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Home Decor: Modern Style with Functional Design

If you travel quite a bit, you've probably noticed the growing trend with hotels incorporating USB charging plugs into lamps or outlets on the wall. This is the direction modern decor is taking to accommodate for technology and having to charge your phone on-the-go.

Pineapple Delight: Cute Home Decor

How sweet it is to be Friday!

Just like I have this fascination with starfish which represents serenity/peace, I think pineapples represent hospitality/friendship because of the sweetness it brings.

Home Decor: Gorgeous Chandeliers

Everyone knows I'm a sucker for anything sparkly and chandeliers are that one fixture that adds a classic and sparkly touch to home decor. I've always wanted to have a dainty chandelier in my room as far back as I can remember.

Fall Home Decorating

Fall decorating has been in full swing the last few weeks and it's finally all coming together. I already had a couple pieces of outdoor Halloween decor but nothing for Fall/Thanksgiving since we usually spend Thanksgiving with K's family. This year is going to be a little different.

Wedding Photo Gallery Wall

In our previous home, I designed a much larger scale black and white photo gallery wall in our living room hallway which included more than just wedding photos.

Friday Faves

This week felt like it just dragged onnnnn and my job is by no means boring so I can't explain it but I'm so happy it's Friday and the weekend is near!

Let's get rocking and rolling with some faves from this week.

Interesting Finds: Home Edition

Home Tour Through My Lens

We moved into our home just over 6 months ago and it's taken so long to put a home tour together so technically our home is no longer new! The main holdup with furnishing and decorating the house was because our previous house took a lot longer to sell than anticipated so I had to be patient with my spending. I was just praying for it to be fully furnished before the holidays when my family came to visit and it was completed just in the nick of time.

The Empty House
I've told everyone the open floor plan and kitchen were the two things that sold me on this house immediately.

Fully Furnished Home
Shout out to Home Goods, Target & Kohl's for having cute decor!

 (Photo taken around the holidays...our Christmas decor is officially down)

Hallway from the Front Door

The Kitchen

Breakfast Nook

Open Living Area

Dining Room

Living Room/TV Room

Guest Bedroom #1

Guest Bathroom

Guest Bedroom #2

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Outside Patio

I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of my home!

'Tis The Season Home Decor

Most of my holiday decorations are on the traditional side with lots of red, green and gold tones. This year I went against the grain and added some beach/coastal themed decor to my collection.

 Have you walked into Home Goods lately? At least the location in Florida is beached out so it's hard not to leave without some sparkly holiday goodies.

Titles are clickable

Coastal Holiday Wreath

I did find this gorgeous wreath at Kohl's and knew it was going home with me but I have some other holiday decor faves to share that aren't of the beach variety.


My Christmas tree is up and mostly all of my new and old decorations are set out but I have to admit I've been procrastinating with hanging the 100+ ornaments on our tree. The goal is to get it done before my family arrives for Christmas. LOL

How's your holiday decorating coming along?

Weekend Happenings

Although we didn't manage to get into any Halloween festivities over the weekend, I'm armed with a few pounds of candy and Lola's princess costume for the neighborhood trick-or-treaters tonight.

I enjoyed another relaxing yet productive weekend getting our house decorated and shopping for some final pieces of furniture. On Friday I attended a business awards luncheon which was a great event and it was nice to see some of our business partners take home those pretty crystal trophies.

On my way home from work, my anticipation to get the weekend started was quickly dulled by the highway being shutdown for Obama's motorcade arriving in town. At first I thought it was a high-speed chase but then I saw all the black unmarked SUVs zoom by after the flood of police cars and bikes.

I baked a couple quiches on Saturday morning - one for us for breakfast and one to bring over for Kate that evening.


I got some decorating around the house taken care of, picked out some more furniture online, and headed out to do some errands. I was a sucker and bought these cute party crackers from Pier 1 for Christmas dinner since we're hosting this year.

In the evening I went over to Kate's house to meet baby fashionista Serena who I immediately fell in love with. After she was fed, I got some baby snuggles while we caught up with Kate and H about their labor & delivery experience.

Kate had a tough labor so she's needed some downtime but is hoping to get back to blogging once things settle down for her a bit. Serena is such a doll and I already can't wait to see her again!

On Sunday we finished hanging a bunch of wall decor and ventured out to Target and Home Depot to get some random home things like ceiling fans and medicine cabinets. (Fun, fun!) I'm happy to report we're about 90% done with getting our home completed.

After all the back and forth home decisions between K and I, it was time for some lunch and a Ruby Relaxer cocktail to end the weekend on a high note.

Sharing my weekend whereabouts & joining the lovely Biana.