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Home Decor: Modern Style with Functional Design

If you travel quite a bit, you've probably noticed the growing trend with hotels incorporating USB charging plugs into lamps or outlets on the wall. This is the direction modern decor is taking to accommodate for technology and having to charge your phone on-the-go.

Home Decor: Gorgeous Chandeliers

Everyone knows I'm a sucker for anything sparkly and chandeliers are that one fixture that adds a classic and sparkly touch to home decor. I've always wanted to have a dainty chandelier in my room as far back as I can remember.

Wedding Photo Gallery Wall

In our previous home, I designed a much larger scale black and white photo gallery wall in our living room hallway which included more than just wedding photos.

Home Tour Through My Lens

We moved into our home just over 6 months ago and it's taken so long to put a home tour together so technically our home is no longer new! The main holdup with furnishing and decorating the house was because our previous house took a lot longer to sell than anticipated so I had to be patient with my spending. I was just praying for it to be fully furnished before the holidays when my family came to visit and it was completed just in the nick of time.

The Empty House
I've told everyone the open floor plan and kitchen were the two things that sold me on this house immediately.

Fully Furnished Home
Shout out to Home Goods, Target & Kohl's for having cute decor!

 (Photo taken around the holidays...our Christmas decor is officially down)

Hallway from the Front Door

The Kitchen

Breakfast Nook

Open Living Area

Dining Room

Living Room/TV Room

Guest Bedroom #1

Guest Bathroom

Guest Bedroom #2

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Outside Patio

I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of my home!

Sunny Fall Weekend

The weather this weekend was exactly what Floridians crave after a blistering hot summer. Cool yet sunny days. The perfect relief from the heat even if a sweater was needed at night.

On Friday we celebrated Pinktober at work for Breast Cancer Awareness month. I also received the shipment of furniture we ordered to finish decorating the house.

K and I met up after work for a quick happy hour and then went to try out a new-to-us Thai restaurant. The food was excellent!

Saturday was the productive day. A million loads of laundry and cleaning were done. We then arranged the new furniture, hung artwork and photos throughout the house, and then went to Home Goods to pick up a few random things. 

After all the running around we settled at Marlows Tavern for an early dinner and spent the rest of the evening relaxing at home.

Lola was loving the weather on Sunday so we took her out of the house to watch some football & have lunch on the patio at a local sports restaurant.

I love relaxing and productive weekends like this one. Our house is still not complete but the end is much closer after this weekend.

Sharing my weekend story and joining the lovely B.

Home Style: Furniture & Decor

 We finally sold our previous house after four long months and three different buyers going under contract and then falling through for various reasons. It's been quite the ride but now that the weight is lifted I can now focus on fully decorating and furnishing our new house. Over the past few months I've had lots of time to research and visit furniture stores to pick out the pieces I want but then it was a waiting game from there to actually make the purchase. I'm excited that time has finally come. I purchased our dining room table a couple weeks ago but there's so much more we need after selling most of our furniture from the old house.

 Grey Silk Shag Rug
Hopefully when our house is finally furnished and decorated, I can share some more photos for an inside tour.  I've been waiting for that day for quite a while now!