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Blogger Etiquette: How to Grow Your Blog Organically

I've been thinking about this for a while and, since starting Martinis & Bikinis in 2012, it's given me a lot of time to interact with a variety of different Bloggers with similar or not-so similar interests.

Back To The Basics

This is not a comparison review just an FYI that I've moved back to the Blogger commenting platform. I think both Disqus and Blogger have equally good features but I wasn't happy about losing all my comments since I started Martinis & Bikinis in 2012.

30 Random Facts About Me

Happy Friday!

I'm back from our cruise and recovering from vacation mode. That's a thing right? Needing a vacation after your vacation? At least the weekend is near and will give me some time get back into my routine and also get all my photos from the trip organized. I got some great shots in Cuba and can't wait to share.