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Wedding Photo Gallery Wall

In our previous home, I designed a much larger scale black and white photo gallery wall in our living room hallway which included more than just wedding photos.

Home Decorating: Photo Gallery Wall

Since our wedding in 2012, I've had so many lovely frames and photos that were packed in storage and never put up on display.

When the lovely Jordan posted about a Gallery Wall, a light went off in my head. I decided to try my hand at making one a few weekends ago to display in our downstairs hallway.

I laid everything out ahead of time to decide on a layout before hammering holes in the wall. K was a good sport and helped with the hammering and measuring.

In the process of hanging up all the frames, we realized the space we were working with was slightly smaller so decided to do a black & white theme only and leave out the long rectangular frame on the right.

Since the frames were all different sizes, I had to order a couple different size photos and wait for them to arrive before completing the project last weekend.

The Details:

Most of the photos are from our wedding day, including this one of our First Dance.

Pretty clock

Canvas with a motivational quote

An old photo of my grandparents when they were young bucks

Decorative Mirror
(and there you can see my reflection and iPhone flash...nice Emily, nice!)

I love how it came out even though it didn't turn out 100% as planned. I do prefer the black & white theme instead of having a mixture of colors