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Amazon Deals for Health & Home

It's been a struggle to get in more than 1 or 2 blog posts a week recently. I can't even blame it on the holidays. As a Prime member, I do love to find good deals on Amazon especially for repeat purchases.

Party Supplies from the Dollar Store

I love party planning, often on a tight budget. If there's one thing I love about the Dollar Store is that they have a great selection of party supplies for every occasion.

5 Recent Purchases - For Me

TGIF! It's been a while since I've managed to post on a Friday.

Other than all the random household and pet items I purchase from Amazon, I really haven't done much shopping for myself in the last few months.

Noteable 4th of July Sales

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend. The emails for 4th July sales have been flooding in so these are a few of the deals I found from some of my favorite retailers. On an adulting note, we did have to bite the bullet over the weekend and buy a new washer and dryer from Home Depot while the sales last.

Winter Style

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shopping

I haven't shopped this much in a long time, if not ever, but my mom is like the energizer bunny when it comes to malls and department stores. Luckily everything I got was on sale or MAJOR sale so my bank account doesn't hate me that much!

Thanksgiving Staycationing

It was an action packed weekend with my parents and sister in town and I also took vacation time last week so we were on the go nonstop shopping til we drop, entertaining for Thanksgiving, and spending lots of family time together.

Friday Faves

The weather has been beautiful this week although the time change has messed with my sleep having me up way too early every morning. I'm looking forward to some fun with friends, relaxing, and probably some online shopping for Christmas gifts over the weekend.

The "Shuggle" is Real...

It was a weekend full of relaxing at home and lots of online shopping. The "shuggle" is referring to my struggle with shopping in general. Amazon seems to be almost a weekly thing but mainly for household items and last minute gifts.

Weekend Whereabouts - Florida Living

Hope everyone enjoyed the lil weekend break. It's never long enough, I know, but I feel rested and ready for the shortish week ahead. I'll be jet setting on Friday to celebrate our wedding anniversary!

20 Things I've Purchased in 2017

Looking back at my purchase orders for the year, I have to say I've been quite good with no major splurges just one off items here and there. Some for the house, some for Lola, and some for me... all usually on major sale.

Friday Reflections

Four posts in one week...who am I? I guess that's what a mandatory hurricane curfew and a three-day weekend will do to you. No complaints here since I feel somewhat organized again.

My SIL's wedding is this weekend so that calls for pretty nails and this is the color combo I'm rolling with: Essie's Chinchilly (my favorite), Lady Like and Sugar Daddy.

I just recently found out about the soft as silk LuLaRoe leggings from a coworker so I had to buy a pair, except I cheated and found them for half the price on Amazon. They're from VIV Collection but honestly you can't tell the difference. I'm tempted to buy 10 more pairs!

Another Bath & Body Works haul happened recently because when 50% off 3-wick candles comes around... that's when I stock up. I got my usual fall/pumpkin candles but I also bought some year round scents such as Hello Beautiful.

I finished Amy Schumer's The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo audiobook earlier this week and since then I've moved onto The Girl on The Train. I know I'm late to the party but I'm late to reading books altogether. So far I'm confused with the story but starting to pick up the pieces. I'm not sure I could sit through physically reading this book but the audio version will do on my commute to and from work.

The new Hello Kitty wine collection is quite adorable and since it's the weekend, why not share? 

Cheers to the weekend!

Joining my fellow Floridian Amanda for Friday Faves.

21 Gifts for Fashion Forward Ladies

Shopping has been on the back burner for me the past few months other than for the essentials and random things from Amazon. It's the pretty things I've been avoiding by not clicking on that email from my favorite shop offering BOGO on jeans or some other irresistible sale. Online browsing leads to online purchasing, well it does in my case, so I've done a decent job at avoiding it.  Until recently.

It just so happens the majority of ladies in my life (my sister, mom, favorite cousin, and a ton of girl friends) have birthdays towards the end of the year, and with 2016 technically being half way through, browsing happened over the weekend.

