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Weekend Highlights - Exploring Denver

What a weekend!
It was action packed exploring Denver on foot from morning until late night - shopping, eating, listening to live music on the streets, bar hopping, and checking out all the downtown scenery.

Weekend Happenings

The weekend was a mix of relaxing and fun over here. After work on Friday I met up with K for a quick happy hour drink and then Thai takeout for dinner.

The "Shuggle" is Real...

It was a weekend full of relaxing at home and lots of online shopping. The "shuggle" is referring to my struggle with shopping in general. Amazon seems to be almost a weekly thing but mainly for household items and last minute gifts.

Twice The Blessings, Twice The Fun: High Tea Party

After a busy work week, a quiet Friday night at home was just what the doctor ordered especially since lots were on the agenda for Saturday and Sunday.

I woke up bright and early on Saturday and relaxed a bit before prepping for the tea party of the year since twin girls are on their way! I made mini quiche and fruit skewers and headed over to my friend's' house to help get set up for the baby shower hosted by her family.

Weekend Whereabouts - Florida Living

Hope everyone enjoyed the lil weekend break. It's never long enough, I know, but I feel rested and ready for the shortish week ahead. I'll be jet setting on Friday to celebrate our wedding anniversary!

Anniversary Celebrations & Ladies Night

My weekends are usually for catching up on some sleep but I was awake at the crack of dawn on both Saturday and Sunday for no good reason. I did get some relaxing in between the celebrations.

Puppy Party & Pool Days

Another relaxing weekend for the books. Friday was pretty uneventful other than getting my nails done with the new gel dipping powder. On Saturday I got a bunch of errands done before going to a little puppy party at the dog park in my neighborhood.

Baby Shower/Gender Reveal Party Planning

This weekend was a relaxing one. Much needed after our Boston travel adventures last weekend. Other than lots of relaxing, getting my car detailed, and being productive around the house, we attended a Gender Reveal party yesterday.

Scenes From The Weekend

Another relaxing weekend for the books before some exciting travel plans for the upcoming long weekend. K was gone most of last week for work so he was in need of some downtime and I was all for sticking around home to be productive and get some R&R.

Weekend Entertaining


Every week brings a new adventure in life whether big or small...Often times my life can be full of action and then the pause button comes to even things out. This weekend was one full of entertaining family and friends.


It was a weekend of sweet relaxation and not much on the agenda except a ladies night. Most of Saturday was spent relaxing and doing stuff around the house and then lounging at the pool even though it was a little overcast.

Easter Weekend Getaway

We made our way over to Daytona Beach on Friday afternoon for a little weekend getaway. Not your typical Easter weekend but we both felt like some sunshine and relaxing were in order.

We checked into our hotel around 3pm and got settled admiring the ocean view from our room before heading out to explore.


We met up with some friends who were also visiting from Orlando and walked and walked (in the wrong direction) to go to a local Tiki Hut Beach Bar but finally made it there to grab a cold one. #Tourists.

After relaxing the feet for a bit, I browsed through some of the cute beach shops and even got a little airbrushed outfit for Lola.

In the evening we found this gem of a restaurant with the best rooftop seating area to hang out and enjoy the views.

Saturday morning was overcast so we had a slow but relaxing start to the day with some coffee and breakfast at the hotel. The sun started making her appearance so we decided to go for a 2-mile walk on the beach towards where all the shops and restaurants are.

 We stopped in Sloppy Joe's for a beverage and some coconut shrimp and then the heavens came pouring down so we were stuck there until the sun came out again.

Once the sun was out it turned into the most gorgeous day to walk around the Daytona beach boardwalk and just explore.

The last stop was at Ocean Deck for an early dinner and some live music. We were worn out with all the walking and a little too much sun so we went back to the hotel to call it a day.

I slept for almost 12 hours on Saturday night. Blame that on the comfy bed, blackout curtains, and of course all the sun we took in the day before. In fact I was looking like quite the lobster. 

On Sunday the weather was perfect to enjoy some sunshine by the pool before checking out of the hotel. We made one final stop for lunch at Ocean Deck before making the drive back home in the afternoon.

It was the perfect little getaway even though we didn't celebrate Easter but the relaxing, sunshine & change of scenery was just what the doctor ordered.

Joint the lovely Biana for her weekend linkup.

Sweet Weekend Sunshine

I hope everyone had a great weekend! The weather was beautiful here with lots of sunshine so I'm hoping it sticks around for as long as possible.

On Saturday we made our way over to Florida's west coast to visit friends and family for a well overdue trip and to celebrate a few different occasions. The first stop was to visit baby Cam and catch up with some good friends.

The weather was perfect for a pool party and getting some sunshine.

Catching up with some of my favorite girls and getting to hold baby Cam was so good for the soul.

After the pool we headed over to Siesta Key Village, one of my favorite beach towns on earth. Siesta Key beach has to be one of the prettiest in Florida, although we didn't get to enjoy it on this trip.

We met up with some friends to celebrate a birthday and enjoy some delicious seafood for dinner. Whenever we're in the Village, Daiquiri Deck is always a must stop for some refreshing frozen cocktails especially after a day in the sun.

We spent the rest of Saturday evening at my in-laws house catching up with them and finally getting a good night of sleep.

We had a relaxing Sunday morning drinking coffee and lounging around at my in-laws house. We then all went out for lunch along with my SIL and her husband to celebrate my precious MIL's birthday at one of our favorite restaurants in Sarasota.

After lunch we made the drive back home to get all the usual Sunday things done before the start of the work week. As I mentioned before, it was a well overdue trip to K's hometown and I'm glad we got to see and spend some time with family and friends.

Joining the lovely Biana for her Weekending linkup.

Spring Weekending

The weekend was glorious. I got to catch up on some R&R and enjoy the beautiful warm weather. It feels like Summer already in Florida during the day but I'm liking the cool Spring nights.

The weekend started off with a little happy hour after work with one of my girl friends. Nothing beats some refreshing Mojitos and some girl time catching up on life and such.

One of K's friends came into town with his pup for the weekend and stayed with us on Friday night. When I got home from my little happy hour, the guys went out to grab dinner and I stayed home puppy sitting Lola and her new friend, Soda. Thankfully they got along great and wore each other out playing for hours.

Saturday morning was perfectly relaxing catching up on some blogging and a few shows on TV. I headed out for my massage appointment which was much needed for this achy back of mine and got a few errands done afterwards.

On Saturday night we watched the movie Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee which was pretty interesting even though it didn't have the best ratings. I'm always intrigued by crazy, real-life stories like this one.

 On Sunday I slept in until about 10am. Glorious! I then got dolled up to meet up with another girl friend for lunch but she wasn't feeling well so I convinced K to go out for a quick bite and so he could watch some sports. Baseball is boring as hell so I had fun trying out all the fun SnapChat filters.

We only stayed out for an hour or so and then got into our swimsuits to enjoy some sunshine by the pool. The weather was hot, hot, hot - like 90 degrees - so we didn't last too long out there but still got some good Vitamin D and hopefully some color with SPF 50's approval.

Joining my girl Biana for her Weekending linkup.