Long Weekend Excitement

Happy Friday!
I feel so relieved the long weekend is here. What a difference one extra day of relaxation can make especially since we (in the US) get to skip over that dreaded Monday.

This week consisted of me going back and forth via email with Bloglovin's a-hole support staff who tried to place the blame on me for my feed not working. I would have possibly believed them if there wasn't several other bloggers complaining about the same issue. It's fixed. For now. Only took a week.

Other than that BS, the orange sunset from my backyard wasn't too shabby on Wednesday night.

So let's get right into some weekly faves and joining the newly turned Mrs. Amanda for her Friday Favorites linkup. Hoping she's enjoying her honeymoon in European paradise!

Favorite Fashion Finds:
Some Memorial Day-themed outfit ideas. Keeping it casual of course. I especially like the Marilyn Monroe top and the sunnies.
Favorite Hair Inspiration:
This Relaxed Half-up Braid looks pretty and easy to recreate.

Favorite Recipe
Skinny Buffalo Chicken Meatballs
Skinnytaste.com seriously has the best recipes. I would post their recipes every week if it wasn't for other great recipes on Pinterest and, of course, from other bloggers I follow.

Favorite Funnies:

I think this is my first thought almost every morning when the alarm goes off...

Cheers to the weekend!

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  1. I'm glad the blogger situation is fixed--it was messing up a lot of blogs this week, not just yours!
    Loving your fashion finds and the hair pin. And just give me all of those buffalo chicken meatballs, please and thank you! :)
    I completely feel the pin with the dog saying "don't make me adult today" Amen! haha
    Hope you have a great long weekend friend!!

  2. Blah on bad customer service. Everyone has been complaint about that this week, why can't they figure it out.

    Love your fashion picks, anything with the American flag makes me super happy :)!

    Hope you have the best time in Siesta Key. Drink a daiquiri for me, pretty please! <3 ya friend!

  3. Oh I need those sunglasses this weekend!

  4. I LOVE that braid! Pictures like that make me wish I hadn't cut off my hair, but I can at least make a decent attempt with my short hair! haha
    Have a good weekend! Can't wait to see photos from Siesta Key!

  5. lol i love your funnies as usual :) great picks for memorial day outfits! happy friday love! cheers to the end of the day getting here asap! xo


  6. Just pinned that braid because it looks like I could actually make it work!! I hope you enjoy your long weekend and yes Bloglovin support was awful!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. HAHA OMG yes to that poor little frenchie and adulting. No to adulting! Love that braid... I wish I knew how to French braid. Have an amazing weekend girlie!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  8. The meme about wine is hilarious. Hope you have a fun weekend!

  9. I love the turtle and the non adulting dog.

    I am the worst at doing hair but I like braids!

    I'm glad your bloglovin' situation is fixed. I started using Feedly to read, I was having too many problems.

  10. I love the concept of Bloglovin and when it's working properly it's great. Unfortunately, when you need help or support it's a nightmare! Glad it's all fixed now tho. Have a great weekend!

  11. Blech to Bloglovin' and especially to horrible customer service! I always say that I can deal with issues/errors but bad customer service is completely unacceptable!! Those skinny meatballs look absolutely amazing! Hope you have a fab long weekend!! xoxo

  12. I have got to learn how to do those half up braids, they always look so nice! And they're perfect for the upcoming beach weekend to keep hair out of your face with the wind.

    I'm so sorry that Bloglovin gave you such a headache this week, but yay for it working again! Makes me thankful I've been loyal to GFC all this time lol.

    Happy Friday <3

  13. Bloglovin is a mess! I need to learn to do these fun braids! I really haven't wanted to Adult this whole week! Thankful this week is over!

  14. I have made those meatballs and let me tell you they're so good!
    The Lady Lawyer

  15. I am so that dog today. Those meatballs look delicious.

  16. Don't even get me started with Bloglovin! All this week my feed has still been missing posts then giving me ones from last week. Over it!!!! Those chicken meatballs look delicious! I totally dont want to adult today. Have a great weekend!

  17. i can't believe bloglovin's staff did that!! i was having a lot of issues with them and it seemed to have fixed itself, but i don't know anyone who had a perfectly working bloglovin over the last few weeks - seemed everyone was having issues, what the heck are they doing? they have ONE JOB. lol

  18. I keep trying to do that braid and cannot get it!! I don't know why, it looks so easy lol. And those meatballs look so good! I hope you had a great long weekend :)

  19. Gorgeous sunset picture!! It's impossible for me to figure how to braid my own hair into any of the cute styles :(