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Christmas in the Caribbean

I meant to post this earlier this year when we actually spent Christmas in the Caribbean.

Oh Christmas Tree

Just a day early but I'm here to wish each and every one of you a fabulous Christmas tomorrow. The holidays is about reconnecting with loved ones and showing your appreciation for their presence in your life. I appreciate the true friendships I've made through blogging and love those that have followed my life journey via my blog.

In the spirit of the holidays, I wanted to share some of my favorite tree ornaments. Since K and I started dating we have collected shot glasses from all the cities and countries we've visited but at this point our cabinet is bursting at the seams so we recently started buying ornaments from our travels instead. So here's our little collection plus some other sentimental ornaments.

New Orleans, LA

Disney - Orlando, FL

Savannah, GA

Las Vegas, NV

Busch Gardens - Tampa, FL

And of course a photo ornament from Lola's 1st Christmas.

We hope to continue growing our travel ornaments to remind us through the years of all the places we've vistied and experienced together.

Merry Christmas to all my beautiful friends out there! 

Holiday Home Decor

I love decorating for Christmas and purchasing a few new items each year to add to my collection. Some of my favorites from this year is our new wreath, star tree topper and stocking holders. I posted my Christmas decorations here a few weeks ago. I've also started collecting tree ornaments as souvenirs from our travel ventures. I found most of my decor at Home Depot, Khol's, and Amazon.

Where do you shop for Christmas home decor and ornaments?

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas holiday and I'll catch you next week!

Christmas Decorating

It's the most wonderful time of the year and I've finally finished decorating for the holidays. We have a small fake Christmas tree which we've been using for the past few years so it's not nice and fluffy like the real ones nor does it have that nice tree smell but it's easy to maintain and will do for now. I hope to upgrade later on down the road.

Star Tree Topper from Kohl's

Christmas tree skirt  

Tree ornaments from our travels

I started off with very little Christmas decorations and have been trying to buy a few new pieces every year and also get ornaments as souvenirs from our travels. I bought the Mickey & Minnie tree ornament on our recent trip to Disney and I purchased new stockings since we now have a new addition to the family.

Our Living Room where the Christmas tree is set up to the right.

The little details

Kitchen (or bathroom) towels

Martha Stewart Ornament Wreath from Home Depot hanging on front door.

Happy Holidays!

How's your holiday decorating coming along?