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Main Event Entertainment Center: Eat. Play. Bowl.

A few weeks ago I helped coordinate an offsite team-building day at Main Event Entertainment Center located on International Drive in Orlando. Main Event has fun and games for kids and adults including state-of-the-art bowling, laser tag, gravity ropes adventure courses, billiards, video games and much more.

Weekending: Relax & Refresh

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I can't say I was entirely productive but I did get some much-needed rest as well as some fun out of the house with friends.

Friday night was perfectly relaxing spent at home. We made some dirty martinis, watched movies, and hung out with the wrinkly girl.

On Saturday night we went to Kings Bowling on International Drive to celebrate two birthdays. They rented a private section of the bowling alley with two lanes and we had dinner & drinks to celebrate. I suck at bowling but it was a fun time nevertheless.
Don't mind the guy in the middle. haha

After bowling we continued the festivities at a new bar called Tin Roof for some live music and drinks. I really liked the atmosphere of this bar and the music was awesome!

Of course, shots were lined up for the two birthday boys.

What a fun night out!

On Sunday we relaxed at home before heading out to the movies to finally see American Sniper. Excellent movie yet sad and surreal. I definitely recommend it if you haven't seen it yet. 

Oh and here's Lola...she hopes you have a great Monday!

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Weekending with the Parents

It was a fun weekend spending time with my parents but unfortunately my mom came down with fever so we had to cancel most of our plans and stay close to home.

On Friday, I went out with my work team for a team building day out of the office. We had lunch and then went to a new bowling alley. I'm awful at bowling to say the least so I just play to laugh at myself and be a good sport. Bowling has never been my forte.

We played a few rounds of bowling and then I left to meet up with my parents. We hung out at home for a bit then headed out for dinner at Carrabbas which never disappoints

On Saturday, I got a bunch of errands done and picked up the movie Squatters from Redbox. K also surprised me with all the ingredients to make dirty martinis so we finally cracked open the Chicago Absolut vodka we bought on our trip a few weeks ago. We spent Saturday night hanging out at home to keep an eye on my mom while she slept.

The movie was actually pretty good and I really enjoyed the storyline. It starts off slow but escalates quickly and turned out to be worth renting, compared to most Redbox movies these days.

On Sunday we took my parents for a drive around town and had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.  The rest of the day was spent hanging out at home and getting things organized for the week. Glad my mom made it out the house for lunch but was back to bed as soon as we got home.

Back to work today and hoping my mom feels better as the days go by.

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