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Weekending with the Parents

It was a fun weekend spending time with my parents but unfortunately my mom came down with fever so we had to cancel most of our plans and stay close to home.

On Friday, I went out with my work team for a team building day out of the office. We had lunch and then went to a new bowling alley. I'm awful at bowling to say the least so I just play to laugh at myself and be a good sport. Bowling has never been my forte.

We played a few rounds of bowling and then I left to meet up with my parents. We hung out at home for a bit then headed out for dinner at Carrabbas which never disappoints

On Saturday, I got a bunch of errands done and picked up the movie Squatters from Redbox. K also surprised me with all the ingredients to make dirty martinis so we finally cracked open the Chicago Absolut vodka we bought on our trip a few weeks ago. We spent Saturday night hanging out at home to keep an eye on my mom while she slept.

The movie was actually pretty good and I really enjoyed the storyline. It starts off slow but escalates quickly and turned out to be worth renting, compared to most Redbox movies these days.

On Sunday we took my parents for a drive around town and had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.  The rest of the day was spent hanging out at home and getting things organized for the week. Glad my mom made it out the house for lunch but was back to bed as soon as we got home.

Back to work today and hoping my mom feels better as the days go by.

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Weekend Fun in Sun-Storm State

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I had a relaxing one spent in and around town, which is all that I was hoping for and more. If you know me, you know these weekends are few are far between.

On Friday night, K and I went out for a dinner date to one of my favorite restaurants and then rented Delivery Man (with Vince Vuaghn) from Redbox. I was pretty exhausted from the week and was in need of a chill night at home.

On Saturday morning I got woken up from a surprise phone call from one of my best friends, who currently lives in the UK, to ask me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding next year Barbados! So ladies and gentlemen, I'm now a bridesmaids x3 next year in both Trinidad and Barbados. Donations are welcomed at this time!

Totally kidding and totally honored to be there for three special girls that I've spent half my life with getting up to mischief, sharing girl advise and now seeing each other get married to their loves.

As you may or may not know, I'm no longer a natural blonde so I have to pay to get highlights done. My hairdresser is pretty awesome though so I love catching up with her while getting beautified.

On Saturday afternoon we headed over to Kate's house for a pool party & to celebrate her husband's birthday. The weather was pretty shitty so we didn't get much pool or sun action but it was a great time catching up. I actually didn't get any photos of our night, except of her ham, Roxy, who's always such a trooper and loves hanging out with everyone.

Sunday was rainy and gloomy so it was a nice lazy day at home spent cleaning, blogging, prepping food for the week and just hanging out. We're going to be traveling for the next few weekends so my house needed the TLC.

How was your weekend?

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Weekend Retail Therapy, Relaxing & Fun

Hope the weekend treated you well and Monday didn't come too soon as it tends to do.

I had a pretty relaxing weekend spent around town. We have some busy weekends coming up so it was great to get stuff done around the house and not be on a schedule. 

On Saturday, K and I went to my favorite Caribbean restaurant for lunch and then I got some retail therapy. I had Kohl's cash to use so I got some cute outfits & accessories for summer and our upcoming trips & beach weddings.

On Saturday night, I baked some quiches for dinner (and the leftovers are great for breakfast). I posted a recipe here a few months ago. So good and easy to make!

We also enjoyed some of our favorite beers & watched movies at home. 

On Sunday, we stopped by a friend's pool party to hang out and then went to the movies to see the Neighbors. I thought it was pretty funny but not as hilarious as I was expecting based on some reviews. Still recommend it and worth seeing. Zac Efron is a total cutie!
How was your weekend?

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Cheers to the Weekend!

Hope everyone has some fun stuff lined up for the weekend or maybe some R&R? I plan to do a little of both! This girl loves getting a break from an alarm clock and a schedule.

I finally got to try out the Red Velvet wine by Cupcake Vineyards on Wednesday night. It was really good considering I usually prefer white wines. Pinot Grigio being my fave.

 Scored 2 movie tickets for $10 on so we plan to go see Neighbors this weekend. I've heard from several people it's hilarious!

Some pretty new pieces arrived in the mail for an upcoming wedding. I also ordered a high-low dress to match but it doesn't fit so I need to exchange it this weekend.

K has mastered the art of cooking Chicken Cordon Bleu and I'm not complaining. Love yummy dinners at home! I posted his recipe here last year.

Anybody else a Daddy's girl? Today's my Dad's birthday so I want to wish him a fabulous birthday. Sad my parents live so far away and can never celebrate birthdays, father's day etc. but they're coming to visit in just a few months.

