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Cute Summer Gift Ideas

Summer is on my mind since it's hit 100 degrees in Florida this past week. I wish Spring would have lasted longer than what felt like two days but we're in the heat of Summer. I'm always browsing and shopping for cute gifts for my girl friends and since warmer weather lasts longer in Florida, these are some gift ideas that are practical and perfect for summer!

Recent Amazon Purchases Vol. 4

Good morning and Happy Friday!

Hope everyone has some fun things lined up for the weekend or just relaxing and being productive at home. Today I'm sharing another edition of my Recent Amazon Purchases, showcasing some of the gifts I've bought recently for friends and loved ones.

Gift Ideas for The Ladies

It's crazy we're approaching the end of October which means the holidays are just around the corner. I've started browsing for gifts and already purchased some things for my mom and sister. The three of us share December birthdays so lots of gift giving happens then.

Valentine's Gift Ideas for Her

I said it the other day but didn't we just ring in the new year? I don't have a whole lot of fun stuff lined up for February but I do always look forward to Valentine's day even though we don't celebrate extravagantly. Usually a nice dinner and a sentimental gift or card. I've told K almost a million times I'm not a huge fan of flowers, but he buys them anyways.

I wanted to share some unique and sentimental gift ideas for Valentine's Day so here's a gift guide for the ladies in your life.

I adore this cute tumbler perfect for a girly cocktail.

A sweet tribute to motherhood, this necklace features a silver elephant holding each of her little peanuts. 

An easy-to-use instant photo printer that lets you create awesome analog Polaroid-style photo prints from your smartphone or tablet.

A classic French dessert transformed into decadent macaron soaps.

Brew Kombucha with this crock designed for the tangy, nutrient-dense tea.

The Handcrafted Golden Bangle reminds you to live with intention and let joy flow freely.

Mimosa ready champagne flutes perfect for brunch.

This birch speaker for your phone amplifies sound through an acoustic cone.

This artwork marries a couple's names and anniversary date with a portrait of the city they love.

This Valentine's Day Gift Guide is made up of products sold by UncommonGoods which offers really unique jewelry, cute home décor, and many other handcrafted gifts created in harmony with the environment without harm to animals or people. I really loved browsing their website and finding so many unique and "uncommon" products as the Company's name rightfully implies.

Girl Friend Gift Ideas

Rose Gold Drusy Gift Set
I love the Drusy collection from Kendra Scott. I own a silvery drusy bracelet but the rose gold pieces are gorgeous.

Orca Chasertini
Who said adults can’t have a sippy cup and one that keeps your cocktail cold for hours so you don't feel the need to chug down the drink. Perfect for a holiday gift or stocking stuffer.

So incredibly soft and comfortable for working out, wearing out & about, or just lounging. I can't get enough of these leggings.

CHI Blow Dryer, Flat Iron, and Styling Set
I initially saw this set on Groupon for only about $100 but it was sold out before I decided to purchase it for my sister. Sephora and Ulta have similar gift sets that are perfect for gift-giving.

The set includes:
1” Hello Beautiful Hairstyling Iron
Chi Silk Infusion
Pink thermal mat 
Pearlized White Rocket Hair Dryer
Chi 44 Pink Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray
Hello Beautiful carry all bag with sequin trim

Naomi Double Ring in Rose Gold Drusy
Gorgeous ring to pair with the Kendra Scott necklace above. I've always wanted to try one of these double rings.

Thank you for all the birthday love yesterday and even a few amazing surprises in the mail! I couldn't be more thankful for meeting such amazing ladies. I feel blessed to have crossed paths in your lives via blogging and form true friendship! xo

21 Gifts for Fashion Forward Ladies

Shopping has been on the back burner for me the past few months other than for the essentials and random things from Amazon. It's the pretty things I've been avoiding by not clicking on that email from my favorite shop offering BOGO on jeans or some other irresistible sale. Online browsing leads to online purchasing, well it does in my case, so I've done a decent job at avoiding it.  Until recently.

It just so happens the majority of ladies in my life (my sister, mom, favorite cousin, and a ton of girl friends) have birthdays towards the end of the year, and with 2016 technically being half way through, browsing happened over the weekend.

Building a wishlist has to start somewhere so these are some of my favorite finds:

I'm clearly adoring all the soft colors for clothing yet shiny and glittery for accessories. And those coasters are my favorite for the home!

Birthday & Holiday Gifts for Her

Tonight is the start of a long weekend for me with my work holiday party this evening and the day off tomorrow. It also happens to be my birthday on Sunday so there will be lots of celebrating going on which means I'll be MIA until next week.

I put together this wishlist/gift guide a few weeks ago but didn't get around to posting it. This year I want to keep it simple and wish for a spa day for Christmas, specifically a facial and massage. It's been a hectic year and I feel some pampering is in order to refresh for 2016 but I do have my eye on this Marc Jacobs Decadence perfume and this Kate Spade Champagne at Midnight watch for my birthday. Everything on the list I think would be perfect gifts for the ladies in your life whether it may be your sister, girl friend or mom. Ulta and Sephora have some amazing gift sets this year so I'm planning to purchase a few different ones for Christmas gifts.
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What's on your holiday wish or gift list?