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The Weekend When I lost 24 Hours of My Life

The 3-day weekend was a nice break, albeit I was in bed sick for a good portion of it. We had our friend from Boston visiting Thursday through Saturday so the guys golfed while I was at work on Friday and then we had a fun pool day on Saturday.

Long Weekend Rain and Some Shine

Since our return from the Cuba cruise on Wednesday last week, we were in need of a low key weekend to relax and get stuff done around the house. Plus with the weather forecasted to be rainy all weekend, we kept our plans at minimum.

Travel Carry-On Essentials

Admittedly I'm one who always over packs for trips so we always have checked luggage even if it's one suitcase shared between K and I. Clothing and shoes go into the checked suitcase and I pack all my valuables and smaller travel essentials in hand luggage including a change of clothes in case our checked bag somehow doesn't arrive on the same flight.

Life Lately

Changes. Life lately hasn't exactly been peachy. There's been so many changes in the last few weeks that have made me switch my focus to getting things back on track. I left my job after working there for six years which was pretty sad for me but since then I accepted a new and much more exciting job opportunity to run my own marketing department for a local company. There are sunnier days ahead and I start this new adventure one week from today.

Hurdles. We closed on our new home last week but then some complications arose with selling our current home since the buyers decided to delay another month. After a million phone calls, financial transactions, and tireless signing of documents we were able to successfully close and move in to our new home over the weekend. We spent the entire weekend moving, unpacking, and organizing things. I do believe exciting days are ahead in our new abode while we wait patiently to officially sell our current home.

Escape. In the midst of the chaos, K and I had a trip already booked and planned to visit Denver so we spent Memorial Day long weekend exploring the city and catching a ball game at Coors Field. We were blessed with good weather for the entire trip which allowed us to explore the city on foot and take in all that downtown Denver has to offer.

Sharing. After returning and settling back at home, Kerri and I met up for a happy hour date which was so fun catching up over some delish sushi and wine.

Reality. Other than some leisurely happy hours and lunch dates with friends and previous coworkers, there has been lots of Home Depot trips which probably won't be ending anytime soon.

Adulting. Home Goods also took my wallet for a run over the weekend. That store really has the cutest things for a great price. I was so tempted to buy gifts for everyone. I foresee a few more trips there as I finish up designing and decorating our home.

Celebrate. After moving all day on Friday, we met up with friends at Kobe Steakhouse in the evening to celebrate the birthday of Kate's hubby over some hibachi and sake. It's always a good time with this great group of friends.

Crisis. Within 48 hours of living in our new home (in a brand new gated community), our neighbors house got broken into on Saturday night and then the neighborhood flooded on Sunday because of torrential rains and thunderstorms. Nothing seriously affecting us or our new home but it has us in a serious scurry to get a security system to secure our home.

Release. The bestie and I have been enjoying Yoga in the Park on Sundays when we're not traveling or busy moving.

Bonding. K and I ended the weekend on Sunday with a date evening after a busy weekend consumed with moving and unpacking. We had to go to Home Goods for some final things, then Buffalo Wild Wings for a beer because that's an even trade-off in his books and ending with some barbecue for dinner at Texas Roadhouse.

Recap. Our last Wanderlust Wednesday is happening this week so please help us end with a bang by sharing your favorite travel recaps. I'll be sharing all the details about our trip to Denver.

Joining the lovely Biana for her weekending linkup.

Memorial Weekend 2015

Sometimes sleeping in on a Monday is all you need to feel refreshed for the new week. That and knowing this will be a short work week makes it that much sweeter.

After work on Friday we headed two hours west to Sarasota to visit my in-laws for a couple nights. We all went out to dinner to celebrate my MIL's birthday at Texas Roadhouse. It was good to spend some quality time with them. After dinner we met up with some friends downtown for some beverages and catching up. I didn't manage to snap any photos from this night.

On Saturday morning, K and I headed to Siesta Key beach and luckily got perfect weather.

 We lounged in the sun for several hours and then we went to Siesta Key Oyster Bar in the village for some lunch.

On Sunday morning we started our short road trip home. Lola also came with us for the weekend and stayed with my in-laws while we went to the beach and out and about.

Sunday afternoon was a friend's baby shower which was fun catching up with friends and seeing some new babies in the group.

Monday was pure relaxation. I binge watched Kendra On Top while blogging and then got some stuff done around the house. Late in the evening K and I did some grilling for dinner to cap off Memorial Day.

Joining the lovely Biana for her Weekending linkup.

Long Weekend Excitement

Happy Friday!
I feel so relieved the long weekend is here. What a difference one extra day of relaxation can make especially since we (in the US) get to skip over that dreaded Monday.

This week consisted of me going back and forth via email with Bloglovin's a-hole support staff who tried to place the blame on me for my feed not working. I would have possibly believed them if there wasn't several other bloggers complaining about the same issue. It's fixed. For now. Only took a week.

Other than that BS, the orange sunset from my backyard wasn't too shabby on Wednesday night.

So let's get right into some weekly faves and joining the newly turned Mrs. Amanda for her Friday Favorites linkup. Hoping she's enjoying her honeymoon in European paradise!

Favorite Fashion Finds:
Some Memorial Day-themed outfit ideas. Keeping it casual of course. I especially like the Marilyn Monroe top and the sunnies.
Favorite Hair Inspiration:
This Relaxed Half-up Braid looks pretty and easy to recreate.

Favorite Recipe
Skinny Buffalo Chicken Meatballs seriously has the best recipes. I would post their recipes every week if it wasn't for other great recipes on Pinterest and, of course, from other bloggers I follow.

Favorite Funnies:

I think this is my first thought almost every morning when the alarm goes off...

Cheers to the weekend!

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