Hurricane Irma Weekend

We spent the weekend bracing ourselves for Hurricane Irma. I got out of work early on Friday to get supplies and be fully prepared for the hurricane. Most of the weekend was spent securing our home, setting up a safe room, prepping food, doing laundry, and making sure all electronics were charged up in anticipation of losing power.

We spent all of Sunday indoors at home just waiting for the storm to hit.

Hurricane Irma devastated several Caribbean islands last week and made her way to Florida over the weekend. At the time of writing this on Friday night, the National Hurricane Center predicted Irma will hit Central Florida on Sunday with approximately 100 mph winds as a category 1 to 2 Hurricane.

Unless the forecast turns for the best, I will probably be out of power and internet for a couple days at the very least. I'm hopeful and praying to make it out unscathed!

In the meantime my heart goes out to Houston and now the islands of Antigua & Barbuda, Saint Martin, The Virgin Islands, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, and several other small islands that have been completely destroyed by the strength of Irma. Major help is now needed in those islands just as much as Houston and now Florida.

Pray for all that have been in the devastating path of Hurricane Irma. I hope get back to blogging when I can.

xo Emily