Cheers to the Weekend!

Hi Everyone!
Looking forward to seeing how you all plan to celebrate St Patrick's day this weekend. 

We'll be celebrating on Saturday night with some friends, green beer and Irish Car Bombs. I've been trying to think of a festive dish I can make to bring to the party. I am not exactly the artsy type that can pull off making fancy desserts that you see on Pinterest but this recipe for Guinness Brownie Bites with Bailey's Cream Cheese Frosting looks awesome.

K and I also plan to get started on our latest home improvement project - a DIY kitchen backsplash.
I'm hoping it looks something like this.

And finally, tonight we are going to a surprise dinner to celebrate a top secret occasion. I'll be able to share more details after the secret has been disclosed tonight.

Joining the Follow Friend Friday Linkup today.
Hope everyone has a fun weekend!

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  1. Our backsplash is very similar and I love it!! Good luck on your DIY!