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Party Planning with Rose Gold

The Rose Gold color theme is so pretty for any event (I used it for my NYE party mixed in with some Navy Blue for the guys). It's perfect for celebrating the ladies in your life - birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, graduation parties, engagement parties, etc.

Recent Amazon Purchases

Cheers to a new week! Sorry I've been intermittently MIA recently. Last week was packed with work meetings, presentations, and after-work events so, needless to say, I had little energy to do much else.

Elephants For Strength: Gift Guide

I recently read an article about ancient lore and the symbolism of different animals. It said that the elephant came to Earth to teach us about true strength and loyalty. They are extremely strong animals but gentle nature, never using their power to harm others.

Interesting Finds: The Girly Edition

Happy Friday!

The work days this week seemed to drag on. Just when my body clock thought it was 4pm, the real clock said "Nope! we're only just approaching 2pm". Needless to say, I'm welcoming the weekend and hoping the weather plays nice so we can enjoy some outdoor fun. 

Pineapple Delight: Cute Home Decor

How sweet it is to be Friday!

Just like I have this fascination with starfish which represents serenity/peace, I think pineapples represent hospitality/friendship because of the sweetness it brings.

Recent Amazon Purchases Vol. 4

Good morning and Happy Friday!

Hope everyone has some fun things lined up for the weekend or just relaxing and being productive at home. Today I'm sharing another edition of my Recent Amazon Purchases, showcasing some of the gifts I've bought recently for friends and loved ones.

Recent Amazon Purchases - Vol. 3

As much as I want to say the convenience of my Amazon Prime membership will be the death of me/my bank account, that couldn't be furthest from the truth. It's actually a lifesaver (and often a money-saver) despite the occasional impulse purchases.

Recent Amazon Purchases

Another round of my random Amazon purchases because that's where you go to find everything and Prime free 2-day shipping is just so convenient. I shared a similar post a couple months ago because I find it funny looking through my order history to see the random selection of purchases I've made recently.

Mini Hair Straightener 1/2-Inch

Cute Gift Ideas - The Lady Edition

One thing I love the most is celebrating special occasions with friends and family - birthdays, weddings, baby showers, engagements, you name it! I used to be a horrible gift-shopper until Amazon entered my life.

The "Shuggle" is Real...

It was a weekend full of relaxing at home and lots of online shopping. The "shuggle" is referring to my struggle with shopping in general. Amazon seems to be almost a weekly thing but mainly for household items and last minute gifts.

Cute Finds: Baby Edition

This is no indication of baby fever or that I'm expecting. Simply that I've been enjoying shopping for all the babies coming into this world from some of my closest friends and seeing lots of blogger ladies announcing their pregnancy or birth.

20 Things I've Purchased in 2017

Looking back at my purchase orders for the year, I have to say I've been quite good with no major splurges just one off items here and there. Some for the house, some for Lola, and some for me... all usually on major sale.

15 Fun Gifts from Amazon

It would be an understatement to say I spend 75% of my online shopping on Amazon. I mean they have just about everything from Lola's dog food to my vitamins so I make full use of our Prime membership with free 2-day shipping. It's just so convenient.

Amazon's Interesting Finds recently caught my eye to browse for unique and fun gift ideas and it's updated daily. These are some of the awesome items I've stumbled on so far...

The Apple Watch Charging Stand

Friday Faves + $50 Amazon Giveaway

Hello friends and hello pollen season!
My car and patio furniture are covered in a powdery yellow layer. Thankfully I don't have allergies but I feel bad for those who do because it's pretty intense this year.

Easter is coming up in a few weeks and I'm starting to plan our annual Easter potluck dinner so this weekend I need to figure out the menu and some pretty decor for the house. I'm thinking some mason jars with colorful flowers and maybe incorporating some fruit in there. Of course, one must turn to Pinterest for some inspiration.

source: here, here

Beauty Product Spotlight:
I just picked up this Revlon eye primer and shadow palette and love the medium neutral yet shimmery colors. I was definitely drawn to it because of the discrete application guide it comes with. I know how to apply some basic eye shadow for everyday wear but definitely could use some "professional guidance".


Healthy Meals:
I'm always searching for new recipes and while I'm not vegan or vegetarian, I found this Vegan Buddha bowl and it looks delicious but I would probably add some grilled chicken to the dish.

Favorite Blog Post:
One of my favorite bloggy friends, Alexis from The Chemistry Cachet posted about her favorite beach places and featured me with a questionnaire about my travel plans.

Alexis and I have also teamed up to host a $50 Amazon Gfit Card Giveaway so enter on below to win your ticket to a fun little online shopping spree!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And don't forget to...

Joining Amanda for her Friday Faves linkup. 

2015 Amazon Purchases

I became an Amazon Prime member exactly a year ago and I don't think I could go any other way. The wide variety of things that I buy from Amazon plus two-day shipping makes the annual fee well worth it. And when I say wide variety, I mean I really purchase the most random things. Let's take a look (titles are clickable):

FYI: If you download the Amazon App you can get an instant $5 credit.

#Tweet Mug
I bought this mug for a white elephant gift exchange at work around Christmas last year. I figured it was office appropriate and well-suited since I work in the digital marketing department. 

Makeup Organizer
This is a space-saver compared to the organizer I had before and it fits all of my makeup beautifully. Blogger blame for this purchase goes to Biana from BLovedBoston.

Tan Towels
I used to use self-tanning lotions which can be a huge mess until Kerri recommended Tan Towels so these have been a major repeat purchase to keep a slight tan throughout the year.

Pink Flamingo Pool Float
I bought this pool floatie as a birthday gift for Kate since she has a pool in her backyard and was looking for something different from the norm.

Solar Garden Lights
Another really random purchase but we needed some lighting for the walkway in the front of my house and instead of venturing to Home Depot, I browsed online on Amazon and found exactly what I wanted with free shipping.

Doggie Dental Treats
Lola absolutely loves these and I try to give her a toothbrush treat once a week usually on the weekends. Of course I like the fact it's good for her gums and teeth.

iPhone Case
This case is more pretty than it is protective but I bought it anyways because I thought it would compliment my rose gold phone nicely. Well I somehow purchased the 6 Plus size when I actually own the regular size 6S phone so I ended up giving it away to a coworker but it was still a purchase nonetheless.

I ended up purchasing a more durable and protective sparkly iPhone case which is also clear so you can see through to the rose gold. I'm jealous it's now on sale for 54% off from what I initially paid.

Mac 'Flat Out Fabulous' Lipstick
This lip color is just gorgeous and lasts a long time because of it's matte texture. Just being able to buy good quality, name-brand cosmetics from Amazon Prime is so convenient.

Blog Planner
I bought this planner as a Christmas gift for myself and, admittedly I haven't used it to it's full potential as yet but it's certainly a good way to stay organized and plan your blog posts ahead.

What are your favorite products to purchase from Amazon?