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Wedding Photo Gallery Wall

In our previous home, I designed a much larger scale black and white photo gallery wall in our living room hallway which included more than just wedding photos.

Weekend Happenings

We meet again on this Monday morning which means it's time to recap the happenings from the weekend. I hope you enjoyed yours!

My weekend turned out to be more relaxing and productive than expected.  I'm usually too exhausted from the work week to do anything on Friday nights but somehow I had a small pop of energy so K and I met up at Carrabba's for a quick happy hour followed by a delicious dinner.

Carrabba's is definitely one of my favorite Italian chain restaurants because of their Chicken Bryan dish which is topped with goat cheese and sundried tomatoes. That and the mussels are so good!

I mentioned on Friday that it turns out I have Tendonitis in my right foot so I have to wear the boot of doom for two weeks. Right foot = driving foot so my mobility is limited or at least very inconvenient with this big bulky thing.

Kate and I had plans to meet up with a girl friend on Saturday for a wine & apps picnic by the lake. Unfortunately our friend came down with a high fever and had to cancel so plans changed and I went out with K to do some shopping and errands.

I restocked on some of my favorites from Bath & Body Works. We go through those foam soaps so quickly and I can't live without their small hand sanitizers to keep in my purse, car, and for traveling.

Saturday evening I worked on so many projects from blogging to photography along with stuff for work and I finally made the Green Tea Body Scrub created by Alexis from the Chemistry Cachet. I like the idea of a natural body exfoliator and the rose water gives it a nice scent.

On Sunday afternoon we went to a baby's 1st birthday party for our friend's son. It was nice catching up with a few friends and seeing everyone's babies as they grow before your eyes.



Baby Jacob and Mom opening gifts.

On Sunday night we tried our hand at grilling lamb chops for the first time. Lamb is one thing I've never attempted to cook but K whipped up an amazing marinade and the lamb with smashed cauliflower and caesar salad for the sides couldn't have been a better Sunday night dinner.

Joining the lovely Biana for her Weekending linkup.

Fourth of July Faves

Laughter really is an amazing medicine and being happy is so important for the soul. I forgot what that felt like for a while there but life has become so fulfilling and even more rewarding than I knew was possible.

This long weekend brings family and friends together to enjoy fireworks, food, and fun which is also good for the soul but we must remember the reason for this holiday. The United States gained it's independence and essentially it's own "soul" 240 years ago. That's definitely a reason to celebrate the country we love and live in and I hope you have a wonderful time doing so this weekend.

When it comes to the 4th of July these are some of my faves:

Andrea amazes me week over week with her flawless sense of style and well-thought-out outfits she shares on her blog. I adore the cute yet patriotic outfits she featured this week just in time for the 4th of July.

My boss is throwing a party this weekend and I offered to make a festive dessert. Of course I immediately went on Pinterest for some ideas and I settled on this delicious looking Angel Food Cake with Coconut Whipped Cream and Berries.

Even though I don't consider myself very crafty I do enjoy an easy DIY project and I think these Mason Jar Lanterns are very cute for nighttime celebrations. 

Truth be told my nails are a hot mess. I haven't had a manicure or nail polish on my nails in a couple months but holiday weekends remind me to be adventurous. I'm hoping to get a much needed mani and pedi this weekend and sprinkle some patriotism in there.

Because that's important in the summer. I thought these Red & Blue Ice Cubes were a cute idea to make a refreshing fruit-infused water for 4th of July which tends to be one of the hottest months of the year.

Enjoy the holiday weekend and be safe!

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High Five For Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!
So happy the weekend is finally here and the weather is supposed to be pretty nice this weekend in Florida! 

Joining Lauren today for H54F.

#1. Love my new mint green cardigan from Kohl's. Paid $11.99 after using a 20% discount coupon online.

#2. Healthy meals at home. Baked tilapia, sweet potato, broccoli and spinach. 

#3. Raspberry Wheat Shocktop beer. Just as good as Abita Strawberry.

#4. The gift "basket" I made for our friends housewarming party this weekend. Includes: Clay pot, wooden spoons & utensils, red spatula & baster, Airwick scented oil diffuser and a kitchen towel.

#5. I've been feeling pretty unmotivated lately and I ran across this quote this week which has encouraged me to never give up.
 photo H54Fbutton-triangle_zps678b65ba.jpg

Have a great weekend!

Cheers to the Weekend!

Hi Everyone!
Looking forward to seeing how you all plan to celebrate St Patrick's day this weekend. 

We'll be celebrating on Saturday night with some friends, green beer and Irish Car Bombs. I've been trying to think of a festive dish I can make to bring to the party. I am not exactly the artsy type that can pull off making fancy desserts that you see on Pinterest but this recipe for Guinness Brownie Bites with Bailey's Cream Cheese Frosting looks awesome.

K and I also plan to get started on our latest home improvement project - a DIY kitchen backsplash.
I'm hoping it looks something like this.

And finally, tonight we are going to a surprise dinner to celebrate a top secret occasion. I'll be able to share more details after the secret has been disclosed tonight.

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Hope everyone has a fun weekend!

Entertaining for the Holidays

I'm starting to feel festive so I found some cute Holiday-themed desserts, drinks and decorations. If you plan on throwing a party this year, these look like some great conversation starters. I'm also linking up with Helene for Tell Me About It Tuesday.

Helene in Between

Holiday Desserts & Candy
Peanut Butter Reindeer Cookies
Mini donuts with candy corn noses
Caramel Apple Ice Cream
Strawberry Santas
Cranberry Cinnamon Christmas Tree Rolls

Christmas Tree Cheese & Tomatoes
Christmas Package Cheese Snack
Christmas Veggie Tray
Adult Beverages
*The Poinsettia* - Champagne & Cranberry Juice
Candy Cane Shot
Candy Cane Shot Ingredients: Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur, Peppermint Schnapps & Crushed Candy Canes.
Christmas Cranberry Margarita

Decorating Ideas
Rustic Christmas Wreath
Acorn Centerpieces
Christmas wall tree

What's inspriing your holiday spirit?

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It's our Friday everyone! Almost time for turkey, family fun and sleeping in for the next 4 days. Woohoo!!  Linking up with Jaime for What I'm Loving Wednesday.

I'm loving that we're heading out of town this weekend to see K's family and close group of friends. Always nice for a change of scenery!

I'm loving all the amazing deals flooding my inbox (very hard to resist going nuts shopping online)!
Macaroni Grill

I'm loving my newly found creative skills being used for gift giving ideas this year. I made this Fall-themed housewarming gift for a friend a couple weeks ago.

I'm loving that my friends send me random stuff to brighten my day.

I'm loving my recent Pinterest Fashion finds:

Of course, I'm always loving K:

Have a FABULOUS Thanksgiving weekend everyone!!