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Home Style: Furniture & Decor

 We finally sold our previous house after four long months and three different buyers going under contract and then falling through for various reasons. It's been quite the ride but now that the weight is lifted I can now focus on fully decorating and furnishing our new house. Over the past few months I've had lots of time to research and visit furniture stores to pick out the pieces I want but then it was a waiting game from there to actually make the purchase. I'm excited that time has finally come. I purchased our dining room table a couple weeks ago but there's so much more we need after selling most of our furniture from the old house.

 Grey Silk Shag Rug
Hopefully when our house is finally furnished and decorated, I can share some more photos for an inside tour.  I've been waiting for that day for quite a while now!

Friday Faves: Home Edition

Happy Friday everyone!

 I hope you have some fun things lined up for the weekend even if that includes complete relaxation. R&R is always fun in my books. Since my mind has been consumed with all things home buying and selling recently, I wanted to share some home decor ideas I'd love to incorporate into my new home.

We already own a good amount of furniture but unfortunately not all of our pieces make sense for the new floor plan so we have to sell some and buy some that are a better fit. I'm still in the early stages of planning our interior design so most of the faves I picked out today have that extra girly touch. K may not approve of it in some rooms but most of the other living space will be decorated by yours truly. Let's take a look at some of my absolute faves (Titles are clickable)

Mirrored Nightstand


Grey Shag Rug

Accent Mirror

Tuffeted Headboard

Metal Base Lamps

If you have any other cute and affordable home decor suggestions, please feel free to send my way. I'm still browsing ideas & figuring things out.

Joining Amanda for Friday Favorites.

Beautiful Caribbean Homes

Most of you know that I was born and raised in Trinidad, a southern Caribbean island that has a small sister island called Tobago. Houses there are far from cookie cutter looking and homeowners aren't afraid to use lots of color. I travel there quite often to visit my family and lifelong friends, some who have amazing homes filled with lots of character and color. I've also rented several vacation homes in Tobago that are just as cute and tropical so I thought I'd share some of my favorite Caribbean style homes.

Tippy Top
It was named Tippy Top because it sits on the top of a mountain with a beautiful view of the golf course.

Tobago Rental Houses
Houses in the islands are often given "nicknames" which becomes part of their mailing address. This is more common for vacation rental properties but some people name their private homes (like Tippy Top) to distinguish it from others.

 Canboulay Villa

Peacock Home Decor Inspiraton

I adore the exuberant colors of a peacock. If I had Pinterest when I was planning my wedding, I'm sure I would have been tempted to incorporate some of those colors into my wedding color scheme. When it comes to home decor though, I typically keep it very neutral (I did a home tour of mi casa here). When I saw this peacock style bedding set come out a few years from the Jennifer Lopez collection, I knew I had to have it. With the husband's approval, because he would not want anything too girly (although I managed to throw some sparkly throw pillows in there), I made the purchase to finally add some color to our home decor.

When it comes to peacock-colored decor, we can probably all agree there's a fine line between gaudy and practical/stylish so I was thinking of some subtle ways one can incorporate the colors of a peacock into their home decor (especially a neutral home like mine). Here's what I came up with:

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

Holiday Home Decor

I love decorating for Christmas and purchasing a few new items each year to add to my collection. Some of my favorites from this year is our new wreath, star tree topper and stocking holders. I posted my Christmas decorations here a few weeks ago. I've also started collecting tree ornaments as souvenirs from our travel ventures. I found most of my decor at Home Depot, Khol's, and Amazon.

Where do you shop for Christmas home decor and ornaments?

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas holiday and I'll catch you next week!

Christmas Decorating

It's the most wonderful time of the year and I've finally finished decorating for the holidays. We have a small fake Christmas tree which we've been using for the past few years so it's not nice and fluffy like the real ones nor does it have that nice tree smell but it's easy to maintain and will do for now. I hope to upgrade later on down the road.

Star Tree Topper from Kohl's

Christmas tree skirt  

Tree ornaments from our travels

I started off with very little Christmas decorations and have been trying to buy a few new pieces every year and also get ornaments as souvenirs from our travels. I bought the Mickey & Minnie tree ornament on our recent trip to Disney and I purchased new stockings since we now have a new addition to the family.

Our Living Room where the Christmas tree is set up to the right.

The little details

Kitchen (or bathroom) towels

Martha Stewart Ornament Wreath from Home Depot hanging on front door.

Happy Holidays!

How's your holiday decorating coming along?