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Faux Fashion

When it comes to faux fashion I automatically think of faux leather or fur vests but there are so many other cute styles out there that are worth taking for a spin in the dressing room. I've always loved faux leather tights but they are not flattering on my body type yet I do love how they look on women in general. The relaxed fit of faux suede has been on my radar along with some other faux pretties under $50:
one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve

I've only just begun dipping my toes into faux fashion but I hope to add some of these cute and affordable pieces to my closet when the prolonged shopping freeze comes to an end.

Do you have any faux favorites?

Lace Looks

Lace is one of those fabrics that automatically adds a feminine touch to any outfit. I have a handful of lace-detailed dresses that I bring out for special occasion but I've been browsing some more casual looks for the summer. There are so many affordable and cute options out there from lace-back tops to shorts with a subtle lace trimming as well as rompers and even swimsuits. These are some of my top picks:
one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eightnine / ten / eleven / twelve

Do you have any favorite lace pieces in your wardrobe?

Crochet Dresses under $50

Crochet clothing has been on my mind lately. I recently bought a pair of crochet shorts and ended up going back to buy the same pair in a few more colors because of how comfortable and cute they are from Spring/Summer. I have a couple tops with crochet detailing but one thing I don't own is a pretty crochet dress so I was browsing around and found some pretty styles with reasonable price tags.

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight

I apologize for the radio silence the past few days. I hope to be back in action tomorrow to get caught up on your posts and responding to emails.


Rocksbox Finale

I sadly just cancelled my Rocksbox subscription after receiving my final box of goodies. I absolutely loved all the sparkly statement jewelry I received during the holidays and since then I've toned it down to more delicate/subtle pieces (mainly from Kendra Scott).

The truth is summer is coming up, life is slowing down (in the fancy department), and I simply don't have enough events to wear a bunch of jewelry to. The cool thing is you can take "breaks" and restart your subscription at any point if you want/need more pretty jewelry in your life for weddings or any other events.

If you're not familiar with how Rocksbox works, you can get unlimited designer jewelry for $19/month. You can borrow 3 pieces at a time (approximate value $200) and return the set at any point for a new set. The subscription includes free, prepaid shipping both ways (which saves a ton) and you can also purchase any pieces you love for a discounted rate.

Rocksbox Set #9
Kendra Scott
Jamie Silver Bracelet in Platinum Drusy

This bracelet is gorgeous and went so well with my watch so of course I decided to purchase it. Kendra Scott's platinum drusy stone is so shimmery and one of my favorites since I prefer to wear silver toned jewelry.

This Kendra Scott iridescent drusy necklace was very pretty too because once again I love sparkly stones. I wore it quite often for a few weeks but decided not to purchase because I prefer the platinum drusy stone as mentioned above.

This ring was very pretty but not really my style so I think I wore it once for novelty. It was a definite return but at least they got the silver and dainty aspect covered.

What I loved the most about my Rocksbox subscription was all the beautiful Kendra Scott pieces I received over the past few months (of course, I ended up purchasing 90% of those pieces). Once you're a Rocksbox member you can create a wishlist of items which your stylist will make sure to include in your upcoming boxes. This is key to receiving pieces that fit your style and are from designers that you love the most.

Here are some my previous Rocksbox sets and purchases:
one  /  two  /  three  /  four  /  five  /  six

Rebecca Minkoff Statement Rings

When I started holiday shopping around Black Friday, I stumbled upon Rebecca Minkoff's jewelry and immediately fell in love with all of her chunky and bold rings. I've always loved her purses but didn't think to check out her line of accessories. Statement necklaces have always been my thing but now I've opened up a new love for statement rings because of her collection. I bought myself this dual stone ring in silver as an early birthday gift and thought I'd share some of her other beauties.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

Hope everyone has gotten most of their holiday git shopping done but, if not, maybe these rings might appeal to some of the spumky ladies on your list.

Happy Holidays!

Snake Skin Style

I'm a big fan of different prints and one print I clearly don't own enough of is snake skin. I was searching for snake print sandals like the Michael Kors sandals pictured below and found so many other cute pieces clothing and accessories that I'd love to add to my wardrobe. I'm also in love with the Vix Snakeskin bikini but it's too bad colder months are ahead of us. The Snakeskin Pumps
 would also look great with a little black dress for an evening out.

Do you like the snakeskin style?

The Prettiest Statement Necklace

If this statement necklace doesn't make a statement then I don't know what does...

I was so excited when a representative from the Happiness Boutique reached out to me because they have really stylish and fashion-forward clothing and jewelry. The Happiness Boutique is an international online store that sells women's clothing and accessories that are timeless classic with a charming vintage touch. The best part is that their items are very affordable and they offer free shipping which I'm always a fan of!

I picked the Ocean Treasures Statement Necklace because the detailing is absolutely gorgeous and I can't get enough of statement necklaces. As described on the website, it's a mermaid worth necklace full of ocean inspired colors and pearls. I immediately went through my closet to see what would go best with the color combination of the necklace.

I have a "thing" for statement necklaces and I think they are almost a necessity for high neckline tops and dresses so I have quite a few of them in different colors but I honestly think this one is the prettiest of the bunch. 

I like that the necklace goes well with both high and low necklines but I happen to own several high neckline peplum tops which matched perfectly with the necklace.

I've already worn it to work and out with friends and seriously can't get enough of it!

I love that the Happiness Boutique has a pretty awesome Customer Rewards Program that allows you to earn points with your purchases which you can redeem for clothing and jewelry.

They also have a Giveaway going on now if you want to enter to win their Art Deco Style statement necklace pictured below.  The winner will be announced this Friday (09.18.2015).

Summer Rompers

I stumbled upon Sheinside's website randomly last week (from a Facebook ad) and clicked over to find a page full of rompers that I immediately fell in love with. Almost every single one of them were unique and gorgeous and they're all in the $14 to $20 price range. The have a great variety of styles but these are probably my six favorite rompers for summer days and well now in Florida (it's currently in the 90s during the day).

one / two / three/ four / five / six

I'm really trying not to shop at the moment but I do need outfits for our upcoming trip to Vegas in July. Needless to say it's going to be hot so I'm in need of some light outfits and coverups to tour the strip and go to the pool. Their buy one, get one 50% off and free shipping makes it even more tempting to purchase all of them.

And some dressier options for nighttime wear (not from Sheinside).
one / twothree / four / five / six

Pretty Peplums

Is it Friday yet? We're not quite there but close enough so that makes me happy.

I went shopping last weekend (mainly window shopping) and it got me eying so many new styles and looks. I often don't have the patience to go to the mail and end up doing 90% of my shopping online but it was nice to get out of the house and browse, yet restrain myself from splurging on every pretty thing I saw. Peplum tops caught my eye though...
They aren't a perfect match for every lady out there but I happen to think they're flattering for my body type . I don't like skin-tight tops and sometimes loose-fitted tops can be a bit too baggy (although I do love some loose-fitted tops). Anyways, peplums can often give you that happy medium which is something that makes me feel comfortable yet dressy enough for the occasion. 
I picked up a few cute peplums at Express over the weekend which I'll have on the blog tomorrow.
What do you think about the peplum look?

Urban Decay Goodies

I was so excited to find out I won Kate's Urban Decay giveaway, and the grand prize winner to boot! This never happens and the bulldog card was a sweet surprise.

With two Caribbean weddings coming up early this year and me being pasty white, I was super stoked to find the prize came with two bottles of UD's Santa Tanita self tanner. It's already been put to use twice and works well as a gradual tanner.

The only product I've used in the bunch is UD's Eyeshadow Primer Potion so I'm can't wait to try the rest of these goodies:

~ Midnight Cowboy eye shadow
~ Urban Defense tinted moisturizer
~ De-slick mattifying gel
~ After Glow cheek tint
~ Urban Glow cream highlighter 
~ Glide on eye pencil
~ Honey-infused lip therapy lip gloss

Other than the eyeshadow primers, which are known to be some of the best in the market, I'm most excited to try out the Midnight Cowboy eyeshadow and the Honey-infused lip gloss.

What's your favorite Urban Decay makeup products?

Affordable Shopping Finds

It's finally starting to cool off here in Florida so I'm excited to whip out the cute sweaters and scarves!

Some fashion finds that I'm loving from Old Navy:

I already wrote about these Pixie pants last week (perfect for work) that I scored for $25 each and this comfy black peplum top.

And shopping finds that I'm loving from Kohl's:
My recent haul from Kohl's last weekend (my mother made me do it!) plus cute bow sweater from Lauren Conrad.

Where do you shop for affordable fall clothing?

What's in my Rocksbox?

Thanks to Biana for introducing me to the Rocksbox designer jewelry program where you can try out new pieces of jewelry and either buy them or return them for a new box of jewelry as many times as you want. I'm a sucker for pretty accessories so I decided to try it out and see what my Rocksbox stylist surprises me with.

They sent me the gold Sunburst bib necklace, Gumdrop earrings in Blush and Mixed metals Zara rings (set of 5). I love the pairing of this set.

I typically wear silver more often than gold pieces but I do like how these pieces look together and individually so I wore them out and about to work, happy hour and a few other occasions over the past two weeks as well as in Chicago last weekend.

