Hammock Beach Resort

Vacationing at Hammock Beach Resort a few weekends ago was a retreat of a lifetime! It was luxurious, relaxing, fun with coworkers/friends, and all around an experience that exceeded my expectations.

Easy Sweet & Sour Chicken Recipe

It's been a while since I shared a recipe. I usually aim for quick and easy meals that take under 30 minutes or can cook itself in the crockpot.

Weekend Flow

The weekend was a relaxing one. I was either sleeping, lounging at the pool, or working on some projects on my computer. I did venture out on Sunday for a few hours which was much needed!

Friday Faves

Yes it is "Friday the 13th" but I've never bought into all the superstition, maybe because I'm biased. My birthday is December 13th and, when it falls on a Friday, I think of it as good luck day.
It's all about turning lemons into lemonade, or even better, a margarita!

Mermaid Halloween Costume & Colorful Mermaid Wigs

It's been many years since I purchased a Halloween costume but this year I decided to be a little festive and pull together a mermaid costume with Disney's Little Mermaid as an inspiration.