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Party Planning with Rose Gold

The Rose Gold color theme is so pretty for any event (I used it for my NYE party mixed in with some Navy Blue for the guys). It's perfect for celebrating the ladies in your life - birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, graduation parties, engagement parties, etc.

Ringing in 2019

We took a last minute trip to Vegas for Christmas and, I'm not going to lie, the time change returning home kicked my butt. My body clock was all off and I felt like I had a migraine for 3 days straight. Yet I stuck to the plan and hosted a NYE party for friends and neighbors.

Ringing in 2017

Since my parents had to cancel their trip to visit us for Christmas and New Years (details here), we decided to throw a last minute party at our house for NYE. Mostly everyone we knew already had plans or were out of town but luckily some of our neighbors were in for the celebration and we did a little house hopping to another neighbor's house to set off fireworks at midnight.

It was a very Christmas-themed NYE party because we bought so much food and drinks to celebrate with my parents but instead went out of town on Christmas Day to spend it with K's family.

Nothing goes to waste around here so we cooked turkey and some sides for dinner but we did have the NYE essentials ~ champagne and fireworks to ring in the new year.

We ate and had some eggnog and drinks and then headed over to our neighbor's house to pop the champagne and light off fireworks at midnight.

With my sister in town and lots on our agenda for the whole week, this was the perfect way to ring in 2017 with new friends in the neighborhood.

Green Fashionista's New Year's Eve Celebrations

Can you believe 2013 has already come to an end? I definitely can't but it's been a great year and I'm excited to see what 2014 will bring...

As you might already know, I'm traveling for the holidays and spending NYE tonight with friends from back home so the awesome Kate @ Green Fashionista is entertaining today. Kate knows how to have a good time so enjoy her NYE celebrations over the years!

Who else is just a tad bit jealous that Emily is ringing in the New Year in Trinidad & Tobago? I mean don't get me wrong, living life in Florida now is much more fabulous than growing up in Connecticut, but come on... girlfriend is in the Caribbean! So, I'll be filling in for her today, and you can find me over at Green Fashionista rambling about my recent purchases, house projects, recipes, and weekend escapades.

While Emily is ringing in the New Year soaking up the sun and partying on the beach, I'll be walking down the street to our neighbor's house for their fabulous NYE party. Last year, they had a dj, full bar (with a bartender!), and I dropped it like it was hot in the soul train line.

In college, my girls and I would dress up in our sluttiest finest sparkles and head out downtown to leave a trail of glitter and champagne bottles. Unfortunately, I can't relive NYE's of years past as I wasn't much of a picture taker until around the time I started dating my husband and it's been hit or miss ever since due to illnesses that liked to strike right around this time of year.

2008 - Sadly, our first NYE together was spent on the couch since he had mono, and we missed out on our friend's party. I was the good girlfriend who nursed him back to health and stayed home to be with him.

2009 - We rented a party bus with friends and we went up to Mohegan Sun to ring in 2010.
2010 - our first NYE in Florida, and I was recovering from labyrinthitis so needless to say I wasn't up to ringing in 2011. Another NYE on the couch....

2011 - we went to a club downtown with friends and reserved a VIP table with bottle service. It was supposed to be an amazing night, but way more people were invited than originally planned and it was chaos trying to get a seat or a drink. From that point on, I was all set with the downtown/club thing on NYE. I must be getting old...

2012 - We were mad men and tried to juggle 2 parties... we went to our friend's masquerade party where Emily and K were also ringing in the new year, but left before midnight to make it back home to ring in 2013 at our neighbor's house.

DJ? - Check

Bartender for fully stocked bar? - Check and check

Soul train line to end all soul train lines? - Check

Not having to worry about driving home or others on the road after midnight? - CHECK!

Can't wait to see what ringing in 2014 brings... Happy New Year!

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Tell Me About It Tuesday: NYE Fun

Today feels like a Sunday (Meh!) but I'm welcoming 2013 with open arms... and some curiosity. 2012 treated me good and since 13 is my lucky number, I think this will also be a great year.
I bought these 2013 champagne glasses for K and I to use when we pop the champagne at midnight.
K and I started off NYE night by going out for Sushi dinner.

We then went to a friend's house party to ring in 2013. 
I wore my sparkly skirt, black blazer and boots.
We had a great time celebrating with friends and several jello shots were enjoyed!

I'm curious to see what 2013 has in store for me. According to a cheesy horoscope I read, my new year will be marked by: FRIENDS, SUCCESS & INTELLIGENCE. That's alright with me!! 
I'm also linking up with Helene for Tell Me About It Tuesday.
Helene in Between 
I hope you have a great 2013!