Blogger Etiquette: How to Grow Your Blog Organically

I've been thinking about this for a while and, since starting Martinis & Bikinis in 2012, it's given me a lot of time to interact with a variety of different Bloggers with similar or not-so similar interests.

The last 6 years of blogging taught me lessons and has given me knowledge to create my own values for my blog, which I live by:

Stay True
Know your voice and keep it true to your blog. I've seen so many bloggers rise up to "stardom" and then switch their content over to all paid and sponsored content, therefore losing the real personality behind that blog I once loved reading.

Stay Relevant
Don't advertise products that are not in the realm of your blog's overarching theme.
For example, I was contacted by a Plus Size clothing company to advertise their lingerie. How is that even relevant to me or my blog?  I will not endorse or advertise any product that does not fit my overall lifestyle.

Give Love
Commenting on blogs that intrigue you is a great way to build your network in the blogging community. I admit, recently I haven't had much time to find new bloggers but I have tried to give love and comment on all my blog friends that I follow via Bloglovin.

Respond to Love
Adding to the above, I try to respond to all comments on my blog so everyone knows there is a person, Emily, behind this blog who wants to connect, chat and/or answer your questions. I'm not perfect so my response rate may vary. I have a full-time job, family, and travel quite often but I do genuinely try to reply to comments on my blog when I get the chance.

My tips likely won't make you a millionaire but will help you learn how to build a strategy for organic growth and building relationships in the blogging community.


Happy Friday and the HAPPIEST birthday to my sweet friend, Kate! So glad we got to catch up over brunch last weekend.



  1. Very good points. It may take me a month to respond to comments but I do connect and take the time for every single one because I appreciate the love. Staying true is so important. Happy weekend!

  2. A+ tips!

    I will accept sponsored posts on things I wouldn't write about, but I won't personally write about something I haven't used and/or does not apply to my life.

  3. Such great points! It's been very interesting to see over the years who's changed and for the better or worse. I love that you and Kate are so close! That's so fun to have local blogging friends. Have a great weekend! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  4. Love this post! I think these are good tips that we should always stick to and the people who are meant to be in our circle, will just be.

    I have also noticed bloggers who blew up and now I don't even read their blog anymore because I feel like they lost their voice and anything they blog about now, it doesn't seem genuine.

  5. There have been so many people who became "bigger bloggers" that I know longer follow because they have completely sold out. Their content isnt anything like it used to be what so ever. And I am with you on my response rate varying from day to day week to week. Haha some weeks I have my life together, some I do not. Thanks for being you :)

  6. So good and you are awesome at staying relevant and engaging with those you love! Your Blog and YOU...ROCK!

  7. Great tips and I agree with all of them. Its sad to me and I guess why I always fall off blogging when I see people only post sponsored posts and have no 'real' posts anymore.

    Thats also why Ill always support yours :) Have a great weekend girlie!

  8. YES girl YES to alllll of this! There are so many blogs I don't follow anymore, and I've even unfollowed on Insta because their content has changed SO much. Too many people are paying for followers and even likes/engagement these days and I'm just over it. Stay true to yourself, and why you started. And thanks for the birthday love <3

  9. I 100% agree with you about only accepting products that go with your blog or is relevant to you as a blogger. Sometimes I see bloggers who take a paid opportunity that doesn't seem relevant to them at all, it just gives off a fake feeling.

  10. Those are great tips! I enjoy reading other blogs and have made connections by leaving comments on them.

  11. Agreed! I miss the days when people shared their lives, not just all sponsored content.

  12. Completely agree. I was watching Jennifer Lake's instastories this week about brands starting to look at authenticity and I commented that I was really glad about that. I can think of some bloggers that I used to rely heavily on for travel tips but now it's hard to know what's authentic and what's just sponsored (non-disclosed) content. I know a lot of people say that people don't use blogs to plan travel, but I'm absolutely someone who does, and it's become more frustrating to figure out what is authentic and what isn't. It's like trip advisor on steroids, lol. It's funny because I got an email from someone last week asking for my PR contacts for my trips... which I would have happily provided... except none of it was sponsored. What that told me, however, was that she feels the same way... you really can't tell what is authentic because of the lack of disclosure.

    Wow, long comment rant there, lol. I guess you could say that I totally agree with all of this. ;)