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Baby Shower/Gender Reveal Party Planning

This weekend was a relaxing one. Much needed after our Boston travel adventures last weekend. Other than lots of relaxing, getting my car detailed, and being productive around the house, we attended a Gender Reveal party yesterday.

Festive Rice Krispies Treats

This is seriously the easiest dessert recipe I've ever tried and it goes a long way for entertaining guests. I made a pink and blue batch for Kate's gender reveal party and then another festive batch for the 4th of July weekend.

The Original Rice Krispies Treats recipe on the back of the cereal box is more or less what I followed but I doubled the ingredients since it was for a large group and added a few more marshmallows. Of course the colorful topping is optional but adds a festive touch for certain occasions.

Serving Size: approx 30 bars

25 oz large marshmallows
12 cups Rice Krispies cereal
6 tbsp butter
Pearlescent sugar or sprinkles
Cooking spray
Two 15-inch baking sheets

What To Do:
Melt butter in a large nonstick saucepan over low heat. Add marshmallows and stir frequently until completely melted and then remove from the burner.

Add Kellogg's Rice Krispies cereal to the mixture and stir until the ingredients are well mixed together.

Use cooking spray or butter to grease the baking sheets. Also grease the spatula or spoon you will be using to prevent the mixture from sticking as you transfer over to the baking sheet.

Carefully transfer the mixture over to the baking sheets and use greased wax paper to press mixture evenly.

Let it cool for about 10 minutes before adding the topping of your choice.

Side note: I'm not a baker and rarely make anything of the dessert variety so my initial thought process was to use food coloring to do a batch of pink and then a batch of blue treats to go with the gender reveal theme. Thank goodness I couldn't find pink food coloring and I stumbled on those gorgeous pink and blue sugar crystals because everyone's mouths at the party would have been "undelightfully" colorful.

Once completely cooled, cut into 2-inch squares and they are ready to be served!

What I love the most about this recipe is that is takes just under 30 minutes to complete because it requires no baking time. And, not to mention, they are a light and delicious treat to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Weekend Whereabouts

After some busy weeks prior I thoroughly enjoyed the quiet time this weekend had to offer. K and I had planned to go out for dinner on Friday but after my long commute home, I really didn't want to get dressed and head out again so we ordered Chinese food and relaxed at home catching up on Orange Is the New Black on Netflix.

On Saturday morning I woke up entirely too early for my liking but I sipped on some coffee and started on a design project for work that was really scheduled to start today. The project took more hours than I expected so K did the grocery run and then we headed over to Home Goods to buy some curtains and random home decor. After some shopping & errands it was time for some happy hour at Graffiti Junktion.

We had a quick bite for dinner at Toasted (known for their fancy grilled cheese sandwiches) and the rest of the evening was spent at home relaxing.

On Sunday morning K and I cooked up some Crab Eggs Benedict and relaxed at home watching the news. I then got to work in the kitchen to make some pink and blue Rice Krispies Treats for Kate's Gender Reveal party. (recipe coming soon)

I arrived to the party dressed in pink even though I was mentally undecided. K dressed in blue and Kate and H dressed neutral.

Team Blue + the parents

Team Pink + the parents

It was then time for Kate and H to cut the cake to reveal their baby's gender.

It's a GIRL!!!!

I can't wait to  shower baby S and Kate with gifts in the months to come. Girls are so much fun to shop for.

After leaving the party we stopped by a local brewery to have a beer to cap off the weekend.

It was a nice refresher of a weekend. I hope this week treat you well and I'm looking forward to the long weekend ahead.

Joining the lovely Biana for her Weekending linkup. 

Celebrating Things To Come

As I mentioned on Friday, I've been needing a "my Netflix and my snacks" kind of weekend but this weekend had different plans for me. Friday night was pretty chill though, thankfully!

After going to dinner and drinks with my team on Thursday, we all arrived to work feeling rough on Friday. Very professional, I know, but sometimes we have to entertain clients and new hires that come into town and if they want to go out drinking then that's what we have do. We sent our new hire with a nice hangover on her flight back to the Netherlands on Friday.

K and I were supposed to go to a winery on Friday night that had live music and food trucks but I could barely keep my eyes open when I got home from work. We settled for a quiet dinner at Bonefish Grill and headed home after that. I've said this before but I'm obsessed with the bang bang shrimp at Bonefish. It's a must have when we go there! 

On Saturday we headed to K's hometown 2 hours away for a friend's co-ed baby shower. Baby Harper will be here next month and she got some wonderful gifts from their family and friends. 

After the shower we went out with some friends to catch up at the guys' favorite watering hole and then spent the night at my in-laws house.

On Sunday we headed back into town for one of my best friend's gender reveal party to find out whether their baby is a boy or a girl. Hence, the name of this post as we celebrated two babies coming soon.

The hosts asked everyone to wear either pink or blue depending what you thought the baby is going to be. I thought it was going to be a girl so I showed up in pink and K went in blue. They had a cute monkey pinata which the grandma-to-be was given the stick to hit and reveal the surprise. After many attempts out came a flood of blue candy. It was a really cute way to reveal the gender. 

As you can see based on the two teams below, the majority had a feeling it was going to be a boy. I was on the losing team but so excited for the soon-to-be parents and I'm looking forward to planning her baby shower.

How was your weekend?

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