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Weekend Scenes

And just like that we're already in the middle of December. I got the last of my shopping done for coworkers and our Secret Santa gift exchange on Wednesday and had a pretty relaxing weekend otherwise.

Weekend Scenes

I'm still "weekending" today since it's a bank holiday and my company treated all employees and family to a little beach getaway over the weekend in Palm Coast, Florida.

Life Lately - Fall Edition

Fall is officially here although there's no sign of it in Florida. I did get a little taste of it in New York City last weekend with all the pretty Fall foliage in Central Park.

Scenes From The Weekend

Another relaxing weekend for the books before some exciting travel plans for the upcoming long weekend. K was gone most of last week for work so he was in need of some downtime and I was all for sticking around home to be productive and get some R&R.

Weekend Relax and Recharge

It was a weekend filled with much needed R&R and some fun with friends.

The Relaxing One

After traveling last weekend for the long weekend, a relaxing one was in order so I made sure to clear my schedule and focus on getting caught up with blogging and stuff around the house. A relaxing weekend means nothing majorly exciting to share but definitely check back on Wednesday for my Nashville trip recap which was action packed.

On Friday K returned home from a business trip so he was tired and I had no problem ordering Chinese food for dinner and relaxing at home. Easy and much needed!

Saturday morning was a slow start until the coffee kicked in and then I tackled the long list of things to do around the house and errands. I finally got my car full detailed and then stocked up on some groceries before retiring home for another relaxing night.

K dressed Lola in his UCF Knights shirt to watch the game on Saturday and of course she doesn't look entirely impressed but she did watch the whole game attentively. lol

On Sunday morning I tried my hand at making chicken and waffles for the first time with a side of smoked Gouda scrambled eggs. So incredibly good!

I did some errands and shopping for Kate's baby shower coming up and then went for an hour massage, which was much needed after having a stiff neck for almost a month.

It was a low key weekend but it was everything I needed to get back on track and feel rested. Hope you had a good one and you're ready to tackle this week!

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Weekend Happenings

The dog days of Summer in Florida are a bit unbearable with the 100+ heat index and unpredictable thunderstorms which were both forecasted for the weekend so I made no big plans. It was a relaxing and productive one, which I do appreciate from time to time.

On Friday night, K and I had some Thai food for dinner and watched 'How to be Single' from Redbox. The movie was funnier than I expected especially because Rebel Wilson is such a riot.

On Saturday K and I went out to get a bunch of errands and shopping done despite it feeling like a sauna outside. We stopped off for some lunch at Graffiti Junktion and the heavens decided to come crashing down with 40 mph winds so we ordered another drink and waited it out while catching up on some Olympics action on TV.

After the rain let up, we went to stock up on groceries for the week and I picked up a new beer to try - Shipyard MelonHead - which is so good and not too sweet.

Sunday was a 'pajamas all day' type of day with lots of relaxing and getting things organized around the house. In the evening, I went to the nail salon to get some pampering. OPI's Congeniality is my Middle Name is such a pretty color with a slight shimmer!

So that's all I have for today! Hope this week treats you well!

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Another Relaxing One

As much as I love traveling and keeping busy, I definitely appreciate the relaxing weekends in between and that's exactly what my past couple weekends have been looking like. K and I usually go out for dinner on Friday nights but I was so tired after getting home from work, the only sensible option was to order Chinese food and watch the Olympics Opening Ceremonies at home. I actually know two guys who made it to the Olympics this year (both siblings of longtime friends I know from Trinidad) so I'm looking forward to following their progress.

On Saturday morning lots of relaxing happened before heading to a friend's baby's 1st birthday party for a few hours. It was very cute watching him dig into his smash cake and make a mess (which is never fun for the parents to clean up).

After the party we met up with some friends for dinner at The Chef's Table & Tasting Room which is a new-to-us restaurant and a serious hidden gem.

The four of us shared several small plates (like the Creole shrimp & grits and the fig & prosciutto flatbread in the photo below). Everything we tried was amazing and I'm already wanting to go back even though it's not very close to home! Catching up with friends along with fun cocktails and live music made it a great Saturday night.

Sunday was all about relaxing, getting stuff organized around the house, and grilling out for dinner. Oh and giving Lola all the attention she requires.

The good news is I feel super rested and ready to tackle this week!

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Weekend Whereabouts

This weekend was the perfect break to recharge those batteries. Of course it's never long enough but I had no big plans so I took advantage of sleeping in and being productive around the house. On Friday night K decided to play chef and cooked up a nice dinner at home so it was a relaxing night.

Saturday morning was spent cleaning and organizing the house before heading out to Target, Home Goods, and a few more stops to get some last minute shopping done for our trip this week. I love all the pride clothing that Target is now carrying.

 I didn't go too crazy shopping but I did get a gorgeous pair of rose gold sling-back sandals along with a matching crystal headband and a Stila Lip Gloss in Rose Quartz for my cousin's beach wedding on Saturday.

We all know shopping builds up an appetite so K and I went to Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen for some lunch and shared this delicious cocktail called a painkiller. I don't usually drink rum but all of the other ingredients hid the rum taste and it was so good!

I also bought these super comfortable dupe Michael Kors Espadrille wedges from Target that I've been eyeing for months now. They were 30% off so it was finally time to pull the trigger.