Peplum Top: Forever 21 (similar) --- Lace Legging Pants: Express (similar, similar)

Dinner in Chicago with a dirty martini blocking the full view of my necklace. (typical)

Looking forward to getting my second box of goodies and hoping for some silver and colorful pieces to try out this time.

Let me know if you're interested in trying out Rocksbox and I can send you one free month of jewelry. You can read more how it works here.

Alex & Ani Charmed Arms

I recently started my Alex and Ani collection and I can't get enough of all the different ways to style these bangles. There's definitely a bracelet (or 10) for every girl out there.

I tend to like the beach-themed bangles and the seahorse bangle happens to be the bangle of the month so that might be my next purchase. You get $5 off with code SEAHORSE on the Alex and Ani website.

Where should I go from here? Decision decisions...

Summer Rompers Under $25

The summer days are blazing here in Florida and rompers are perfect if you're looking for a light and breathable outfit. I've found so many cute yet affordable styles under $25 for those shopping on a budget, cause I know I'm always looking for great deals on clothing.

Rompers can also be dressed down with flats for casual day or dressed up with fancy accessories and heels for a night out.

I'm loving these comfy looks for summer days.

Beach Style: Swimsuit Cover Ups

Sunny Days Fashion Finds

I'm such a beach girl at heart and love nothing more than wearing cute outfits like this. Fashion to me doesn't include layering on clothes but I know sometimes it's inevitable. Luckily, the warmer days are here and I'm excited to wear what I love the most.
Summer Days

Summer Days by martinis-bikinis featuring toe thong sandals

I've actually been on a shopping freeze for the past few weeks because I've been busy attending bachelorette parties and bridal showers and also saving for upcoming trips.

Luckily, I got a small "raise" last week from the j.o.b. with retro-active pay so I think I can now purchase a few new summer pieces. Never been more excited to shop finally!

What do you love most about summer?

Thursdays Trends: High-Low Dresses

I have a slight obsession for high-low dresses especially now that the weather is warming up. They're sexy and sleek and can be dressed up with heels and accessories or worn to more casual places with sandals. I have several beach weddings, bridal showers and other parties coming up and I've been shopping around for the perfect high-low dress. 

Haute Hippie Day Dresses · Nordstrom Cocktail Dresses · Alice + Olivia Day Dresses

Where do you shop for special occasion dresses?

What I'm Loving Now: Accessories

I've been on a serious kick browsing online for cute accessories. I really need a new wallet and there's so many things I'm drooling over like that gorgeous Marc Jacobs watch & the Kate Spade thong sandals. If only money wasn't a thing :-/

The good news is I've convinced K to go to the mall with me this weekend as part of my Valentine's gift (not for him to buy me anything, but just to actually go with me which is a huge "chore" for him).

Any steals of the week on your wishlist?

Happy hump day everyone!

What I'm Loving: Shopping Finds

I only just landed back into reality on Friday from my vacation in Trinidad & Tobago and I'm off again to Vegas this weekend for a work convention. This is my first time going to Vegas so I'm super excited to finally cross this off my bucket list!

Have any fun Vegas tips or recommendations for me?

Anyways, here's some of my favorite finds for the year so far:

Stella & Dot iPad case 

Thierry Mugler Angel Perfume 
I've loved this scent since college but decided to ask for Marc Jacobs instead for Christmas. My recent trip to Ulta reminded me how awesome it smells but the bottle is just a bit pricey. 

Hot Tools curling iron

LOFT furry scarf
I love furry scarves and throw blankets. Not to mention, I'd love to finally own a pair of boots wit da fur. (haha!) 

Michael Kors iPhone case

JLO booties
Love the color and style of these booties at an affordable price. 

Candies baby blue dress
For when it finally warms up. 

Victoria Secret's hoodie 
The VS semi annual sale is going on now. I just bought a similar one for $34.99 marked down from $68. 

Not Your Mother's Clean Freak dry shampoo
 I use dry shampoo on a regular basis to prolong the "clean" look of my hair. I simply don't have the time to wash my hair everyday so this is the perfect product for people with busy schedules and also for those that work out. I haven't had much luck finding a dry shampoo sent that I like but NYM's Clean Freak dry shampoo smells great and you can go wrong for only $2.99 at Ulta.

 This dry shampoo can was sent to me complimentary by Influenster to test. All opinions are based on my experience with the product.

What are you loving today?

Festive Holiday Dresses & Sparkly Shoes (Plus $200 Giveaway)

It's that time of year to pull out the sparkles and shine for the holidays.

Festive Holidays Dresses

Festive Holidays Dresses by martinis-bikinis featuring a mini dress

Join Erin @ TwoThirdsHazel and the rest of us for a chance to win a $200 Amazon gift card.