Irma Update: After The Storm

We are safe and sound. Thank you to all my thoughtful blogger friends who reached out over the weekend to make sure we were safe.

Out of the thousands of households in Central Florida that lost power and/or got damage to their homes we made it out unscathed. That being said, it was still a scary rollercoaster ride. K stayed up all night on Sunday watching the path of the hurricane while I went to bed.

I was up super early on Monday after the worst of it had passed. Sipping coffee and watching heavy gusts of winds almost uprooting our plants.

Thank you for all your prayers! They worked wonders leaving us in a safe path. Some of our neighbors were less fortunate...

 I'm so thankful for our safety but there's a lot of clean up work to do around our neighborhood and the city of Orlando.

As the tropical storm came to a silence on Monday night, out came this gorgeous rainbow of hope!