Easter Weekend in SW Florida

It was nice having Good Friday off of work so we could head south towards my in-laws and enjoy a long weekend with Lola in tote. I took very little photos but I think we accomplished a lot on this quick trip visiting friends and family along with new babies and new homeowners.

The traffic was horrendous getting there on Friday due to multiple accidents on the highway so, needless to say, I was hangry when we finally arrived. We had lunch with my in-laws and then headed over to our friends' house to meet 1-week old baby "Lulu".

They did an amazing job decorating her nursery with so many cute details. I want those pink flower vases in the first photo for my house!

On Saturday, we headed over to my favorite beach in Florida, Siesta Key. The sun was shining but the winds were blowing 25-30 mph picking up the sand and just covering us and our towels so it was by no means relaxing.

As much as I LOVE this beach and was so happy to finally visit after a few years, getting sand in your eyes, mouth, hair etc. wasn't fun. The drive over to the beach wasn't wasted because Siesta Key Village is just as fun to shop, eat and drink.

Daiquiri Deck and Siesta Key Oyster Bar are must-stops while visiting so we enjoyed that.

On Sunday we had a small Easter celebration at my SIL's new home. K and I offered to cook up brunch for the family as part of their housewarming. We brought over all the ingredients and K did most of the cooking while I prepped the "buffet" for our small family of 6.

As for housewarming gifts, a Home Depot gift card will always be handy for new homeowners but we also bought them this wooden box sign (which is so their personality). My SIL said she wishes she could find a doormat saying the same thing and I found one on Amazon.

It was a nontraditional Easter weekend but that's just how our family rolls sometimes.


  1. What a sweet baby!! Also I'm so incredibly jealous of your weather - I'd do just about anything for a beach day! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Lulu is so precious and I am so happy you guys had a fun little Easter weekend getaway! Love you girlfriend!

  3. Sometimes non-traditional is more fun, honestly! Looks like a beautiful weekend. No thank you to sand in your face, but daiquiris make up for it. Truly- a windy day at the beach is better than no day at the beach too :) haha hope you have a good week!

  4. She's SO little, and I can't believe she's already here! But I will always refer to her big brother as "Baby Cam". Sorry the beach wasn't the best weather, but yay for Daiquiri Deck <3

    Green Fashionista

  5. Fun! Except for the sandstorm on the beach, I hate days like that.

    We are non-traditionalists and I dig it!

  6. The wind was bad everywhere this weekend, sorry it messed up your beach time! What a cute little lady! And I love that sign so much!

  7. It's all good! Mine was pretty nontraditional as well. Such a cute baby and that nursery theme is very chic.

  8. LOL I love the dogs welcome sign. Lulu is so sweet!! I love the grey and pink nursery - they did an amazing job!! I want the pink vases too - I love the shapes and the color!