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Easter Weekend in SW Florida

It was nice having Good Friday off of work so we could head south towards my in-laws and enjoy a long weekend with Lola in tote. I took very little photos but I think we accomplished a lot on this quick trip visiting friends and family along with new babies and new homeowners.

Sweet Weekend Sunshine

I hope everyone had a great weekend! The weather was beautiful here with lots of sunshine so I'm hoping it sticks around for as long as possible.

On Saturday we made our way over to Florida's west coast to visit friends and family for a well overdue trip and to celebrate a few different occasions. The first stop was to visit baby Cam and catch up with some good friends.

The weather was perfect for a pool party and getting some sunshine.

Catching up with some of my favorite girls and getting to hold baby Cam was so good for the soul.

After the pool we headed over to Siesta Key Village, one of my favorite beach towns on earth. Siesta Key beach has to be one of the prettiest in Florida, although we didn't get to enjoy it on this trip.

We met up with some friends to celebrate a birthday and enjoy some delicious seafood for dinner. Whenever we're in the Village, Daiquiri Deck is always a must stop for some refreshing frozen cocktails especially after a day in the sun.

We spent the rest of Saturday evening at my in-laws house catching up with them and finally getting a good night of sleep.

We had a relaxing Sunday morning drinking coffee and lounging around at my in-laws house. We then all went out for lunch along with my SIL and her husband to celebrate my precious MIL's birthday at one of our favorite restaurants in Sarasota.

After lunch we made the drive back home to get all the usual Sunday things done before the start of the work week. As I mentioned before, it was a well overdue trip to K's hometown and I'm glad we got to see and spend some time with family and friends.

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Siesta Key, Florida

I couldn't be more excited to finally make it out to one of my favorite beaches in the world this coming weekend. The sand at Siesta Key feels like white powder, the water is crystal clear, and the overall vibe is soothing.

If you've never heard of Siesta Key Beach, it's located on Florida's west coast close to the city of Sarasota, which is where K grew up and my in-laws live so we try to make it out to the beach when we're in town visiting family. 

Ever since Siesta Key was ranked #1 beach in the US by Trip Advisor (in 2011), it's popularity has grown quite a bit causing certain weekends to be crowded and making parking a stalking game but once I'm settled on a beach chair near to the water it's literally my definition of heaven on earth. 

Things you may or may not see at Siesta Key beach:
~ tons of colorful beach umbrellas and tents. (guaranteed)
~ lots of beach activities including volleyball, ladderball, casual football and lots more.
~ NYC's famous Naked Cowboy and his female sidekick (yes that did happen)
~ Policemen on horses patrolling through the crowds (maybe)

After laying out in the sun for a few hours and taking a dip in the ocean, we always head over to the Siesta Key Village for a cold daiquiri at Daiquiri Deck and some seafood lunch at Siesta Key Oyster Deck (SKOB).

Weekend on FL's West Coast

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I had a pretty busy weekend out of town.

After work on Friday, K and I headed to Sarasota to spend the weekend with my in-laws. We took them out to dinner to celebrate a late Mother's day and early Father's Day. After dinner, K and I went over to the local watering hole for some drinks.

Has anyone tried cinnamon toast crunch shots? It's made with Fireball and RumChata and tastes just like the cereal. So good! We finished the night at World of Beer and then called it a night.

On Saturday we headed to Siesta Key beach which has been rated #1 beach in the US. It's absolutely beautiful with powder white sand. We hung out on the beach for a couple hours then headed over to the Village for some seafood and beach cocktails. 

We then met up with some friends at Bahi Hut which serves the strongest Mai Ta's in town. K and friends love going here but there's a two Mai Tai limit because they're that strong!

We went back to K's parents house and had dinner with them and spent the rest of the night watching movies and relaxing at their house.

On Sunday, we hung out with the in-laws for a couple hours then hit the road to head back home. We stopped for lunch at Bahama Breeze and a quick trip to Victoria's Secret (because I'm good at negotiating) to get a new bikini for our trip to the DR this week.
I love VS's new Itsy bikini bottoms.

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