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That Rose Gold Phone Though

Has Blogger ever deleted one of your scheduled posts? That's what happened to my post for today and it isn't the first time. I logged in to see my post from Thursday had an identical duplicate and my draft for Friday had mysteriously vanished so I'm trying this again and it's going to be short and random.

My plan for today is to hopefully snag the new rose gold iPhone 6s on my lunch break. I hope I'm able to get through in time and that it doesn't sell out before I get there. Wish me luck!

I've mentioned before that my roommate and great friend from college passed away a few years ago from cancer. Her birthday was this week so I celebrated it somberly remembering all the fun times we had and still trying to grasp, 3 years later, that she isn't here on earth. 

Before Lola, I hadn't owned a dog since my childhood days. My first dog Rosie, who was a small fluffy yet feisty Pomeranian, was pretty much murdered by my neighbors' two Rottweiler dogs and it was a heart breaking moment for a child to witness. I didn't feel the need to have another pet since then probably because of the fear of facing a similar situation. Now that we have Lola though, I've learned so much and can see the true love a dog has for their owner and vice versa. (Sorry for two sad stories in one post).

Has anyone shopped the Kate Spade 75% off sale yet? I might have to pick up one of their pretty iPhone cases if I get through with the new phone. 
Happy Friday lovelies!

Joining the lovely Amanda for Friday Favorites.