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Favorite Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

When it comes to Bridal showers, I usually buy something from their wedding registry and then put together a nice basket of fun goodies for the bride. This time around I chose gifts that are sentimental and/or useful on her wedding day and on their honeymoon.

A Beautfiul Suprise Bridal Shower

On Saturday we celebrated my beautiful neighbor, Ashley, the bride-to-be. The "bride tribe" asked if I would drive her blindfolded to the venue for her bridal shower, which I agreed but felt bad to have her blindfolded for the 20 minute drive. Ashley was a good sport and stayed blindfolded for the entire drive and then walking into the venue. It was actually quite funny.

Gifts for the Bride on Her Wedding Day

I have a few weddings coming up this year so I've been shopping for the Brides-to-be and used some inspiration from my own wedding like this beautiful wedding dress hanger I found on Amazon.

Weekend Fun & a Fairytale Bridal Shower

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Mine was relaxing which was much-needed before the crazy holidays begin. Friday night was date night at Cooper's Hawk Winery which has amazing food and great wine. 

On Saturday, I went to the hairdresser to get my hair done. 

I did some online Christmas shopping on Saturday night (so much for waiting until Cyber Monday) and we watched the movie Tammy, which was hilarious. Melissa McCarthy always cracks me up. It was a nice relaxing night at home.

 I went to a friend's bridal shower which was a fun time with the ladies, laughing and playing bridal games.

How was your weekend?

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Gift Ideas for Weddings & Bridal Festivities

My best friend is getting married in four months but since we live in different countries, I'm unable to attend her pre-wedding festivities such as the bridal shower and bachelorette. I will, however, be there standing by her side on her wedding day. She was in town this past weekend to do some wedding shopping so I wanted to make the trip extra special and shower her with some gifts to make up for my absence.

I bought this "I Do" hanger from Etsy (here) for my wedding day which is also a really cute accessory for wedding photos so I handed it down to Crystal to use for her big day.

She doesn't have a wedding registry which would obviously be my first go-to for gifts so I had to think of some other keepsake items that could also be useful for her wedding day.  

I found an online company called Personal Creations that does customized engraving so I picked out some pretty champagne flutes and a silver plated dessert set and had their names and wedding date engraved on the sets. She was so blown away and surprised by these gifts.

I remember receiving a personalized wall plaque from one our wedding guests and being so blown away by the thought and effort they put into the gift. Turns out they found the plaque from the same website.

I also used Personal Creations to buy this Eat, Drink & Be Married personalized cutting board for my boss who just got married two weeks ago. I have several other weddings to attend in the upcoming months so I'll definitely be buying more "out-of-the-box" gifts. The prices are so reasonable and the gifts definitely look a lot more expensive than they really are which is always a win, win in my book!

Bridal shower & Bachelorette Gifts:
~ Gifts from their registry (for bridal shower)
~ Lingerie & cute underwear
~ Wedding guest book
~ Bride garter set
~ "Sexy" lotion and oil set from Victoria's Secret (for bachelorette)

Where do you find reasonable gifts for weddings/showers/bachelorette parties?

Weekend Fun, Friends & Music Fest

Monday comes to quickly 'round here but it's always fun recapping the weekend ;-)

After work on Friday I went to happy hour with a girl friend. We attempted to play bar trivia but neither of us were especially good at useless knowledge so we just wrote down the most bizarre answers to amuse the judges. It was a good time!

On Saturday I went to C's bridal shower. Since her wedding is in Punta Cana, the shower was a tropical theme. Everthing was beautiful! K is also a groomsman in the wedding and it happens to fall on our wedding anniversary so we're counting down the days to visiting the DR next month with a bunch of friends.

After the bridal shower, I met up with K & some friends and headed to a Reggae music festival downtown. From growing up in the islands, I'm a lover of reggae and nothing makes me happier than listening to some good music.

On Sunday, I cooked up some brunch and we had a relaxing day at home. Since both of our Mom's live far away we called them to chat but couldn't celebrate Mother's Day with them. I promised my mom to cook her some eggs benedict when she comes to visit in September.
It was a nice, lazy Sunday at home. You know you're getting old when you love nothing more than catching up on some TV, laundry, cleaning & blogging to end the weekend.

How was your weekend?

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What I'm Loving Wednesday

Hey hey! I'm Joining Jamie today for the WILW Linkup.

I'm loving the weather today in Florida ~ Sunny and 75 degrees is perfect!!

I'm loving my new necklace from KOJewelry. Wore it to work today.

 I've finally recovered from our Girls (Shenanigans) weekend in Tampa. What's not to love abou that? Yup, it proved that I'm no longer 21 and it now takes several days to recover.

Love this customized Tervis Ice Bucket. It was given as a gift at the bridal shower over the weekend. Such a cute idea!

I'm loving these outfits I found recently on Pinterest.

Finally, I'm always loving my hubby.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Girls Weekend Shenanigans

Wooo what a weekend!! 
And, well you know, super fun weekends always make for pretty awful Monday mornings =P

On Friday night, K and I went with his work peeps to a hockey game, which was pretty fun considering I know nothing about hockey. 

I got a little distracted from the game, so K and I had some fun with a photo booth in the Arena.

After the game we went to the grand opening of a new pub recently opened by a friend of ours, so we had to show our faces for a few beers.

On Saturday I got ready to head to Tampa with 2 other girl friends for a bridal shower. 

The shower was gorgeous with lots of food, drinks & cute party favors.

We played some bridal shower games and watched a YouTube video of the groom-to-be answer questions to see if his answers matched the bride-to-be's answers.

The beautiful bride-to-be opened her gifts. (I've never seen sooo many gifts at a shower or any party before!!).

After the shower, us 3 girls checked into our hotel (which turned out to be quite ghetto thanks to Hotwire) LOL. We got dressed and told the taxi guy to take us to the bar! We really didn't know the area or where to go but ended up in Hyde Park in Tampa, which has a bunch of cool bars.

Us girls partied the night away til 3am and shut down bars. I think we left a nice little shiny dent in Tampa after Saturday night ;-)

We woke up super late on Sunday and headed back home with our heads pounding and the harsh realization that we are no longer 21 and just can't party like we used to.

Needless to say, Sunday was a complete wash after our Saturday night Shenanigans but it was soo much fun and great little trip away from the guys.

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I hope you all had a awesome/fun/relaxing weekend!