Packing for Sleep & Comfort on Long Flights

I've been shopping for our Europe travels this summer and recently purchased items specific for our 8-hour direct flight over the pond. In an attempt to fight jet lag when we land at 7am, I really want to get some sleep on the plane so we can hit the ground running when we arrive in London.

Sara has been a gem giving me advice to help plan out our Europe adventures and her recent post about overcoming jet lag solidified the fact that we need to just push through that first day.

I usually have no issues falling asleep on a plane but I need to be comfortable for such a long flight. Also accepting the fact that I'm not a morning person, means sleep is going to be much needed so I'm not a grumpy bear on our trip of a lifetime.

I love that this Travel Wrap and Blanket has dual purposes and saves on packing a blanket in your carry-on bag.

I bought this Memory Foam Neck Pillow Airplane Travel Kit (with 3D Sleep Mask and Earplugs) for both K and I. I have had a travel pillow for a while but it's been through too many airports and isn't washable. The fact that this pillow is machine washable and comes in a compact bag will make traveling so much easier.

Plus ear plugs! Ever had a screaming baby on your flight? There's always a chance and, while I feel bad for the Mom having to deal with an upset baby, I need a way to block it out especially if said baby is sitting close by. 

Traveling to different destinations always messes with my skin so this Aromatherapy Lavender Cedarwood Travel Size Body Lotion from Bath & Body Works will be in my purse to feel rested on our flights to and from Europe.

Airplanes always seem to get very cold after take off so a warm pair of socks is a must. My favorite are these Super Soft Plush Slipper Socks. I have no shame walking down the aisle to the restroom in these socks.

If all else fails, I think having an All-Natural Sleep Aid to help you get some rest is worth it. This is more for K since I've never seen him able to sleep on flights but I may very well need it too.


  1. A nasal spray and evian spray are my must haves for long haul flights too! And just push through the jet lag for sure

  2. That travel wrap blanket looks great! So critical for me to have a comforts on a plane trip! Hope you have a marvelous Monday girlfriend!

  3. I bought a travel wrap blanket at an airport actually, years ago for a steal...I take it every flight, it's nice to cozy up and sleep with for sure! Bath and Body Works aromatherapy line is wonderful, that's a great idea!

  4. I try so hard to sleep on flights but it never seems to work, although I have taken melatonin before and that seemed to help a bit! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. I have a hard time sleeping on planes as well. One trick I learned is the week before you go, start adjusting the time you go to bed. Day one, go to sleep an half and hour early and get up a half an hour earlier. Day two, go to sleep 40 mins earlier and get up 40 mins earlier. Day three, 50 mins. Day four 60 mins, Day five 70 mins. Day six 80 mins. Day seven 90 mins. If you are up early, way earlier, by the time you get on the flight, you will be tired and you will sleep for a bit on the plane. This works great if you are taking the red eye to Europe. I have done it the past three times I have flown to London and it works great. Last time, I slept two and half hours, which for me was the most I ever slept on a plane. Also, I try to eat as little as possible once I arrive. I find that as soon as I eat, I want to go to bed. But that just might be me.

  6. The only thing that gets me to sleep is dramamine. I must have a big scarf that can double as a blanket and my eye mask!

  7. yeah, the time i went to england with KC and his friends, they were all sick so went straight to sleep when they got there. the rest of the trip was ruined in terms of time, we were all on different schedules because i was the only one that pushed through the jet lag. ooh i love those slipper socks! i am with you, i feel bad for the mother with the crying baby but i also don't want to listen to it. i'm not a fan of ear plugs but i do wear headphones, even when i am trying to sleep (i put on a noise app). melatonin helps me sleep but i've never tried it on a long flight. it's been awhile!

  8. That wrap and pillow look amazing!!! Definitely adding those to my list of things to get for travel.

  9. Slipper socks are a MUST PACK for me. I tend to forget that I have them, but they are so wonderful to have!! I'm glad you already have a sleep mask on the list! I definitely missed that last month!


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