Beauty Faves - Always a Repurchase

From nails to hair, these are a few of my favorite beauty products that are always on repeat.

It's quite ironic because this sheer pale pink nail polish is actually very low maintenance and subtle. Since I'm terrible at painting my nails especially left-handed, this is the only color I own that doesn't show those imperfections.

Batiste Dry Shampoo
I've tried so many different dry shampoos and Batiste is the only one that works with my thick hair. Naturally having thick hair, I can go a few days without washing but Batiste always comes to the rescue and helps when my schedule is too busy to do the hour long process of washing and blow-drying my thick hair.

This neutral eye shadow has been my go-to for everyday wear. It does have a slight shimmer but I think it helps brighten my eyes with a glow that can coverup any exhaustion (especially at work).

My lips always tend to get chapped with the weather changes and these eos lip balms are seriously the most moisturizing I've found with great "scent" options. You can buy the lip balm sticks individually but I personally think this variety pack is worth every penny.
Happy Good Friday to those that celebrate Easter.

I hope you enjoy Easter Sunday with your family/friends!


  1. Batiste is so good, I love it! I need to check out that MAC shadow, I love their products. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter!