Hurricane Safety Kit

It's Hurricane season and we always have to be prepared living in Florida. A tropical storm can turn into a category 4 hurricane overnight or fizzle into just some heavy rain. You never really know the exact outcome and strength of the storm until it hits your particular city/zip-code/neighborhood. The hit can be that precise so better safe that sorry.

Tropical Storm Dorian is currently in the Caribbean and tracking to hit Florida this weekend so I wanted to share some hurricane safety tips and precautions.

Hurricane Kit

From my experience, when the news gets out that a possible tropical storm/hurricane is coming our way, the shelves at the grocery store empty VERY fast for all the main essentials. You have to be proactive because things like bottled water sellout extremely quickly.

Non-perishable food for each person for 3-7 days.
Bottled water (1 gallon/person/day)
Two coolers: 
One for drinks & one for food
Canned foods
Manual can opener
Dry pet food

Hand sanitizer
Wet Wipes
Feminine products
Ziploc bags

Batteries (in different sizes)
Battery-operated radio
Battery-operated lanterns
Clock (battery-powered)
Plastic garbage bags
Power bank for your phone
First-Aid kit
Plastic Tarps
Duct tape
Rain jackets

Trim trees and shrubs around your home and make sure there is no debris lying around
Remove all items from your outdoor area that can become projectiles
Board your windows with cut to fit and ready to install plywood
Install straps to securely fasten your roof to the frame structure

Put any important documents in a waterproof folder or container
Make sure you have enough prescription medications you and your pet take
 Secure any family heirlooms/jewelry

If the storm/hurricane is sever enough, traffic lights will more than likely not be working and driving will be prohibited so make sure you have the necessities you need ahead of time to protect yourself and your family.

I posted about some damage to our neighborhood after Hurricane Irma in 2017. It was not near as devastating as the damage caused on Florida's west coast but, as I mentioned above, you never know how extreme it will hit your particular area.


  1. Such a great list! I remember when I lived in Florida, we always had these ready to go! It's never fun to have to prepare for the worst but at least you're ready! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  2. Great idea for a post friend. Can’t believe Hurricane season is here again. Hoping it’s a very mild one!

  3. This is such a good idea for a post to share. Hoping you stay safe, but you are definitely prepared. :)

  4. I'm in shock that Dorian is coming our way! We trimmed the big trees in our yard last summer thankfully, but I still get nervous. It's surreal that it may be time to hunker down again! Love these tips <3

    Green Fashionista

  5. I need to get all these things together just in case. And trim my trees. I hope y'all stay safe!

  6. Excellent list. We have most of that at the shore but I do not have tarps.

    Hope you guys don't get hit badly!

  7. Hurricane season wasted no time getting strong this year, did it?! I hope you guys stay safe!