Before heading home for the evening, we stopped off at Publix to stock up on some groceries and I stumbled on this new blueberry beer from Abita. I always rave about Abita's Strawberry beer and this one was equally as good. Strawberry and blueberry happen to be my favorite flavors when it comes to pretty much anything. 

Sunday was another relaxing day. K left for a work trip around 6 am so Lola and I slept in a bit. Well more so her than me!

Then it was time for some breakfast, coffee and, blogging. I also got laundry and cleaning done, food prepped for the week, and put together this Jamaican Curry Chicken recipe in the crockpot to let dinner cook itself.

If you've been following my blog, you might already know that I recently bought a new house and posted that our previous house was sold pretty quickly. Well I spoke too soon and things ended up falling through with those buyers so life has been a little crazy trying to get it sold asap. Nobody wants two mortgages! Well not me at least!

We've had to put decorating and fully furnishing our new home on hold until we can get it sold which explains why I haven't posted many house photos. I'm praying that will change soon!

There's always the good, the bad and the ugly in life but the weekend was a good one and I'm counting down to our little vacay,

Have a great week!

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Weekend Whereabouts

Oh Monday, you come to soon!
Thankfully the past few days were spent relaxing a little and being productive A LOT with deep cleaning the house and staging it to the best of my ability for potential home buyers.

On Friday afternoon after work, K and I met up for a quick happy hour downtown before heading to a little restaurant close to home for some pizza and wings. I don't think we've ever been such fat asses on a Friday night before but it was a nice casual change of pace. I spent the rest of the night at home sorting through and purging all unneeded belongings in anticipation of our move in a few weeks.

On Saturday I probably spent another 5 hours going through drawers, closets and cupboards to get rid of unnecessary things we've collected over the years. Ten or so large trash bags were filled and I was finally able to shower off the dust and venture to Publix to pick up some groceries and dinner.

That afternoon I started researching things to do on our trip to Denver later this month. I have a few things in mind but was underwhelmed by the options in the visitor's guide I ordered online. I guess I'm not so much of a museum and art type of person and like to go where the locals go to explore, hear live music, and just have a good time. Feel free to send suggestions my way!

Sunday was a full day of girl time with the bestie, starting off in the morning with some yoga in the park downtown. After an hour of some serious sweating in the sun, we walked over to the Farmer's Market to cool down with some fresh coconut water and live music while browsing about 50 local vendors.

C and I had lunch at my favorite teahouse and then went to the spa to relax and get pedicures before doing lots of shopping and errands. It was a busy but fun day together working out, getting pampered, and shopping til we drop.

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Weekend Whereabouts

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! It was fairly relaxing for me but I had a fun girls day yesterday with my bestie visiting which was soooo good for the soul!

K and I didn't do much on Friday night. Lola was sick on Wednesday and Thursday night so I wanted to stick around to take care of her.  We had some Vietnamese food for dinner and caught up on some shows. Steph gave me a recipe for upset stomachs so I wanted to get that prepared for Lola for dinner and her next few meals. It worked wonders and she hasn't gotten sick since. Thank you Steph!

On Saturday K and I spent most of the day looking at new construction houses in the Orlando area. We've been wanting to customize a home since our current house lacks some features we think are important. We saw some amazing floor plans but I'm not sold on the location so the search continues.

After about 5 hours of house viewing we settled for some dinner at Lee and Rick's Oyster Bar which is seriously the biggest hole-in-the-wall restaurant but no one has better oysters around here.


Sunday morning came quickly (thankfully!) because it was time to meet up with my bestie of 25 years who's in town visiting to do a course for the next few months. We had SO much fun catching up over pedis at the day spa, lunch at Wich Wich, and TONS of shopping.

My whole backseat was filled with shopping bags but mainly for her. I can't wait to wear the cutest beach coverup from Target (pictured below) next weekend.

I also can't wait to see my bestie next weekend for more girl time at the beach!

How was your weekend?

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Weekend Whereabouts

Hey hey! Hope this Monday treats you well.

I had a pretty quiet weekend and only ventured out for some errands on Saturday and then brunch on Sunday with K so not many exciting things to share.

K was in Atlanta for a convention from Thursday to late Saturday night so I decided to have a quiet night at home on Friday after a stressful week. I arrived home to some pretty goodies in the mail from Phax Swimwear (sharing more details later this week). Lola also got lots of snuggle time with mom.

I rented The Intern movie on Friday but was too mentally exhausted to watch it until Saturday morning and I really loved the movie and whole story-line. Uplifting to say the least!

After the movie, I went out to do some errands before heading home to clean and get the house organized. I had all intentions of going downtown to the Food & Wine Festival but decided against it and just stayed home to relax, blog and watch some TV. K returned home late Saturday night just before I was heading to sleep.

Sunday was "date day" with K so we headed downtown to Dexter's for some brunch with Lola in tote. I made sure to get most of the errands, cleaning and food prep done on Saturday so we could just spend time together on Sunday and relax.

After brunch we met up with some friends at 903 Mills Market so Lola and her best friend Louie could play while we caught up with friends.

It was a very relaxing weekend with some sunshine and fun mixed in there.

How was your weekend?

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