it leaves my brushes feeling clean and soft. You can literally see the "dirty" water washing away all the makeup.

I use this to deep clean my brushes to make sure all makeup and bacteria are removed.

How do you clean your makeup brushes?

Summer Ulta Haul & Free Beauty Bag

I recently posted my beauty and skincare wishlist on the blog and finally took the plunge to purchase several items for my mid-year/summer Ulta haul.

Batiste XXL Plumping Powder - I'm still experimenting with this powder but so far so good. It gives your roots that extra boost but I think the XXL title might be a slight exaggeration. I'm not one that teases my hair but this powder would probably work really well for those that do.

Benefit's Agent Zero Shine - Love this so far! I apply a small amount on my T-zone half way through the day. It applies evenly over makeup or you can apply before makeup to prevent shine later in the day.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs - I used this over the weekend before I headed out to a party and it gave my legs a hint of extra color and some added glow. It was my first time using it so I was afraid of applying too much or making a huge mess. It's actually quite natural looking and I really like that it dries in a matter of seconds.

NYX Butter Lipstick - I really love the moisturizing texture of this lipstick and for $6 it's well worth the price. I wish I bought a slightly brighter color but it's cheap enough to purchase additional colors. 

China Glaze Nail polish - This nail polish is very comparable to Essie and OPI at a slightly cheaper price. I painted my toes with the turquoise color I purchased called "too yacht to handle". I love their vibrant colors for summer and so far it's lasted about a week with no chips. 

Philosophy's Pure & Wrinkle Free - I lucked out with the price of this set being the same price as an individual bottle of the Purity cleanser so I basically got the Miracle Worker moisturizer for free. I've started using the moisturizer every night after I shower. It's quite expensive to re-purchase so I'm curious to see if there's a noticeable difference in a couple months. I've been using the Purity cleanser for about 6 months now with my Clarisonic Mia and I love how gentle it is on my skin so I've kept it in my long-term skin regimen.

I also received this beauty bag stuffed full of goodies for spending over $60 at So many great samples to try.

From the beauty bag, I think I was most excited about trying out Too Faced's Better Than Sex mascara and the Mally's waterproof eyeliner in "Caribbean sea" color which is like an emerald green.

I tried out the eyeliner yesterday for work and really liked how smoothly it applied to my lower and upper eyes and the emerald green is a great compliment for my hazel eyes.

What makeup and beauty products are on your wishlist?

Do you recommend any products that are better or comparable to my picks?

Beauty & Skincare Wishlist

I've had my eye on the Naked 3 palette for a while now but only recently ran across most of the other products and would love to take them for a whirl. Butter London's at-home gel nails to save money instead of going to the salon, Batiste's plumping hair powder for more hair volume and Benefit's zero shine agent to prevent a shiny face all sound pretty amazing!

Also, having recently hit 30, I think it's time to try out a good nighttime face moisturizer to start firming and avoiding wrinkles from now. Lastly, bright lips, tanned legs and sweet smelling scents are a must for the summer.

Have you tried any of these products and would you recommend any of them?