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Interesting Finds: The Girly Edition

Happy Friday!

The work days this week seemed to drag on. Just when my body clock thought it was 4pm, the real clock said "Nope! we're only just approaching 2pm". Needless to say, I'm welcoming the weekend and hoping the weather plays nice so we can enjoy some outdoor fun. 

30 Random Facts About Me

Happy Friday!

I'm back from our cruise and recovering from vacation mode. That's a thing right? Needing a vacation after your vacation? At least the weekend is near and will give me some time get back into my routine and also get all my photos from the trip organized. I got some great shots in Cuba and can't wait to share.

Five on Friday

Happy Friday all! I'm excited that my parents and sister arrive today so I'll be off gallivanting with them for the next week or so. I hope you all enjoy the weekend.

Fun in Florals

After riding out Hurricane Irma, which hit us in Central Florida on Sunday through Monday, and then having to go back to work on Tuesday (while schools were out all and most businesses were closed), I've been a bit of nervous wreck over here. Driving while lights are out at major intersections and debris everywhere is a hazardous commute. There are so many reports of people losing their lives in the aftermath due to stupid and/or accidental mistakes on the road, with generators powering their homes, and you name it. I'm just happy Friday is here because I really need to lighten the mood around here with some fun in the fashion department.

I found this cute little floral number and wore it out to Kate's Birthday Brunch a few weekends ago.

Shine Bright Like a Friday

It's that bright light at the end of the work week tunnel.

After returning home from Denver last week I caught a case of exhaustion and just needed to unplug after work to catch up on some rest. Denver was a blast but the altitude really dehydrates you, not to mention we kept busy on foot for most of the trip and also climbed up the 2 million stairs at Red Rock Park to watch a concert. It was all worth the exhaustion but hopefully this weekend will help me get back to 100%.


Happy Friday!

We arrived in Denver yesterday to catch a concert tonight so I'll be disconnected for the next few days.

Friday Faves

On Fridays I like to reflect on the positives from the week - special occasions, people that make me happy, fun events, things I think are humorous or worth mentioning, and many random favorites sprinkled in between. K has been gone on a work trip since Tuesday so I'm looking forward to spending a relaxing weekend with him since I'm sure he's exhausted.

Friday Faves


This cute little nugget joined our team at work on Monday morning. We call him a therapy dog (because of pure cuteness) not to be taken literally. He is as sweet as can be but we need to get over the potty training stage as with all puppies.

Fashion Faves & Looks from the Past

Happy Friday!

It's evident I'm not much of a fashion blogger but I do love shopping and fashion in general so every now and again I find some inspiration. My outfits range from beachy to sporty casual and, on very rare occasions, dressy/elegant.

The weather this week almost hit the 90's during the day which has me dreaming of laying by the pool this weekend. I'm in desperate need of some Vitamin D, of course with lots of SPF. 

Kimonos, coverups, mirrored sunglasses, and all the cute things in between for Spring (which is like Summer in Florida) are on my mind. The evenings can still be chilly enough for jeans and a jacket.

Looks from the Past

A mix of casual, beachy, and dressy. Can you tell I'm a huge fan of crossbody purses?

Fun with Friends

Recent Casual

Enter our fashion giveaway!

Bestie Weekend Loading...

I'm skipping St Patrick's Day celebrations this weekend because the bestie arrives today so I'm off to pick her up from the airport in a few hours.

Today is her birthday so that's what we'll be celebrating along with the fact that she has a healthy baby cooking in the oven so lots of baby shopping and girl time is on the agenda.

This Auntie couldn't be more ecstatic and already got to shopping once we found out the gender a couple weeks ago.

I'll be back next week to share our girls weekend adventures.

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Friday Favorites

It's been a busy week but I've been focusing on some fun projects so I'm not complaining. Yesterday I went to Tampa for a work event and didn't get home until almost midnight so today better go by quickly. A weekend of pure relaxation is in order!

Today I'm linking up with Amanda sharing some favorites and things I've been up to recently.

Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath

I already read and enjoyed her book Troublemaker since I knew very little about Scientology. The show sheds additional light on the church of Scientology from different ex-members and the stories are shocking.

The CEO of my company put the Hug Your Haters book on my desk and asked me to report back with an overview of how we can apply the strategies taught in this book to our company. It's not a bad read considering my marketing career and I feel like I've been getting some great insight on how to properly deal with customer complaints online and offline.

Trips, trips, and more trips! I shared my 2017 Travel Plans earlier this week and I'm really excited that Europe is on the radar.

K cooked up this Ribeye with Herb Butter recipe over the weekend except cooked it on the grill instead of pan searing and it was to die for.

Well more like lusting at all the pretty home decor at Target on sale for 30% off.

That wraps up some of my favorites for this week.

Have a great weekend!

Oh The Sunsets

The sunsets this week have been amazing driving home from work with vibrant orange, pink and purple colors tie-dying the sky and then last night those colors turned into pastel tones. Nature's beauty made my, otherwise boring commute, so much better.

Friday's are for sharing some favorite things and happenings around here so let's get right into that.

Colorful Accessories
These pretty infinity scarfs are perfect to brighten up a neutral outfit especially for Valentine's day.
one  / two

If you're looking for some unique and trendy gifts for Valentine's Day, check out the Guide for Her and Gift Guide for Him that I recently shared.

Herbal Remedies
I've been fighting a lingering cough and head cold for over a week now and I found this Herbal Immune Booster with Vitamin C on Amazon to help fight it off.

SkinnyGirl Products

I'm a big fan of SkinnyGirl products and love to see that their product line is expanding. I just purchased some of their salad dressings over the weekend (for only around $2) and I'm loving the Raspberry Vinaigrette so far.

