Shine Bright Like a Friday

It's that bright light at the end of the work week tunnel.

After returning home from Denver last week I caught a case of exhaustion and just needed to unplug after work to catch up on some rest. Denver was a blast but the altitude really dehydrates you, not to mention we kept busy on foot for most of the trip and also climbed up the 2 million stairs at Red Rock Park to watch a concert. It was all worth the exhaustion but hopefully this weekend will help me get back to 100%.

I've been busy coordinating a big conference my company hosts every year. I do love event planning even if it's for work. Other than that this week consisted of...

Solar Eclipse Fail
I bought the special glasses and was ready to watch the eclipse on Monday but I came home from work at lunch time and fell asleep until 7 pm so I totally missed it all. Not gonna lie, I needed the sleep more than seeing the eclipse. I'm fine living vicariously through everyone who did see it!

Lola Love
Traveling is always fun but coming home to your snuggle bug is just as nice!

Power Ball
A few of our neighbors pooled together to buy a bunch of tickets. We didn't win obviously.
Womp womp!

 Memories from Denver
Exploring Denver was amazing. The concert at Red Rocks was phenomenal but there's nothing like re-connecting with your college roomie. Time flies but those years we spent together will remain in our hearts!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Happy Friday babe!! What a week and hope you're still flying on awesome Denver memories and Lola snuggles!! Love ya beautiful friend!!

  2. I feel the same away about traveling. Always nice to come home and get bulldog love :) Have a great weekend!

  3. Sometimes your body tells you exactly what it needs. <3

  4. It really is so rough to come back from a trip and immediately go into work! It's a bummer that you missed the eclipse, but there'll be another one in a few years in Texas and you could always plan a trip to see that one! I hope that you have a great weekend getting recharged!

  5. I'm sure it was awesome to see the eclipse, but I didn't see it either and was also totally fine just seeing other people's photos. Hope you can catch up on some rest this weekend!

  6. Such an amazing experience, and definitely worth climbing all the stairs! And coming home to Lola snuggles - the BEST <3
    Green Fashionista

  7. Anytime I travel, I need a full day off to recover. I would have napped too! It would be so cool to see a concert in Denver. I can't even imagine how amazing the acoustics and views are!

  8. YAY for an epic nap. That far outweighs in the eclipse in my mind too!! ;)

  9. I didnt see the eclipse either and apparently it was partially visible here. I was in office drfating something and really didn't care enough to leave lol. I cared, just not enough to interrupt my brain flow.