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Friday Faves: Home Edition

Happy Friday everyone!

 I hope you have some fun things lined up for the weekend even if that includes complete relaxation. R&R is always fun in my books. Since my mind has been consumed with all things home buying and selling recently, I wanted to share some home decor ideas I'd love to incorporate into my new home.

We already own a good amount of furniture but unfortunately not all of our pieces make sense for the new floor plan so we have to sell some and buy some that are a better fit. I'm still in the early stages of planning our interior design so most of the faves I picked out today have that extra girly touch. K may not approve of it in some rooms but most of the other living space will be decorated by yours truly. Let's take a look at some of my absolute faves (Titles are clickable)

Mirrored Nightstand


Grey Shag Rug

Accent Mirror

Tuffeted Headboard

Metal Base Lamps

If you have any other cute and affordable home decor suggestions, please feel free to send my way. I'm still browsing ideas & figuring things out.

Joining Amanda for Friday Favorites.

Welcome To Mi Casa

The 3 year anniversary of becoming a homeowner just passed and it's been a work in progress with some ups and downs in our home. I remember our realtor bringing us to see this house and I immediately fell in love the with Mediterranean style. We looked at 20+ houses and nothing compared so, when it was appraised within our budget, we were immediately sold!

The good memories have been limitless but we've also experienced a few crazy times starting with a tornado blowing through our neighborhood knocking down fences and blowing shingles off the roof. No one was hurt but it was one of the scariest days of my life. Then a few months later our house flooded from a broken pipe causing the downstairs to be completely gutted. All the hard work. Gutted. Things have been back to normal recently and I've been able to focus on some fun remodeling and redecorating projects.
Living Room
Dining Room
Beach-Themed Bathroom
Recent Home Decorating Project: Gallery Wall
TV/Family Room
Recent Project: Kitchen Backsplash
Recent Home Addition: Backyard Patio
Ongoing Project: Master Bedroom Decorating
Master Bathroom Tub

Thanks for stopping by and take a virtual tour of my home!

Where do you look for inspiration to remodel or decorate your house or apartment?

Master Bedroom Design & Decorating

My latest project is to redecorate our master bedroom. The walls are stark white and we have the most basic furniture and bedding set. I want some "pop" in the room and the walls painted gray, which has been the plan since we bought our house 3 years ago. Gray is such a cozy and warm color for a bedroom.

I found a bedding set with the most beautiful colors & a peacock theme. I love emerald green, sapphire blue, and of course gray.

 I'm definitely no interior decorator but I think a gray shag rug, silver mirror/wall decor and sparkly throw pillow will pull it all together to give me the sparkle I love without making it too girly for the husband.

Our Backyard Makeover

I love the house that K and I purchased over two years ago, but as first-time home buyers we missed a few important features that we've spent some time figuring out how to solve.

One of the BIG things was that we didn't have an outside area to entertain friends & family. When we had parties everyone would end up hanging out in the kitchen.

Our backyard could only fit two chairs and then it was just grass so everyone would just stay inside. So a few months ago we made the decision to build a screened in patio and deck to entertain and have BBQs.

Everything was finally completed last week and I love our newest home addition! Time to throw more're invited!

Home Sweet Home Again

Our house is finally back together and renovated after the flood we had over a month ago and I have to say it looks even better than it did before. Although the whole situation was very stressful, it was nice getting to pick out new floors and carpet and be able to afford a couple upgrades.

Living Room 
After the Flood
Renovated & Looking pretty

Carpet torn up from flood
New Wood floors

TV Room
Carpets torn up from the flood

We were also finally able to afford a backsplash in the kitchen .
It's my home sweet home again!

Renovations After The Flood

I'm so relieved that our house is starting to feel like home again two weeks after the flood and living with gutted floors and furniture piled up everywhere.

It was fun picking out new carpet and wood floors. Kind of felt like we were decorating a brand new home.

Luckily insurance covered this expense and we were left with some extra money to do some "upgrades" so we're finally able to afford that kitchen backsplash that I've been wanting for so long along with some painting.

Here's a little sneak peak of our newly renovated living room.

The rest of the house should be done by the weeknd so the nightmare will finally be over.
Happy hump day!

When Disaster Strikes

I experienced my first crisis last night as a homeowner for the past 3 years.  K and I both arrived home from work to a flooded house. 
Our toilet pipe broke and was gushing water into our house for a couple hours before our neighbors noticed water pouring out our front door and down the driveway from the garage so they thankfully cut the water supply to the house around 4:30pm. K and I arrived home almost 2 hours later so thankfully someone else noticed.

We spent the entire night ripping up our carpets and flooring so this is what my living room and dining room look like now.

Thankfully insurance will cover most of it but it's a very hard site to look at right now. Not looking forward to all the renovations and workers in and out my house.

Hope you're week is going a hell of a lot better