Winter Soups
I've always been a fan of Butternut Squash Soup and this recipe has me craving it just in time for the weekend.

Travel Plans
We just got some exciting news that K has a company meeting in Germany this summer. Neither of us have been across the pond to Europe so this is the perfect opportunity to plan a trip to explore before he goes off to work. I don't even know where to begin with planning this trip but I'm excited to figure out the details over the next few months.

Have a wonderful weekend and I'd love to hear your advice or recommendations for country hopping in Europe that can be accomplished in a week or so.

Thankful & Grateful

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with family yesterday but unfortunately I'm back to work today. Luckily it's Friday so I'm sure the day will go quickly and the weekend will make her appearance soon. That being said it's time for some favorites and things to be thankful for.

Life Planner
I just bought my 2017 planner from Target and found they had such a cute selection of planners and stationary this year.  I'm one of those that won't remember to do anything without my good old fashioned planner and it doesn't need to be $50+ dollars. A planner is a planner.

Holiday Cards
I used Minted to order our Business Holiday cards and I loved the selection of designs they have for all types of customizable and photo holidays cards. I'm hoping I can get some photos of my family of 3 in time to send out cards this year.

Tasty Sips
I tasted one of the most delicious sangria's while visiting St. Augustine last weekend and immediately went on the hunt to find a similar recipe. This Tropical Pineapple Coconut Sangria recipe seems to have all the right ingredients to recreate the taste.

4 cups white wine, such as Pinot Grigio or Riesling
2 cups pineapple juice
½ cup coconut rum
1 pineapple, cut into 1" chunks
1 orange, sliced
2 limes (one juiced and one sliced)
2 cups Pineapple Coconut seltzer

Work Style
My new job is a little bit more traditional from previous employers who had a semi-casual dress code. The one requirement is that our shirts have a collar and these Express Portofino Blouses are my favorite and I love that they keep coming out in different colors and patterns.They just went on sale so I snagged 3 new colors for work. 

Yesterday I shared a Throwback Thursday post about when Lola came into our lives so go check it out if you missed it.

 Happy weekend my friends!

Aussie Hair & Yoga Gear

 Who else agrees this week was one hell of a ride? Almost everyone I spoke to on Wednesday was exhausted from staying up way too late watching the election. I made it to midnight and couldn't hang any longer. 

That being said, on Fridays we celebrate with some favorites and inevitably a cold glass of wine in the evening.

I started Wildflower by Drew Barrymore this week and I'm enjoying the recap of random happenings throughout her life. I've been intrigued with her as an actress since my teen years so, when a few of you ladies recommended her book, it was immediately added to my book list.

Two workout gems from Target: This strappy back sports bra and the most comfortable workout capris. I'd buy them in every color but unfortunately they don't come in a variety of colors.

We're hosting our first party at the new home this weekend and we have lots of classics on the menu but I'm most looking forward to trying this new-to-me Pulled Pork Sliders with Garlic Aioli recipe.

Influenster sent me 3 full size products from Aussie for testing purposes and it made me remember how much I love the smell from when I used this back in college. The triple moisture conditioner has always been a favorite of mine.

My sweet Lola all day everyday, even though she hogs the bed.

Hope you have a fab weekend!

For the Love of Weekends

This week was a good one ~ I got started on some Christmas shopping, checked off a few house-to-do items, and today my coworkers and I are attending an awards luncheon for being nominated as one of the best businesses in the county.

I mentioned recently that I started listening to audiobooks on my commute which has made the drive so much more fulfilling than listening to music or talk radio. I finished The Girl on the Train on Monday and then started Behind Closed Doors. So far so good!

I've been on a major brussels sprouts kick recently and I've made a similar recipe but I love the addition of butternut squash in this Roasted Brussels Sprouts recipe even though I'd probably leave out the cinnamon since I'm not a fan.

My nails have been a train-wreck recently but as we approach some busier weekends with travel, social happenings, and some family fun, I have some gorgeous Fall Essie colors in mind.

Halloween is just around the corner so I shared some cute pet costumes on Wednesday to celebrate the occasion. I'm currently working on doctoring Lola's costume since it arrived too small.

I'm looking forward to catching up on some rest and blogging this weekend since the holidays are almost here and things are going to get BUSY!

I hope you have a fab weekend!

Friday Reflections

Four posts in one week...who am I? I guess that's what a mandatory hurricane curfew and a three-day weekend will do to you. No complaints here since I feel somewhat organized again.

My SIL's wedding is this weekend so that calls for pretty nails and this is the color combo I'm rolling with: Essie's Chinchilly (my favorite), Lady Like and Sugar Daddy.

I just recently found out about the soft as silk LuLaRoe leggings from a coworker so I had to buy a pair, except I cheated and found them for half the price on Amazon. They're from VIV Collection but honestly you can't tell the difference. I'm tempted to buy 10 more pairs!

Another Bath & Body Works haul happened recently because when 50% off 3-wick candles comes around... that's when I stock up. I got my usual fall/pumpkin candles but I also bought some year round scents such as Hello Beautiful.

I finished Amy Schumer's The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo audiobook earlier this week and since then I've moved onto The Girl on The Train. I know I'm late to the party but I'm late to reading books altogether. So far I'm confused with the story but starting to pick up the pieces. I'm not sure I could sit through physically reading this book but the audio version will do on my commute to and from work.

The new Hello Kitty wine collection is quite adorable and since it's the weekend, why not share? 

Cheers to the weekend!

Joining my fellow Floridian Amanda for Friday Faves.