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Happenings This Week

My birthday week has come and gone in a flash. On Monday we returned from Islamorada in the Florida Keys feeling refreshed and ready to take on the work week.

Tuesday was my birthday but it was back to work like any other day with tons of catching up to do all week.

Since all of my birthday celebrations were done over the weekend, we had a quiet night at home. K cooked up a nice dinner - grilled grouper and asparagus - with some wine.

I opened some cards and gifts received in the mail and one very sspecial gift from Andrea that literally blew me away!

The package was filled with so much thoughtful, super creative and customized items sent with love from Andrea because she's such a gem!

On Wednesday I shared a Gift Guide for Her with some cute gift ideas for birthdays or the holidays.

On Wednesday night I had all intentions of catching up on reading and commenting on blogs and going through my emails to get all caught up. I even had my Nassau Cruise recap 3/4 way done to be posted yesterday but I came home to internet and we were told they couldn't send a tech out to fix the problem until NEXT WEEK TUESDAY! The blogger in me is livid because I use my evenings to focus on blogging and my husband is pretty much screwed since he has a home office and needs the internet to do his job. I think that's bat shit crazy it will take them a week to fix the internet that went out for no apparent reason.

On to brighter things...

On Thursday Sarita featured a Christmas Q&A featuring yours truly where I talked about some of my favorite Christmas traditions and share one of my favorite party pleasers. - the Holiday Cheese Ball.

Today is now Friday after a roller-coaster week and I'm now wondering how boring my weekend is going to be without having internet at home. I'm going to need a glass of wine to calm down my lividness. I'm not even sure if lividness is a word but you get my point and I'll leave you with this piece of advice for the weekend...

Enjoy yours!

Friday Favorites

 Happiness is the feeling when Friday finally get here... and of course the weekend... and not having any big obligations. Happiness will be had this weekend with lots of relaxing and maybe a dash of productivity but I'm not promising anything though. So let's talk about some faves for this week.

I love these 5 easy summer hairstyles by Lauren Conrad. 

I've never heard of Mexican Street Corn before but this recipe looks amazing! 

Cute Outfits: 

Summer Casual

Casual Work to Happy Hour

Dressy Work

I've been slacking recently and need to get back into a routine. I particularly like waist trimming workouts since that's my problem area.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen this pic of Lola who's always a great help in the kitchen vacuuming the floor when we're cooking and eating dinner.


Because having friends that you don't have to always bite your tongue around is key.

Joining Amanda for her weekly Friday Favorites linkup and wishing everyone a happy weekend.

Is it 5 o'clock yet?

Friday Favorites

Well this week just zipped by didn't it? I'm definitely happy about that and thankful to have nothing special planned for the weekend except a whole lot of cleaning before some guests arrive next week.

My best friend arrives Monday and leaves Thursday and then some more friends arrive Thursday night and leave the following Monday. Funny it worked out that way but needless to say I'm going to be busy and not sure how much time I will have to focus on blogging. I am looking forward to catching up with some of my favorite girlies from home.

Other than that, I'm happy to finally be the new owner of a tiny Macbook Air after the incident earlier this year with my other computer. Thankfully I have a laptop from work that held me over for almost 3 months but I really needed to get my own for personal use. Let the fun begin!

I'm going to keep this post short and sweet like this week and hopefully today decides to do the same for us so we can get the weekend started!

Joining the lovely Amanda for her Friday Favorites linkup. 

Favorite Recipe:

Favorite Accessory Find:

Favorite Funny:

I'll leave you on this note...


Have a fabulous weekend loves!

Friday's Favorites

Happy Friday loves! So glad the weekend is here...

This week was fairly uneventful with my regular work routine. No afternoon happy hours or celebratory lunches/dinners but that's okay with me. Quiet and routine was nice for a change.

~ K and I started a 10-day herbal cleanse earlier this week. I've been interested in trying one but I didn't seek it out. K is friendly with a Rep from Advocare who somehow convinced him to buy us the cleanse kits. Ta da! Today is day 4 and I feel fine and it's really not hard to keep up with. Nothing crazy otherwise to report. I will let you know if it made any difference after 10 days. 

~ Buddha's quote "Be where you are. Otherwise, you will miss your life" sits on my desk at work with his smiling statue. It's something to think about especially with the distraction of technology and social media. Sometimes we must enjoy the moment instead. It's something I always need to remind myself especially as a blogger.

~ Afternoon walks with Lola around the neighborhood and apparently rest breaks too. 

~ Our low-carb dinner meal plan for the week was a success. My favorite is making a Mexican chicken fiesta salad, which reminds me of Chipotle's salad but with lighter ingredients (the sour cream and dressing). So good! 

Now on to some more favorites and joining the lovely Amanda for her weekly linkup.

Favorite Fashion Find:
Cute Maxi Dresses for the spring.

Favorite Recipe:
Jessica's Mahi Tacos with Chipotle Mayo look delish!

Favorite Fashion Quote: 
Wouldn't it be nice to have it all at the same time...

Finally, don't forget to enter our giveaway for a chance to win $200 big ones to Lululemon!

Have a fabulous weekend!