Girls Weekend Shenanigans

Wooo what a weekend!! 
And, well you know, super fun weekends always make for pretty awful Monday mornings =P

On Friday night, K and I went with his work peeps to a hockey game, which was pretty fun considering I know nothing about hockey. 

I got a little distracted from the game, so K and I had some fun with a photo booth in the Arena.

After the game we went to the grand opening of a new pub recently opened by a friend of ours, so we had to show our faces for a few beers.

On Saturday I got ready to head to Tampa with 2 other girl friends for a bridal shower. 

The shower was gorgeous with lots of food, drinks & cute party favors.

We played some bridal shower games and watched a YouTube video of the groom-to-be answer questions to see if his answers matched the bride-to-be's answers.

The beautiful bride-to-be opened her gifts. (I've never seen sooo many gifts at a shower or any party before!!).

After the shower, us 3 girls checked into our hotel (which turned out to be quite ghetto thanks to Hotwire) LOL. We got dressed and told the taxi guy to take us to the bar! We really didn't know the area or where to go but ended up in Hyde Park in Tampa, which has a bunch of cool bars.

Us girls partied the night away til 3am and shut down bars. I think we left a nice little shiny dent in Tampa after Saturday night ;-)

We woke up super late on Sunday and headed back home with our heads pounding and the harsh realization that we are no longer 21 and just can't party like we used to.

Needless to say, Sunday was a complete wash after our Saturday night Shenanigans but it was soo much fun and great little trip away from the guys.

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I hope you all had a awesome/fun/relaxing weekend!

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  1. You look stunning in that red dress for your bridal party! Looks like you had an absolute 'Jol' as we say here in sunny South Africa :)