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Weekend Fun & a Fairytale Bridal Shower

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Mine was relaxing which was much-needed before the crazy holidays begin. Friday night was date night at Cooper's Hawk Winery which has amazing food and great wine. 

On Saturday, I went to the hairdresser to get my hair done. 

I did some online Christmas shopping on Saturday night (so much for waiting until Cyber Monday) and we watched the movie Tammy, which was hilarious. Melissa McCarthy always cracks me up. It was a nice relaxing night at home.

 I went to a friend's bridal shower which was a fun time with the ladies, laughing and playing bridal games.

How was your weekend?

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Friday Favorites: Golden Skies

#1: Pretty Sunsets
I looked into my backyard on Tuesday night and the sky was glowing with different shades of yellow and orange. I found out there was a double rainbow that evening in Central Florida and I must have been very close to the pot of gold. This picture doesn't really do justice for how crazy/beautiful the sky looked (iPhone camera).

#2: Healthy Dinners
We're pretty good at making healthy dinners all week at home and then treating ourselves on the weekends to eating out. One of my favorite dinners is baked pesto salmon which is actually a recipe K made up and it's super delicious. The pesto gives the salmon so much flavor and it goes great with asparagus or broccoli. I posted the recipe here several months ago.

#3: Bows
I don't how it happened exactly but all of a sudden I'm slightly obsessed with bows. Bow earrings, bow hair clips & accessories, Kate Spade bow sandals and my latest purchase: this bow white top.

#4: Three-Buck-Chuck
I cracked open my $2.99 bottle of Pinot Grigio from Trader Joe's and had a few glasses this week. Not too bad for the price.

#5: Steals & Deals
Don't forget to check out Nordstrom's Fall 2014 sale starting today until Aug 4th. Amanda from Meet @ the Barre posted a complete preview of the sale here earlier this week. I'm hoping to snag a couple pretty items before the stocks run out.

Have a great weekend everyone! 

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Cheers to the Weekend!

Hope everyone has some fun stuff lined up for the weekend or maybe some R&R? I plan to do a little of both! This girl loves getting a break from an alarm clock and a schedule.

I finally got to try out the Red Velvet wine by Cupcake Vineyards on Wednesday night. It was really good considering I usually prefer white wines. Pinot Grigio being my fave.

 Scored 2 movie tickets for $10 on so we plan to go see Neighbors this weekend. I've heard from several people it's hilarious!

Some pretty new pieces arrived in the mail for an upcoming wedding. I also ordered a high-low dress to match but it doesn't fit so I need to exchange it this weekend.

K has mastered the art of cooking Chicken Cordon Bleu and I'm not complaining. Love yummy dinners at home! I posted his recipe here last year.

Anybody else a Daddy's girl? Today's my Dad's birthday so I want to wish him a fabulous birthday. Sad my parents live so far away and can never celebrate birthdays, father's day etc. but they're coming to visit in just a few months.

How was your week?

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The 5 O'Clock Dance

Oh I'm just sitting here all patient waiting to join Nene... Happy hour is calling my name after this week!

Other than vino, I'll probably enjoy some delish Cinnabon Vodka this weekend.

On Monday, I mentioned that I scored the best deal EVER over the weekend. Pinnacle® Cinnamon Roll vodka was on sale for 2 bottles for $12. With a mail-in rebate for $12.

Free vodka? Um, yes please! So I stocked up on a few 8 bottles for "the house" and to give as gifts, if they last long enough. 

I usually like to mix flavored vodka with soda water because I think it's sweet enough but it's always fun to experiment with new cocktail recipes when entertaining friends.

Pinnacle® Cinnamon Shot
1 part Pinnacle® Cinnabon Vodka
Splash Half and Half
Shake with ice and pour into a cinnamon sugar rimmed shot glass

Pinnacle® Cinnabon Cider
1 part Pinnacle® Cinnabon Vodka
2 parts Apple cider

Pinnacle® Cinnabon Ginger
1 part Pinnacle® Cinnabon Vodka
 2 parts Ginger Ale

Pinnacle® Cinnabon Sparkler
1 part Pinnacle® Cinnabon Vodka
2 parts Champagne

Pinnacle® Honey Bun
1 part Pinnacle® Cinnabon Vodka
1 Part Jim Beam Honey Bourbon
2 parts Fresh Lemon Sour 
Shake well with ice

Have a great weekend!

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What Does Your Wine Say About You?

I ran across this today and thought it was cute. I'm a huge wino and love all types of wine but my go-to wine for the past few years has definitely been Pinto Grigio. 

I'm not gonna lie, I've also been buying boxed wine a lot recently because you get more for your money and it lasts longer than a bottle.

I def don't discriminate when it comes to wine and if I happen to be in the mood for red wine (Cab), I prefer it chilled or with ice...

What kind of wino are you?

Relaxing Weekend Recap

Oh Monday...You come way too quickly!

Did anyone else watch Nik Wallenda walk the tightrope over the Grand Canyon last night? That was pretty intense but he made it to the other end thankfully. I had a pretty relaxing/productive weekend. Nothing too crazy.

~ K and I did some gardening to make our lawn look pretty.
~ Had brunch at home (english muffin, eggs and turkey bacon).
~ Cooked mashed cauliflower again for dinner on Sunday night. It's officially replaced mashed potatoes in our household since we're on a low card, high protein diet.
~ Cleaned through my closet & the entire house. Now have a trunk full of stuff to donate to Goodwill.
~ Went over to Kate's place on Sunday and hung out by their pool. We also grilled some chicken kabobs and Roxy (English bulldog) kept everyone company.
~ Enjoyed some Pinot Grigio and movies at home.

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Sami's Shenanigans

How did you spend your weekend?

H54F: Hello Warm(er) Weather!

Happy Friday everyone!
I'm excited that the weather in Florida is finally warm enough to go to the beach. So we're doing exactly that this weekend ;-)

Joining Lauren today for High Five For Friday.

1. Last weekend I went to VS to buy a new swimsuit and I left with this very bright but FREE umbrella.

2. Drinking on a budget. Franzia box wine is not too shabby for $11.99. It has 3 liters of wine so it's equivalent to about 4 small bottles of wine. Sweet deal!

3. Carrot cake from Publix is to die for. I usually try to avoid the bakery section but I picked this up for our Easter dinner last weekend and we had lots leftover.

4. Our money tree is growing out of control...but where's the money at? Seriously. Hoping this is a sign from the Gods.

5. Got a new shipment of Body Shop's Tea Tree collection this week. I'm really liking how this works for my skin and helps with blemishes. I use the Tea Tree Face Wash, Clearing Toner, Pore Minizer and Blemish Gel.

Since I had a $10 off coupon I also added in a Vitamin C Microdermabrasion moisturizer which I am yet to use. I'll def do a review on this product.
  photo H54Fbutton-triangle_zps678b65ba.jpg

I hope you all have a fabulous and fun weekend!

High Five For *Fantastic* Friday

Fridays are always fantastic, right? I definitely live my life for the weekend - no alarm clock, no traffic & no crazy set of "rules", also known as a job.

Joining Lauren for High Five for Friday.

1. To make the week a little more interesting, I snuggled up on the couch after work and enjoyed some white wine goodness.
2. My favorite coffees and teas that help me get through the week.
3. My "exciting" 9 to 5 view. Explains why I need the coffee/tea and wine to get by?
4. Excited to see my girlfriends tomorrow to celebrate a birthday and catch up over dinner and drinks.
5. K and I experimented making Chicken Marsala for dinner this week and it came out super yummy! It goes well with either pasta or mashed potatoes.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!