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Turqouise Coverup

The warm summer months are the perfect time to enjoy family getaways and beach trips which calls for cute swimsuits and, of course, coverups. This Mikken pullover coverup in mermaid blue was too pretty to pass up and the price tag was very affordable. The crochet material is light and airy with a cute pom pom trim on the sleeves so I've loved wearing it out to the beach and pool this summer.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Giveaway

Happy Sunday everyone!

Just a final reminder that there's only 11 hours left to enter our Naked Smoky palette giveaway for one lucky winner!

This palette contains: 
- 12 Naked Smoky Eye shadows in High (champagne shimmer micro-glitter), Dirtysweet (medium bronze), Radar (metallic taupe iridescent micro-glitter), Armor (metallic silver-taupe tonal sparkle), Slanted (light metallic gray), Dagger (medium charcoal micro-shimmer), Black Market (jet-black satin), Smolder (deep plum-taupe), Password (cool taupe matte), Whiskey (rich brown matte), Combust (soft pink-taupe), Thirteen (light beige satin) - Double-ended brush - Lookbook 

Jambery Nail Wraps: Festive Nails

I was so excited to try out Jamberry nail wraps for 4th of July weekend this year and I picked out a festive and patriotic design called Ka Boom.  I was nervous about the application process because I tend to have shaky hands and always mess up nail polish when attempting to apply with my left hand. That wasn't the case with these nail wraps and they applied very easily even with my slightly shaky hands. 

After speaking with Amanda who is a Jamberry Nail Consultant, I found out a few additional benefits of using Jamberry wraps including the fact that they're non-toxic, very cost effective compared to going to a nail salon, and come in so many beautiful designs for any type of occasion. 

 The package came with my Ka-Boom design nails wraps in 9 different sizes (18 total wraps however I can get two uses out of one wrap since my nails are fairly short), a manicure set (nail file, buffer, clippers, etc.), two alcohol wipes, a mini heater, and a top coat nail polish along with a cute Jamberry pouch to store everything in one place.

Jamberry provides several videos that I recommend watching before getting started such as this video with application instructions along with reading the process overview below. It literally takes seconds to apply each wrap so it's not a time-consuming or frustrating process by any means.

I love how my nails turned out and it was so fun wearing this design for the 4th of July while on a trip to Vegas. I'm so happy I have enough wraps left to re-wear this design and I'll be sure to order additional designs for future weddings, vacations, parties etc. 

Some other designs that I want to try in the future now that I have the full set up with mini-heater and manicure set. 


Check out Amanda's Jam berry online store to browse all of their design or you can also follow along and Facebook and Twitter.

Summer Swimwear

A friend of mine recently introduced me to ViX Designer Swimwear and I love the quality and styles they offer. The price point is slightly higher than Victoria's Secret swimsuits which is what I typically purchase but I believe in having good quality suits that will last a long time and withstand chlorine and salt water. The photos don't give them justice but the material of these swimsuits are unbelievably soft plus the patterns and bikini cuts are a bit more mature compared to some other swimsuit retailers out there.

Summer Nighttime Wear

I'm on my way to Vegas this morning so I may not be very in tune with blogging for the next several days but I'm surely going to try to keep afloat. As many of you know, we've been planning this trip for our anniversary for the past several months. While I'm super excited to get away and have some fun with the hubs and some friends, I'm also very aware Vegas is 100+ degrees during the summer so I wanted to shop and pack accordingly for the trip. Light and airy outfits are a must to survive the heat so here's some cute ideas for summer nighttime wear.

And, of course, some cute accessories and quality cosmetics are a must to tie the outfit together....

Colorful Coverup

If you follow me on instagram (emilyalisonb), you might have seen my sneak peak post about dabbling in fashion blogging so today I'm bringing you my very first and not very established fashion post! I really don't consider myself a fashion blogger. In fact, I'm quite the opposite ~ I feel fairly awkward in front of the camera, I don't have a signature pose, and I tend to smirk instead of smile but I decided to suck it up and give it a serious try only because I want to showcase some beautiful and affordable summer clothing I recently purchased.

This chevron-print swimsuit coverup is one of my favorite coverups for summer days at the beach or pool. The semi-sheer material is light and airy and provides great coverage and I love the plunging neckline.

Swimsuit Coverups

The warmer days are here I'm excited for more pool days, beach trips, and Vegas for 4th of July weekend where we plan to lounge by the pool so I've been on the hunt for cute beach coverups. These are some of my favorite picks.


Summer Rompers

I stumbled upon Sheinside's website randomly last week (from a Facebook ad) and clicked over to find a page full of rompers that I immediately fell in love with. Almost every single one of them were unique and gorgeous and they're all in the $14 to $20 price range. The have a great variety of styles but these are probably my six favorite rompers for summer days and well now in Florida (it's currently in the 90s during the day).

one / two / three/ four / five / six

I'm really trying not to shop at the moment but I do need outfits for our upcoming trip to Vegas in July. Needless to say it's going to be hot so I'm in need of some light outfits and coverups to tour the strip and go to the pool. Their buy one, get one 50% off and free shipping makes it even more tempting to purchase all of them.

And some dressier options for nighttime wear (not from Sheinside).
one / twothree / four / five / six

Things I'm Loving Lately

Michael Kors Cicely Cork Wedges - I just purchased these shoes because I needed tan wedges for another wedding that I'm in next month and I think they'll also be comfy shoes for work and other occasions.

