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May Days

 I love seeing all the new flowers blooming around town. We don't have blue bonnets like Texas but I love these purple flowers, whatever they're called. My garden needs some work in the flower department which I should have done this weekend.

Back-to-School Throwback

Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. I'm joining Andrea and the lovely ladies over at The Blended Blog sharing my answers to the Back-to-School Edition of TBB Asks.

Weekend Whereabouts

It was a gloomy weekend in Orlando which was the perfect excuse to be productive around the house and just enjoy some R&R. I was hoping to catch some rays of sunshine by the pool but that didn't happen with the overcast weather and flashes of lightning.

Weekend Whereabouts

The weekend was one of pure relaxation. I slept in until 10:30 on both Saturday and Sunday mornings so you could say I feel fully rested and ready to get this week rolling.

A Cozy Weekend

A cozy and relaxing weekend it was with some pampering and productivity in there. On Friday I went to a new Chiropractor to get adjusted and hopefully fix some of my back problems.

Saturday was pretty overcast so I did some online shopping on Amazon and got a bunch of stuff done around the house. K and I then headed out to do errands and grab some delish lunch at Marlow's Tavern.

On Sunday I went out shopping for some home things at Kohl's and Home Goods and picked up a few beauty items at Ulta. Plus I got my new booties in the mail (I have the same pair in gray) so I already know they're super comfortable.

I finished off my little Sunday outing with a massage at Massage Envy to use a gift certificate I got for Christmas. I ended up signing up for a membership which includes one massage or facial per month so I will be taking full advantage of that!

Hopefully between the chiropractor and the massage membership, my back will begin to feel better again.

The rest of Sunday was spent being cozy on the couch catching up on some shows minus the fact that Lola thinks the couches are all hers. Too spoiled!

Linking up today with the lovely Biana.

The Relaxing One

After traveling last weekend for the long weekend, a relaxing one was in order so I made sure to clear my schedule and focus on getting caught up with blogging and stuff around the house. A relaxing weekend means nothing majorly exciting to share but definitely check back on Wednesday for my Nashville trip recap which was action packed.

On Friday K returned home from a business trip so he was tired and I had no problem ordering Chinese food for dinner and relaxing at home. Easy and much needed!

Saturday morning was a slow start until the coffee kicked in and then I tackled the long list of things to do around the house and errands. I finally got my car full detailed and then stocked up on some groceries before retiring home for another relaxing night.

K dressed Lola in his UCF Knights shirt to watch the game on Saturday and of course she doesn't look entirely impressed but she did watch the whole game attentively. lol

On Sunday morning I tried my hand at making chicken and waffles for the first time with a side of smoked Gouda scrambled eggs. So incredibly good!

I did some errands and shopping for Kate's baby shower coming up and then went for an hour massage, which was much needed after having a stiff neck for almost a month.

It was a low key weekend but it was everything I needed to get back on track and feel rested. Hope you had a good one and you're ready to tackle this week!

Joining the lovely Biana by sharing some weekend action.

Weekending & New Blog Design

Another Monday is upon us but let's decide to be happy and beautiful together. Life is better that way, right? I hope the snow and blizzards up north weren't too detrimental and hopefully cleared up a bit by now. We had the coldest weekend for the year in Central Florida but no snow.

I had a relaxing Friday evening at home with some Thai food for dinner from Sea Thai, which has been voted best Thai restaurant in Orlando year over year. I picked up K from the airport and we just hung out at home with Lola.

On Saturday I went to the hairdresser to get some highlights done and got my hair curled. Luckily the curls lasted up until today even with the cold weather.

On Saturday night the Central Florida girls (Kate, Kerri, Pamela and myself) had a blogger meet up with Ashley from Wandering Weekenders and her husband visiting from Texas. We had dinner at The Cowfish, a sushi and burger restaurant in Universal's City Walk.

After dinner we headed over to Red Coconut for a drink ~ moscow mules were the drink of the night for myself and some of the girls. As you can see we were all bundled up in winter clothes because the low was in the 30's which is deathly cold for our Florida and Texas blood. LOL

It was so fun meeting Ashley and her husband! I hope to visit them in Texas sometime later this year.

Most of Sunday was spent figuring out how to redesign my blog and having a mini panic attack while doing so after almost crashing the whole site. I'm super happy with how it turned out considering I have zero design or HTML skills...well now I have a little of both. It's not 100% complete but that's all my patience could handle in one day. I'll also be re-branding my blog with a different (but similar) name in the next week or two since I bought a new domain. If you run into any errors while visiting my blog, please let me know!

How was your weekend?

Joining the lovely Biana for her Weekending linkup.

Weekend Happenings

Another low-key weekend around here. On Friday K and I had dinner at Pom Pom's Teahouse which has amazing soups, sandwiches, and of course teas. I had the Cherry Bomb iced tea which was so good!

We rented Ted 2 from Redbox and had a relaxing night at home with lots of laughs.

On Saturday I finished organizing and decorating our home office and did a few errands around town. Later in the evening we went out to meet up with some friends for drinks at Firebird's and then dinner at Santiago's Bodega which has amazing tapas. We shared a variety of different tapas but the flaming cheese (saganaki) was a hit!

On Sunday, I went through my closet and purged 3 bags of clothes, shoes, and bags to donate to Goodwill. I then did some damage at Target shopping for warm clothes since it finally feels like "winter" here. Two of my favorite buys are this Mossimo Faux Sherpa Cardigan and the Kalliope Shearling Style Boots both under $35.

After said damage, I went to get an hour long facial at Massage Envy to use the gift package K gave me for Christmas. The rest of the evening was spent relaxing at home, food prepping, and getting organized for the work week. I made this Chicken Tikka Masala recipe in the crockpot with lots of leftovers for this week.

Happy Monday...Let's do this!

Weekend Rest Up

The weekend was perfectly relaxing and I got to catch up on some much needed sleep so I don't have a whole lot to share. We were supposed to go to Ft. Lauderdale to visit some friends but decided against it since we traveled to New Orleans last weekend and really needed some downtime.
On Saturday I finally got started on my digital photography course (online) which I can already tell is going to be intense considering my schedule is already packed full with work and blogging. Later in the day we went downtown to celebrate my girl friend's birthday.

K and I got some Thai food for dinner and the rest of Saturday night was spent watching the UCF game at home and snuggling with the wrinkly girl.

Sunday morning was rainy which was perfect for sleeping in. The rest of the day was spent blogging, food prepping, watching football, and cleaning. I did a couple hours of the photography class and also Skyped with my best friend. We just got the photos from her wedding back in February which I love although I absolutely hated how the makeup artist made me look like a drag queen.

So thankful for the relaxing weekend before more busy weeks ahead. How was your weekend?

Joining the lovely Biana for her Weekending linkup.