2018 Travel Planning

Traveling is my passion or at least all the experiences that come along with it. Discovering new cultures, trying the food, exploring architecture, and learning the history of these places. This year I'm a little short on PTO from work since we spent New Year's and the beginning of 2018 in beautiful Tobago after celebrating Christmas with family in Trinidad.

We do have some travel plans already set in stone for 2018, but there's also a few that are on my wish list for a quick weekend (or long weekend) getaway.


Havana, Cuba
We had a cruise booked to Cuba out of Tampa, FL last year which fell on the same weekend Hurricane Irma hit so we had to reschedule it for this summer.

Key West
The first stop on the cruise is in Key West which is perfect because I've been dying to go back there but dread the 8-hour drive. We spent some time in Islamorada in the Keys but it's still another 2-hour drive to get to Key West.

Niagara Falls
 We have to make our way up to Canada for my cousin's wedding this year so I decided to make a road trip out it after scoring free flight into Buffalo, NY and then driving over the boarder to Niagara Falls.

After exploring Niagara, we plan to drive over to Toronto to stay with family/friends before making our way slightly north to the wedding destination


Charleston, SC

Austin, TX
K wants to go to Austin for his birthday which falls on a long-weekend so it's a matter of booking it after we get through the summer trips.

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Florida Beach/Road Trips

Most of these places I've visited before but are definitely worth repeat visits especially my favorite Siesta Key Beach!

Bradenton (to visit my in-laws)
New Smyrna Beach
St. Augustine