Buddha Bookends - If you walk into my house, my love for Buddha becomes very apparent. I think these bookends are super cute to add to my collection although it would help if I had a bookshelf.

Clinique 'True Bronze' Pressed Powder Bronzer - I've been using this bronzer for over 4 years on a daily basis to add some color to my fair complexion. After losing my compact somehow on my recent trip, I realized just how much this bronzer is a staple to my makeup routine and immediately ordered one from Amazon to be shipped soon. The color I use is "Sunblushed".

Tropical Print Strapless Dress - Because I need some floral in my life. The picture really doesn't do the dress justice because it's way prettier in person.

Tan Towels - Kerri introduced me to these tan towels and I think they work excellent to get a subtle tan especially during the colder months. 

L'Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Color Correcting Primer -  I just started using this anti-redness primer to control my pink undertones before applying light foundation to my face. I like how it works compared to others I've tried.

NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow - I love shimmery eye shadows and, after the girls at The Sequin Notebook did a review recently, I fell in love with the colors offered in this NARS eyeshadow collection. The $29 price tag is a bit steep but the palette looks like it'll last a long time. 

Portofino Blouse - Express has come out with a new line of Portofino shirts in every color and pattern imaginable. These are perfect for work and I'm planning to purchase a few when I run into a few extra dollars.

Kate Spade Crystal Heart Dial Watch - I really don't need this in my life but it's definitely is a looker. I'm going to keep it on my radar because I like the dainty look for special occasions but wouldn't wear it as an everyday watch.

Pretty Peplums

Is it Friday yet? We're not quite there but close enough so that makes me happy.

I went shopping last weekend (mainly window shopping) and it got me eying so many new styles and looks. I often don't have the patience to go to the mail and end up doing 90% of my shopping online but it was nice to get out of the house and browse, yet restrain myself from splurging on every pretty thing I saw. Peplum tops caught my eye though...
They aren't a perfect match for every lady out there but I happen to think they're flattering for my body type . I don't like skin-tight tops and sometimes loose-fitted tops can be a bit too baggy (although I do love some loose-fitted tops). Anyways, peplums can often give you that happy medium which is something that makes me feel comfortable yet dressy enough for the occasion. 
I picked up a few cute peplums at Express over the weekend which I'll have on the blog tomorrow.
What do you think about the peplum look?

Urban Decay Goodies

I was so excited to find out I won Kate's Urban Decay giveaway, and the grand prize winner to boot! This never happens and the bulldog card was a sweet surprise.

With two Caribbean weddings coming up early this year and me being pasty white, I was super stoked to find the prize came with two bottles of UD's Santa Tanita self tanner. It's already been put to use twice and works well as a gradual tanner.

The only product I've used in the bunch is UD's Eyeshadow Primer Potion so I'm can't wait to try the rest of these goodies:

~ Midnight Cowboy eye shadow
~ Urban Defense tinted moisturizer
~ De-slick mattifying gel
~ After Glow cheek tint
~ Urban Glow cream highlighter 
~ Glide on eye pencil
~ Honey-infused lip therapy lip gloss

Other than the eyeshadow primers, which are known to be some of the best in the market, I'm most excited to try out the Midnight Cowboy eyeshadow and the Honey-infused lip gloss.

What's your favorite Urban Decay makeup products?

NYE Recap & Friday's Favorites

Happy New Year!

This week has been weird with NYE being smack dab in the middle of the week, no work yesterday but then right back to work today. Let's just say I'm ready for the weekend already and so happy it's Friday!

We went to a NYE party at a friend's house and it was a fun night with good friends, jello shots & delish food. But after working a long & stressful day I was ready to go home after the ball dropped and spend the rest of the night with Lola.

Joining the lovely Amanda for Friday's Favorites.

Favorite Sites: 
I'm loving that the weather has been in the 70s with beautiful sunsets at night. It must be a record high because wearing flip flops and shorts on Christmas day is not the norm!!

Favorite Recipe
Pumpkin soup by Sarah from Coffee & Glitter (recipe found here). Im a sucker for a good soup and might even attempt to make it this weekend if I have some extra time.

Favorite Product & Shopping Finds
These are some of my favorite items I scored in 2014 -- 50% off Bath & Body Works 3-wick candles this week (I've already stocked up) --  MK purse (in grey) -- TB sunglasses for my birthday -- Versace Bright Crystal (smells amazing) -- VS lace undies -- TRESemme Keratin Smooth hair products to control frizz and tame hair -- Smashbox concealer -- Tarte foundation (both provide excellent coverage) -- comfy PJs for lounging at home. 

Favorite Funny:

And of course my favorite baby girl, Lola.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Rocksbox #4 - Sparkle & Shine

Slate Chromium Crystal Necklace
This necklace is the definition of a statement necklace and I plan to use it for one of my holiday parties or NYE.

I added this necklace to my Rocksbox wishlist and sure enough received it in my next box. I wasn't 100% sure how it worked but creating a wishlist will definitely pay off for those who are signed up.

Urban Gem Black Clover Earrings
The stud earrings are very pretty but also quite practical so can be worn on any occasion. I love the black and gold colors too (Go Knights!).

Jules Smith Cage Arrow Bracelet in Silver
This bracelet is just my style. Practical but with a bit of sass and it can also be paired up well with my ever growing Alex & Ani collection.

I'm really impressed with my fourth set and considering keeping the statement necklace.

My Rocksbox also came with a pretty surprise that I get to keep - a dainty gold "shine" necklace that I've been wearing all week.