Building a wishlist has to start somewhere so these are some of my favorite finds:

I'm clearly adoring all the soft colors for clothing yet shiny and glittery for accessories. And those coasters are my favorite for the home!

2015 Amazon Purchases

I became an Amazon Prime member exactly a year ago and I don't think I could go any other way. The wide variety of things that I buy from Amazon plus two-day shipping makes the annual fee well worth it. And when I say wide variety, I mean I really purchase the most random things. Let's take a look (titles are clickable):

FYI: If you download the Amazon App you can get an instant $5 credit.

#Tweet Mug
I bought this mug for a white elephant gift exchange at work around Christmas last year. I figured it was office appropriate and well-suited since I work in the digital marketing department. 

Makeup Organizer
This is a space-saver compared to the organizer I had before and it fits all of my makeup beautifully. Blogger blame for this purchase goes to Biana from BLovedBoston.

Tan Towels
I used to use self-tanning lotions which can be a huge mess until Kerri recommended Tan Towels so these have been a major repeat purchase to keep a slight tan throughout the year.

Pink Flamingo Pool Float
I bought this pool floatie as a birthday gift for Kate since she has a pool in her backyard and was looking for something different from the norm.

Solar Garden Lights
Another really random purchase but we needed some lighting for the walkway in the front of my house and instead of venturing to Home Depot, I browsed online on Amazon and found exactly what I wanted with free shipping.

Doggie Dental Treats
Lola absolutely loves these and I try to give her a toothbrush treat once a week usually on the weekends. Of course I like the fact it's good for her gums and teeth.

iPhone Case
This case is more pretty than it is protective but I bought it anyways because I thought it would compliment my rose gold phone nicely. Well I somehow purchased the 6 Plus size when I actually own the regular size 6S phone so I ended up giving it away to a coworker but it was still a purchase nonetheless.

I ended up purchasing a more durable and protective sparkly iPhone case which is also clear so you can see through to the rose gold. I'm jealous it's now on sale for 54% off from what I initially paid.

Mac 'Flat Out Fabulous' Lipstick
This lip color is just gorgeous and lasts a long time because of it's matte texture. Just being able to buy good quality, name-brand cosmetics from Amazon Prime is so convenient.

Blog Planner
I bought this planner as a Christmas gift for myself and, admittedly I haven't used it to it's full potential as yet but it's certainly a good way to stay organized and plan your blog posts ahead.

What are your favorite products to purchase from Amazon?

Finally Friday

The broken record in me is here to say how happy I am we've finally made it to Friday and the weekend, of course. I finished up most of my gift shopping on Cyber Monday earlier this week so I'm so happy to check that off the list!

Then it was on to decorating the house with outside lights, stockings, random decorations, and of course the Christmas tree being the biggest time-consumer. All was completed this week and luckily my tree is fake and pre-lit so that makes the process a bit easier.

My online shopping haul from Express (all items 50% off last week) arrived and everything fits perfectly which is a huge relief since I guessed my sizes. A friend of mine was raving about how comfortable the mid-rise jeans and leggings are and she wasn't kidding. I purchased two pairs (here and here) and won't be going back to regular fit. I also bought a couple of their silky zipfront tops which come in a variety of pretty colors, a portofino blouse for work, and the softest tunic sweater for any occasion. 

Did you happen to catch my guest post over at MakeupHER's blog about some Wedding Day Tips for soon-to-be brides? I also included a picture recap of my wedding to relive my big day and give inspiration for future brides out there.

Ok here I am talking about shopping again but I love that Ulta has OPI nail polishes on sale right now for 3 for $19 (plus you can apply this coupon to get $3.50 off a $10 purchase).

I made my way over to the Ulta store on Wednesday night and they were sold out of a lot of the colors but these are the three that caught my eye: Suzy and the 7 Dusseldorfs, Peace, Love & OPI, and In The Cable Car Pool Lane.

