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Pet Halloween Costumes

Our neighborhood is having a Halloween block party and since we don't have kids, we thought it would be cute to dress Lola up in costume and bring her to the party to play with the kids. These are some of my favorite finds for both male and female pups.



Like all the cute collars I've bought for Lola, I got her a costume over the weekend that is apparently too small even though it says 'one size fits all'. I'm adamant about making it work because it's too pretty to return so I'll be playing seamstress this week to make it fit. Stay tuned!

Blinged Out Pet: Rhinestone Dog Collars

My personal friend owns and since Lola already outgrew her puppy collar, I needed to get her a new everyday collar and then decided a sparkly collar would be great for special occasions. Yes, I am that pet mom. Every girl needs a casual outfit and then one for fancy occasions so why not our furbabies?

I reached out to Laura to get one of her rhinestone collars made for Lola. The crystals are sewn and glued on to the collar for stability and she includes extra crystals in case any need to be replaced. The collars also come in a variety of sizes and colors. 

I picked a pink medium-sized collar with 4-rows of rhinestones which is so pretty and gets tons of compliments. These collars are perfect for show dogs or just spoilt ones like Lola.

After telling Laura about my blog and that I was thinking of posting a review on her collars, she generously offered the coupon code EMILY to give my readers 20% off the retail price.

You can check out more of their rhinestone collars on and on their Facebook. - Lola Gives The Paws Up

I was contacted by a representative from Online Pet Shop asking if I'd be interested in trying out some of their dog treats. Of course I said yes because Lola loves treats and I'm still figuring out what ingredients and flavors work best for a growing English Bulldog. Seeing that bulldogs typically have so many food allergies, I really have to study the ingredients to make sure it will work for her.

They had a ton of different treat options but I picked out the Canidae Grain-Free Biscuits with Salmon & Sweet Potato because I thought they sounded healthy and tasty at the same time. Lola has been eating these dog treats every evening for the past couple weeks and she loves them. I'm so glad they sent me a good size bag to last a while. To my pleasant surprise they also included a Multipet Plush Dog Toy in the package which Lola quickly ran off with and has been entertained with since she received it.

I only recently discovered Chewy via Steph and some other bloggers so I've been browsing through their website to find other treats and doggie accessories (such as a new collar). Lola is a growing pup so she's been outgrowing her things and even needs to move on from small dog treats.

Now that I'm familiar with their online pet store, some things that stand out to me is the quality of their dog treats (healthy and nutritious ingredients), the reasonable prices on things like leashes and collars, and a big one is their free 1-2 day shipping on orders over $49. 

Their customer service is also second to none and my interaction with their representative over the past few weeks has been exceptional. She's been very helpful and also genuinely interested in learning more about Lola to recommend products that would work best for her.

I'm so happy to find an online pet store I can use moving forward cause the Big Guy above knows I'd never enter another store if I didn't have to. Online shopping is really a time saver with my busy work and personal life schedule.

Disclosure: The above two products were provided by complimentary for testing purposes but the review provided is solely mine (and Lola's) own and honest opinion.