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4th of July + Weekend Vibes

With the 4th of July falling on a Wednesday this year, going back to work on Thursday felt like Monday 2.0 but the saving grace was that Friday was just a day away.

With Freedom Comes Responsibility

Happy birthday America!

Noteable 4th of July Sales

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend. The emails for 4th July sales have been flooding in so these are a few of the deals I found from some of my favorite retailers. On an adulting note, we did have to bite the bullet over the weekend and buy a new washer and dryer from Home Depot while the sales last.

Happy 4th of July!

The Lazy Long Weekend

I hope everyone (in the US) enjoyed the holiday weekend and the extra day away from work. A quiet weekend was much needed around here so I didn't pack any big plans into the weekend like I tend to do. Lots of lounging, laundry, and food prepping happened at home along with some fun out with friends.

On Friday I got out of work a little early so K and I went for a quick happy hour and dinner at a restaurant close to home.

On Saturday I had a hairdresser appointment to redo my highlights. It was raining for most of the afternoon so I didn't bother to get it styled and looking fabulous so no photos to show for that. I ran through the rain to get some errands done and decided Saturday night was going to be another quiet one at home. 

On Sunday, K and I cooked up some brunch at home and then went to a BBQ pool party at a friend's gorgeous lakefront home. We enjoyed a few hours at the party catching up with friends.

Since spent a good portion of the weekend relaxing at home, Lola was excited to get all the extra attention and snuggle time on the couch watch movies.

On Monday I met up with a friend and her mom to get our nails done. We had fun chitchatting and getting pampered at the salon and then headed over to Panera for some lunch.

After lunch I did some errands and then retired home to cap off the long weekend. K and I grilled some steaks for dinner and caught up on some TV watching. Needless to say I'm feeling refreshed for the week ahead and even better that it's a short one!

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Red, White & Boom

Happy Independence day to the US. I hope everyone is enjoying the extended weekend and is celebrating safely with their loved ones. I'll be back tomorrow with a quick weekend recap.

xo Emily

Fourth of July Faves

Laughter really is an amazing medicine and being happy is so important for the soul. I forgot what that felt like for a while there but life has become so fulfilling and even more rewarding than I knew was possible.

This long weekend brings family and friends together to enjoy fireworks, food, and fun which is also good for the soul but we must remember the reason for this holiday. The United States gained it's independence and essentially it's own "soul" 240 years ago. That's definitely a reason to celebrate the country we love and live in and I hope you have a wonderful time doing so this weekend.

When it comes to the 4th of July these are some of my faves:

Andrea amazes me week over week with her flawless sense of style and well-thought-out outfits she shares on her blog. I adore the cute yet patriotic outfits she featured this week just in time for the 4th of July.

My boss is throwing a party this weekend and I offered to make a festive dessert. Of course I immediately went on Pinterest for some ideas and I settled on this delicious looking Angel Food Cake with Coconut Whipped Cream and Berries.

Even though I don't consider myself very crafty I do enjoy an easy DIY project and I think these Mason Jar Lanterns are very cute for nighttime celebrations. 

Truth be told my nails are a hot mess. I haven't had a manicure or nail polish on my nails in a couple months but holiday weekends remind me to be adventurous. I'm hoping to get a much needed mani and pedi this weekend and sprinkle some patriotism in there.

Because that's important in the summer. I thought these Red & Blue Ice Cubes were a cute idea to make a refreshing fruit-infused water for 4th of July which tends to be one of the hottest months of the year.

Enjoy the holiday weekend and be safe!

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Friday Favorites

Hope everyone had a fairly smooth week after the long weekend. I can't say I'm fully adjusted after our trip. I didn't overdo it like some people do when in Vegas (well maybe the first night I stayed out wayyy beyond my bedtime), it's just the time difference that wipes me out when I travel from the west coast to the east coast. It usually takes me several days to feel normal again and I'm hoping the weekend will help me accomplish that!

A quick weekend/weekly recap and joining Amanda for some Friday faves.

4th of July
I'm a little late on this but we spent the 4th of July poolside at the Soleil pool in the Paris Las Vegas hotel with some friends. The weather in Vegas was 105+ degrees but we rented a cabana that came equipped with misters, a flat screen TV, lounge chairs, and our own personal server so we were set for the day with a non-stop flow of food and drinks plus complimentary bottles of water and a fruit platter.

Shopping Finds
 Other than some small souvenirs, I really didn't do any shopping on this trip except for finally finding these Michael Kors Chelsea Sunglasses with purple lenses that I've had my eye on for a while now. They're similar to the Ray-Ban Flash Lens Aviators but in my fave color and slightly more affordable.

Summer Drink Recipe
I've been on a serious watermelon kick and this Watermelon Agua Fresca cocktail sounds like the perfect, refreshing drink for hot summer days. The recipe includes an alcoholic and non-alcoholic version for everyone to enjoy.

Summer Outfits

Keeping it short and sweet today since I'm lacking sleep and need to catch up with some snuggles with my Lola...

Enjoy the weekend and catch you next week!

4th of July Inspiration

Happy Friday! 

Since today is a work holiday and I'm on vacation, I'm going to keep this post but I wanted to check in and wish everyone a happy and safe long weekend however you plan to spend it!

I also wanted to share some of my weekly faves and 4th of July inspirations. 




Enjoy the fireworks! 

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4th of July Weekend Celebrations

Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend (long weekend for those in the US).

I went on my first blate last week with Rebekah and Kate at The Wine Room. It was really nice meeting Rebekah and talking about bloggy stuff while sharing a cheese plate & some drinks. 

On Friday/4th of July, I went shopping for some festive outfits to wear to our friend's pool/BBQ party.

I made a berry trifle and then headed over to the party that afternoon. We had a great time with friends, fireworks and delicious food and drinks. We played some flip cup and the girls won, of course!

On Saturday, K and I went shopping for a new fridge and also ended up getting a new smart TV. We've been saving up for a while now and, with the 4th of July sales, we found some great deals at Best Buy that were too hard to pass up. We had a quick Thai lunch date & went home to play with our new toy.

On Sunday, K and I had brunch at home, cleaned and relaxed. It was just what the doctor ordered after many back-to-back hectic weekends.We grilled some BBQ ribs for dinner and watch some more Orange is the New Black.

How was your weekend?
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still being [molly]Weekending

Celebrating 4th of July in Style

I'm excited USA's Independence day falls on a Friday this year so we have a short work week.

I plan to celebrate the holiday at a pool party with friends, festive cocktails and good old fashioned BBQ-ing. Just as we did last year as seen here although somehow I showed up to the party wearing pink instead of red, white or blue. Party foul!

Everyone loves being patriotic and supporting their country in style whether it's for 4th of July or a World Cup game so here's some festive "stars and stripes" outfits and accessories.

Enjoy your 4th of July festivities tomorrow and be safe!