I'll leave you with a weird fact about my Lola. She has a fear of iPhone cameras ever since we got her as a puppy. Well not fear but she shuns them and will look away as soon as you pull out your phone to take a photo. BUT as soon as I bring out my big girl camera, she will sit still and pose as if she's a Victoria's Secret model. She's has some work to do in the fashion model department and maybe some braces to boot (kidding) but I love that she'll let me take photos with one of my cameras!

Linking up with my fellow Floridian blogger, Amanda from Meet At The Barre.

Happy weekend everyone!

Thanksgiving Long Weekend Fun

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving last week with family/friends or however you spent it. The 4-day weekend was the perfect break for me from work and blogging to relax and recharge before the holidays ensue.

I started off the long weekend with a quick happy hour on Wednesday after work with coworkers before getting into the Thanksgiving festivities. Cask & Larder has excellent happy hour specials on small bites and drinks for anyone in the Central Florida area btw.

On Thursday morning we drove 2 hours with Lola as the backseat passenger to have Thanksgiving dinner with my in-laws and extended family at my SIL's house.

I can't believe I've never tried pecan pie before this Thanksgiving. Probably because I'm too turkey stuffed but I'm definitely choosing it over pumpkin pie in the future.

After dinner we met up with some friends to watch the UCF vs USF game. Of course UCF lost but it was a fun night out with friends nevertheless and we got to see some of K's high school/college friends.

On Friday we had breakfast with the in-laws and made our journey back home to Orlando. We had some amazing lunch and craft beer at Gnarly Barley before hitting some Black Friday sales.

I scored some warm clothes (the booties being my fave. They're sold out now but these are similar and I have them in gray), a 2016 planner, 3-wick candles from Bath & Body Works, and this Rebecca Minkoff ring which is gorgeous.

Friday night was spent relaxing with a glass of wine while watching The Vacation at home which was quite funny. Perfectly relaxing night after our road travels.

Our Disney annual passes expired yesterday so we made plans to go to Magic Kingdom on Saturday for one last hurrah and to check out the Christmas decorations.

We happened to catch a Disney parade on Main Street then went on several rides and finally browsed through some Christmas shops so I could pick out one last decoration for our tree. I think we made great use of our annual passes with Epcot being our favorite.

After Magic Kingdom we had all intentions of heading over to Hollywood Studios to check out the Osborne's Family Lights Show but after taking several wrong shuttles/trams, we decided to call it a night and head to Yard House on I-Drive for some dinner and drinks.

It was a busy and fun-filled long weekend but thankfully I got to catch up on lots of sleep so I'm ready to take on this week and I'm even more excited for some upcoming holiday parties in the next few weeks. This is my favorite time of year afterall.

Joining the lovely Biana for her Weekending linkup.

That Rose Gold Phone Though

Has Blogger ever deleted one of your scheduled posts? That's what happened to my post for today and it isn't the first time. I logged in to see my post from Thursday had an identical duplicate and my draft for Friday had mysteriously vanished so I'm trying this again and it's going to be short and random.

My plan for today is to hopefully snag the new rose gold iPhone 6s on my lunch break. I hope I'm able to get through in time and that it doesn't sell out before I get there. Wish me luck!

I've mentioned before that my roommate and great friend from college passed away a few years ago from cancer. Her birthday was this week so I celebrated it somberly remembering all the fun times we had and still trying to grasp, 3 years later, that she isn't here on earth. 

Before Lola, I hadn't owned a dog since my childhood days. My first dog Rosie, who was a small fluffy yet feisty Pomeranian, was pretty much murdered by my neighbors' two Rottweiler dogs and it was a heart breaking moment for a child to witness. I didn't feel the need to have another pet since then probably because of the fear of facing a similar situation. Now that we have Lola though, I've learned so much and can see the true love a dog has for their owner and vice versa. (Sorry for two sad stories in one post).

Has anyone shopped the Kate Spade 75% off sale yet? I might have to pick up one of their pretty iPhone cases if I get through with the new phone. 
Happy Friday lovelies!

Joining the lovely Amanda for Friday Favorites.