Weekend Flow

The weekend was a relaxing one. I was either sleeping, lounging at the pool, or working on some projects on my computer. I did venture out on Sunday for a few hours which was much needed!

We had a very low-key night with some takeout from Outback for dinner and watched the movie Why Him? while enjoying some Lola snuggles. My perfect kind of Friday these days...

I spent all morning figuring out how to work iMovie to create a "thank you" video for the CEO of my company for the amazing vacation we were treated to at Hammock Beach last weekend. 

In the afternoon I went to relax at our neighborhood pool. The weather was perfect. The sun was out but it was breezy and in the 80's.

I lounged and listened to my current audiobook - The Liar from Nora Roberts. I just finished it and it was a great read! After reading The Obsession, I'm hooked on her books and have purchased a few more!

I met up with a girl friend for brunch and a puppy play date. It was a long overdue catch up plus Lola got to see her boyfriend Louie.

Watch this cutest video of Lola and Lou Dog when they first met 3 years ago.

Lola was poooped with a capital P after all the brunching fun so we had a relaxing Sunday afternoon at home.

Before I left home that morning, I put this Balsamic Pork Roast from SkinnyTaste.com to simmer in the crockpot so dinner was ready to cap off the weekend and settle in with some TV shows.

Joining the lovely Biana sharing my weekend happenings.


  1. We loved Why Him- it was so unexpectedly funny - I even cried laughing in some parts! We have our crockpot going for a dinner to be done tonight but your balsamic pork roast looks and sounds amazing!! Happy Monday girl! xo, BianaBlovedBoston

  2. Friday night movie, pool day and brunch were exactly what you needed this weekend!! Mmmm I bet that roast made the whole house smell amazing!! Happy week ahead cutie pie!!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend. I'd love a pool day, but ah well, I'm okay with the fall weather finally arriving. Aw, puppy play date! Love it!



  4. what a fun weekend! sat was really a lovely day for the pool - so nice! and puppy play dates are too fun too. how cute are they!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. Love the puppy play date!

    You should do an imovie tutorial. LOL

  6. It sounds like you had the most perfect relaxing weekend! I love that Lola got to see her boyfriend, and I swear Skinnytaste has the best crockpot meals ever!

  7. A puppy play date, that is cuteness overload! Oh man I so need to get a crockpot.

  8. You'll have to let me know how your experience was creating a video with iMovie. And awww Lola and Louie reunited, too much cuteness <3
    Green Fashionista

  9. It sounds like the perfect weekend! I love that you could take lola along to brunch with you guys. How was the pork roast? Skinnytaste recipes are always so good!

  10. Ahhhh Lola's boyfriend is so cute!! Sounds like the perfect weekend! I love ones where you get a lot of relaxation in. I will have to check out those books. I am listening to a Sandra Brown one right now.

  11. I am loving that we are finally having a spell of fall weather here in Texas but pool time sounds so awesome right about now. I just want to lounge.

  12. MMM I can just smell how good that roast must have been! What a perfect weekend, glad you got to relax by the pool and meet up for brunch!

  13. How did the pork roast turn out?? It looks pretty tasty!! The last one I made was a disaster so I'm accepting ideas. ;)