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Weekend Things

The weekend didn't start off on the right foot for me. There was a fatal accident on my usual commute home which had the highway completely shut down. My GPS took me on another route which seemed like everyone else was doing. I was in bumper to bumper traffic and when finally merging on to a different highway, a speedy little car zoomed right in front and hit his brakes so I ended up slamming into the back of his car.

Friday Faves + $50 Amazon Giveaway

Hello friends and hello pollen season!
My car and patio furniture are covered in a powdery yellow layer. Thankfully I don't have allergies but I feel bad for those who do because it's pretty intense this year.

Easter is coming up in a few weeks and I'm starting to plan our annual Easter potluck dinner so this weekend I need to figure out the menu and some pretty decor for the house. I'm thinking some mason jars with colorful flowers and maybe incorporating some fruit in there. Of course, one must turn to Pinterest for some inspiration.

source: here, here

Beauty Product Spotlight:
I just picked up this Revlon eye primer and shadow palette and love the medium neutral yet shimmery colors. I was definitely drawn to it because of the discrete application guide it comes with. I know how to apply some basic eye shadow for everyday wear but definitely could use some "professional guidance".


Healthy Meals:
I'm always searching for new recipes and while I'm not vegan or vegetarian, I found this Vegan Buddha bowl and it looks delicious but I would probably add some grilled chicken to the dish.

Favorite Blog Post:
One of my favorite bloggy friends, Alexis from The Chemistry Cachet posted about her favorite beach places and featured me with a questionnaire about my travel plans.

Alexis and I have also teamed up to host a $50 Amazon Gfit Card Giveaway so enter on below to win your ticket to a fun little online shopping spree!

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