Tobago: A Caribbean Gem

Since living in the US, a day doesn't go by without someone asking me where my accent is from. Usually Trinidad and Tobago is the last thing on their mind. Trinidad is where I grew up which is more of a bustling kind of island but Tobago is a short 20 minute flight where we go to relax.

Tobago is my definition of paradise. Spending time there was much needed after all the hopping around in Trinidad to family and friends for Christmas dinners/lunches/parties. I also got lots of QT with my goddaughter since we all stayed in the same villa.

Our Villa
We stayed at Tobago Hibiscus Golf Villas which are nestled in a quiet spot near the golf course and had all the amenities we needed, including a full kitchen and pool.

Store Bay
The morning started out quite gloomy but the sunshine finally came out.

Where exactly is Trinidad & Tobago?
T&T are two islands considered one country and are the most south eastern Caribbean islands situated right above South America, Venezuela to be exact.

What language do you speak there?
It's an English speaking country, although accents can be thick with local slang.