Happy Mother's Day

Summer Wishlist

Since it's basically Summer temps here in Florida, I have my heart set on a few things for enjoying the sunny days spent at the pool or beach. That doesn't mean we get perfect weather, it's actually a 50% chance of a beautiful weekend or a rainy and stormy one. Thankfully this weekend looks like a sunny one.

Favorite Travel Accessories

I guess you can say travel is on my mind as I gear up for our one big trip of the year. While I love that we've done some fun long weekend getaways to US cities over the past few years, we decided to put all of our eggs in one basket this year and finally make Europe happen.

Packing for Sleep & Comfort on Long Flights

I've been shopping for our Europe travels this summer and recently purchased items specific for our 8-hour direct flight over the pond. In an attempt to fight jet lag when we land at 7am, I really want to get some sleep on the plane so we can hit the ground running when we arrive in London.

Favorite Street Art Sightings

One of my favorite things recently is to spot creative street art on my travels. Whether it's a polished wall mural, decorative sign, or just random street art, I feel like it brings out the culture and soul of the place I'm visiting.

Easter Weekend in SW Florida

It was nice having Good Friday off of work so we could head south towards my in-laws and enjoy a long weekend with Lola in tote. I took very little photos but I think we accomplished a lot on this quick trip visiting friends and family along with new babies and new homeowners.

Beauty Faves - Always a Repurchase

From nails to hair, these are a few of my favorite beauty products that are always on repeat.

Life & Happiness

I love my community and all that they do to keep us connected, entertained, and even healthy with free yoga classes every Sunday.

Another Stitch Fix Review

Recent Amazon Purchases

Of course Amazon is my go-to for all things household related along with gifts, party supplies, and everything in between. These are a few things I've purchased for myself recently, mainly for upcoming travel adventures and the warmer months ahead.

Things I'm Looking Forward to in April

Oh hey April Fool's Day! You could have fooled me that it's already April but I'm looking forward to Spring Things and some of the simple pleasures in life this month...

Blush Weekend Style

Happy Friday and Spring season to those who get to experience the great weather that comes after Winter. We are experiencing the cool Spring temps in the early morning but it's hot like Summer by noon.

Pints n' Paws Craft Beer Festival

We've been trying to go to the Pints n' Paws Craft Beer Festival every year but we're either out of town or already have plans. This weekend we finally made it to the 8th Annual event.

5 Things Ain't Nobody Got Time For

These things are all in reference to my life even though the blog title may seem all encompassing. I have always been a pretty blunt person who never sugarcoats things/advice to my friends and loved ones. Ask my husband and close friends.

Leaving Neverland

Getty images

The weekend was a lazy one. I didn't leave home once and enjoyed sleeping and relaxing in PJs for the entire time. K and I did watch the new documentary Leaving Neverland which aims to expose Michael Jackson as a manipulator and child sexual abuser.

Mardi Gras Weekend in New Orleans

I've visited New Orleans a couple times before (for a bachelorette party and then a long weekend getaway to celebrate K's birthday, which turned out to be Southern Decadence weekend so that was an unexpected amount of fun people watching).

A Church and a Brewery

Have you ever heard of a church that is also brewery? If you have then maybe I've been living under a rock because it's a new concept to me.

Party Planning with Rose Gold

The Rose Gold color theme is so pretty for any event (I used it for my NYE party mixed in with some Navy Blue for the guys). It's perfect for celebrating the ladies in your life - birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, graduation parties, engagement parties, etc.

Sunny Weekends + Celebrations

Another fun weekend for the books. I did some self-care on Saturday morning aka a very long overdue mani and pedi. K and I then headed over to Boxi Park which just opened up in Orlando.