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Summer Travel Gear + Giveaway!

I always love reading about other's Amazon purchases and sharing my own especially when I find cool new products or great deals worth sharing. Many of these purchases were in preparation for our Europe travels but all still handy for everyday use.

Packing for Sleep & Comfort on Long Flights

I've been shopping for our Europe travels this summer and recently purchased items specific for our 8-hour direct flight over the pond. In an attempt to fight jet lag when we land at 7am, I really want to get some sleep on the plane so we can hit the ground running when we arrive in London.

Recent Amazon Purchases

Of course Amazon is my go-to for all things household related along with gifts, party supplies, and everything in between. These are a few things I've purchased for myself recently, mainly for upcoming travel adventures and the warmer months ahead.

Recent Amazon Purchases

Cheers to a new week! Sorry I've been intermittently MIA recently. Last week was packed with work meetings, presentations, and after-work events so, needless to say, I had little energy to do much else.

Amazon Deals for Health & Home

It's been a struggle to get in more than 1 or 2 blog posts a week recently. I can't even blame it on the holidays. As a Prime member, I do love to find good deals on Amazon especially for repeat purchases.

Recent Amazon Purchases: Baby Girl Gifts

It just so happens most of the babies born in my circle of friends/family this year have been girls so there's lots of pink in this post from baby showers to first birthday parties.