How was your week?

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Weekend Relaxation, Girl Time & Home Decorating

Hope everyone had a fun weekend! I enjoyed the "me" weekend I had planned while K was off with his friends in New Orleans for a bachelor party.

On Friday night I watched the Wolf of Wall Street at home and relaxed with a glass of wine. The movie was really, really good despite it being 3 hours long!

On Saturday, I had a massage appointment and got a bunch of errands done before meeting up with some girl friends for dinner and drinks.

After dinner, the girls and I headed to a hole in the wall Karaoke bar. The age group was anywhere from 20's to 70's singing karaoke so that was quite entertaining. Somehow I totally forgot to get any good photos from Saturday night.

On Sunday, I went to the gym, cleaned up the house and started redecorating our master bedroom. I'm in love with my new throw pillows and bed set! The rest of the room is still a work in progress.

On Sunday evening I tried my hand at a new casserole dish for dinner.  I try to experiment with new recipes on the weekend to share for our Recipe Swap Linkup every Tuesday. Dinner was ready by the time K walked in the door exhausted from his crazy weekend with the boys in NOLA.
K probably drank enough to intoxicate a small village on his trip so I enjoyed my favorite beer - Sea Dog Blueberry - by myself ;-)

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West Coast to East Coast Readjusting

Hello lovelies!

I spent most of last week in San Francisco for a work conference and woke up at the ungodly hour of 3:30 am on Friday to catch my flight back to Florida. Thankfully, I returned home just in time for the weekend so I had a few days to readjust to the time difference and catch up on some sleep.

A shot glass was my only souvenir from the trip. (I buy shot glasses in every country and city that I visit so I now have about 20+ shot glasses.) I had a short layover in Phoenix and loved the pretty views of the dessert from the plane.

On Friday night, I barely had enough energy to do anything so we rented American Hustle from Redbox and had a relaxing night at home. 

On Saturday, K and I went to the gym and had a lunch date at Chili's. Later in the evening we rented Dallas Buyers Club and had some wine at home. Excellent movie btw!

On Sunday, K and I went for brunch at one of my favorite restaurants. Bonefish sent me a $10 off coupon via email so I wanted to use it before it expired. They also have some delicious cocktails :-)

I had a much-needed relaxing weekend after a hectic trip and hardly any sleep last week. I'm also heading to New Orleans in two weeks so I'm happy to have some relaxing weekends in between traveling. 

Hope you had a great weekend too!

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Memorial Weekend Sunshine & Festivities

What a fun weekend with beautiful weather here in FL! It's obviously never long enough and going back to work is like torture but at least we made lots of good memories :-)

On Friday night, K and I did our usual dinner and date night so we went to see the Hangover 3. We both thought it was funny and worth seeing in the cinema although the first Hangover is probably still the best of the three.

On Saturday we went to a friend's birthday BBQ & pool party, which was lots of fun with tons of good food, desserts, dancing and cold drinks. Roxy the English bulldog was a great host ;-)

On Sunday a group of friends headed out to the beach which was packed full of people. I guess everyone else had the same idea as us but either way, I was just happy to finally get to lay out and relax near the water.
  On Sunday, K and I did some errands and then went to our neighborhood pool to enjoy the final hours of our long weekend. We drank some mini bud lights and grilled steak kabobs to celebrate Memorial Day!

How did you spend your memorial weekend?

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Happy Tuesday! 

Weekend Whereabouts

Hope everyone is having a great day so far!  My Monday hasn't been too shabby which is usually unheard of in these parts ;-)

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On Friday night, K and I just went for our usual dinner and drinks. We decided to go to Outback because neither of us had been there in years. I tried their new Blackberry Sangria from the drinks menu which was delicious!

On Saturday morning , I went to get a facial which I got for free for voting for this specific spa in some local awards. They of course upcharged me $20 for the facial mask (which I didn't ask for). Ah well, when is anything really free?

After I met up with K at the gym and we worked out together and then went for a quick lunch.

On Saturday night, we headed out to the movies. We were hoping to see The Great Gatsby but it ended up being sold out, so our second choice was The Peeples. The movie got some bad reviews but both K and I thought it was pretty funny :-)

On Sunday, I met up with some ladies at a new brunch spot downtown. They had a delicious brunch spread with bottomless mimosas and sangria. It was a nice little get-together with good food, drinks and company.

Have a great week everyone!