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Friday Faves

On Fridays I like to reflect on the positives from the week - special occasions, people that make me happy, fun events, things I think are humorous or worth mentioning, and many random favorites sprinkled in between. K has been gone on a work trip since Tuesday so I'm looking forward to spending a relaxing weekend with him since I'm sure he's exhausted.

Pet Halloween Costumes

Our neighborhood is having a Halloween block party and since we don't have kids, we thought it would be cute to dress Lola up in costume and bring her to the party to play with the kids. These are some of my favorite finds for both male and female pups.



Like all the cute collars I've bought for Lola, I got her a costume over the weekend that is apparently too small even though it says 'one size fits all'. I'm adamant about making it work because it's too pretty to return so I'll be playing seamstress this week to make it fit. Stay tuned!

TBT: Bringing Lola Home

When K and I decided we wanted an English bulldog baby to join our family, we almost fell into a "too good to be true" scam for a very cute bulldog named Coco. Luckily after back and forth correspondence, we realized there were discrepancies in the person's story and the photos before sending any money. We moved on with our search and finally found a reliable breeder in Florida that was willing to deliver her to us at which time payment will be made.

This was the first photo the breeder sent us and of course we fell right in love and were sold.

On November 25th, 2014 the breeder drove Lola up from Ft Lauderdale in torrential rain to Orlando. It was a work day so I arranged for them to meet at my office at lunch time and for K to come with a crate to transport her back home since he has a flexible work schedule. It was storming outside so she got soaked in the exchange but luckily I remembered to bring a towel to the office.

K took another 20 minutes to get there so while I sat in the lobby bundling her shivering body to warm her up, word spread around the office that a cute puppy was there so a bunch of coworkers came to meet her, give her hugs and just play. She was a good sport being the center of lots of attention and I immediately felt attached to her.

When I got home that evening and after spending some play time with her, we decided that the name Lola Chanel Brand suited her personality perfectly. In the next days coming, we worked on getting her acclimated with us, the house, her bed and of course the most dreaded potty training.


That same week also happened to be Thanksgiving on Thursday so Lola took her first 2 1/2 hour road trip to my in-laws for the weekend. With her not being potty trained, the trip was challenging with a few smelly mishaps but I have to report that she's become the best travel buddy that just sleeps so I'm really happy we got her accustomed to road-tripping from young. She actually can't get in the car fast enough to go somewhere!

With us being the social people we are that like to go out on the weekends, we've been taking her out to play with other dogs and lots of people since she was tiny so today she really gets along with just about anyone and is such a social butterfly!

Shortly after Thanksgiving we were back on the road again to spend Christmas with family and a night with friends and their basset-hound which went much smoother than the Thanksgiving trip. Potty training had started to kick in and we were seeing some light in the tunnel. Lola quickly became attached to us just as much as we became to her so the pieces of the puzzle came together nicely and our little family had begun.

So that's my story about how this bundle of cuteness, joy, and MISCHIEF joined the Brand household.

Feel free to share any TBT memories of your fur-babies!

PS: She's ecstatic in these photos, don't be fooled by the English bulldog resting pouty face LOL